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Gohmert Puts Fellow Republican to Sleep

Rep. George Holding (R-N.C.) took a nap while supposedly presiding over the House while Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-Texas) was speaking.

Which is a shame, because Gohmert, a rising GOP start, often has something interesting to say. He’s become one of President Obama’s most influential opponents in the House.

Anyway, here’s one of your “essential” federal employees at work . . .

48 Responses to Gohmert Puts Fellow Republican to Sleep

  1. Louie is a patriot who speaks from the heart. Not sure who the guy presiding was, but he is clueless and rude. No doubt one of the establishment Reps who just doesn’t get it. They just don’t see how close we are to losing our country to tyranny.

  2. I wish they’d ALL just go home, relax. Watch the ball games tomorrow, play with the kids, whatever.
    Things haven’t been all that great out here in fly-over country for a long time and we’re just about beat down with this fighting over the budget, Obamacare glitches, what’s open/what’s closed, and the never-ending name-calling.

    If I were in charge, I’d tell everyone to take the weekend off and come back on Monday with a new, fresh look at what’s important. We need a break, too.

          • There was some indications that she thought MrO was “stalking” her, listening to her communications.

            Someone in a delicate mind who uses the internet would see Obama’s face everywhere, as ads or news sites, maybe she was a recipient of the e-mails from “barackobama…”. She reads or hears about the government (NSA) reading our e-mails, listening to our phone calls, so is it crazy to assume that one is being “stalked” by the President and the government?

            The government is “stalking” us, and Obama’s face, name or reference is everywhere. Someone who is unsure mentally, might want to talk to the President and ask him to stop. Is that why she wanted into the WhiteHouse???

  3. Just thinking — the WH tours have never resumed. I wonder if Obama will keep his government employee NPS guards around our monuments and memorials for the duration of his reign. It would not surprise me.

    • After the last Republican betrayal, I thought about third party too. Sadly, it will lead to certain defeat. I say we conservatives repossess the Republican party and return it to its roots – the party of Lincoln and Reagan. All we have to do is evict all the good ol’ boys, RINOs, career politicians, beltway barnacles, and political hacks (i.e., Rove, Norquist). They can always join up with their friends the Democrats or try to resurrect the Whig party.

        • So far Reince Priebus is walking a fine line. He did come out in support of Ted Cruz. I’m sure he sees the handwriting, er, the numbers, on the wall. I agree with Susan too. The conservatives should take over the Republican Party, and if they so wish, let the Bushes and Christies and McCains form a splinter party.

      • @Susan, I agree. It’s past time to trim out the rot and to retire those who have become institutionalized.

        “institutionalized” is a word sometimes used to describe prison inmates who can’t function as free citizens, or in this case, as Congress members who no longer identify with real life outside DC.
        Seems to fit, huh?

  4. There is an interesting article in the WSJ on how towns and states are ponying up to reopen national parks and landmarks. The Senate Democrats and Obama are creating economic havoc for the people who depend upon them for their living. Once the dust settles on this standoff, I’d like to see legislation taking the parks, museums, and other landmarks away from the feds and giving them to the states.

    • Good idea, let the states take over the federal lands, they could probably do a better job too.

      The (DC) Smithsonian museums and zoo are all free and I’ve always thought should be charging admission. I wouldn’t even mind a small charge to view all the monuments and memorials to help maintain and protect them.

      I only visit NYC twice a year, but have a membership to all my favorite museums which more than pays for itself in those visits. Especially the discount in the gift shops and restaurants :D

    • It was either the Grand Canyon or Mt. Rushmore, the article said, which received 18% of its funding from the feds. I’ll bet the feds get back a much greater return.

    • Gov. Brewer offered to open the Grand Canyon using State funds but was told no by the park supt.
      Donald Trump and others have offered to pay to keep the WH tours ongoing.
      It’s not about money. Obama is luxuriating in the thought of inflicting pain on the country. He is in no hurry to end the shutdown.

      Boehner needs to stay strong for the next two weeks when the real fireworks begin – the battle over the debt ceiling. The GOP holds all the cards – Obama will fold like a cheap suit and be exposed for the charlatan he is. The only person who can default on our debt is Obama himself. Is he willing to bring down the economy to spite the GOP? Stay tuned.

      • They will never default–meaning basically, not pay interest to bond holders–so other things will be cut if the ceiling does not get lifted. Things like SS, etc. You think the Repubs are being blamed NOW! All this blab about fighting on anyhow, like the Alamo, etc is not going to mean he gets the blame.

        • Don’t fall for that propaganda about Social Security, Star. He can’t stop Social Security unless he declares a default. It’s one of those mandatory programs like his failed Obamacare.