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Anti-Obama Protestors in Georgia Attacked

Police are investigating an attack on a group of women in Georgia who were protesting against President Obama, according to the Associated Press.

The women were participating in the national “Overpasses for Impeachment” movement Saturday when a man pulled up, pointed a gun at one of them and threw an unidentified liquid on another, the women said. Just before the incident, a couple had driven up in a separate car and threatened to kill the women.

The women say they plan to return to the same spot and protest again this Saturday.

Overpasses for Impeachment is a movement that features groups taking to overpasses around the country on various dates with signs calling for Obama’s impeachment.

9 Responses to Anti-Obama Protestors in Georgia Attacked

  1. The “tolerance” of the left is directly proportional to the degree in which you comply with the position they tell you to take.

    There is one simple message every Republican needs to be repeating:
    “Obamacare is not about access to healthcare for uninsured Americans, it is about control over all of them.”

    • So true, Geoff. The left is losing control and they are striking out at those of us who don’t follow their hive mentality. The worst part is they are escalating from verbal abuse to physical abuse to make their case.

      It has to be hard for our conservative warriors on Capitol Hill to stay on message about the liberty-stealing Obamacare, when even Fox News is fearmongering over defunding. Now they’re trying to change the message to the debt ceiling by throwing around the ‘default’ word to scare Congress into abandoning their principles. I’m swearing off cable news for the time being. I’ve had enough of the soap opera ‘As the Beltway Turns’.

  2. Biden was proud of the Park Ranger who stopped the WW2 Vets from
    entering their Memorial. He had several deferments from serving in Vietnam he had asthma as a child. I can’t say anymore.

  3. While I agree with their message I don’t like they’re using overpasses, which is dangerous, especially if their signs fall off on the traffic below. In some areas this is illegal too for that reason and people have been removed by the police.

    Back in GWB’s day, there were Highway Bloggers, who placed anti-Bush messages along busy highways and hung on overpasses (both illegal and were taken down, but after thousands of people saw them) and was done anonymously.

  4. If this had happened to “pro-Obama” protesters, we’d get a long lecture from Barry about civility, tolerance and those evil right wing extremists, capped off by an investigation from Eric Holder.