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Video || Police Chase Suspect Near U.S. Capitol

13 thoughts on “Video || Police Chase Suspect Near U.S. Capitol”

  1. It’s 7:20 p.m. PT, and the woman’s identity has not been released. We know she’s from Stamford, CT and has a history of mental illness, but why the blackout on the other information?

  2. All those police, all those firearms, every security device known to man, and the only way to stop an unarmed, lone, mentally unsure dental hygienist from CN was to shoot her as she sat in her car.

    We’re in big trouble if a dedicated terrorist decides to take on our uniformed, well-armed security in DC in light of today’s events.
    They lost control of the event, they crashed their own cars, they had no control or design to their actions. Panic ruled.

    1. It was weird in that one shot (above) where they are all surrounding her, pointing guns at her, and she zips into a three-pt turn and scoots off. I guess you had to be there.

  3. We will never get the truth about the woman that was KILLED by police, secret service, FBI and who knows who else. The weapons used by these guy looked illegal, they were so large! I thought Obama wanted all guns banned, you know, his gun control law against the innocent people of America, BUT ITS OKAY FOR HIM, HE LIKES THESE BIG GUNS FOR HIMSELF, it seems. Always preaching about gun control but not for himself. It looked like 100 people surrounded the woman and her child in her car. Maybe she had an anxiety attack and got so frightened for herself and her baby that she went off, I would have run too if I saw so many people with those huge weapons.

  4. I’ve watched the video several times, and truthfully the officer that was at her window at the :18 mark could have been justified in firing when she threw the car in reverse, and appeared to attempt to hit officers at the scene. The use of deadly force would have been justified at that point, for the safety of the officers.

    The fact that they did not fire is testimony to the restraint used at the time.

    Anyone who has been in kind of pursuit will tell you that all kinds of crazy crap happens. Yes, police cars do run into each other. Part of the problem being is that you get tunnel vision on the fleeing vehicle. This is especially true in a tight urban area. The videos we see out of LA show all the police cars in a nice long line, chasing a perp. When you are in an older city, with tight streets, and lots of pedestrian traffic, the main focus become terminating the pursuit as effectively and quickly as possible.

    As to the firearms that the officers had, all the officers at the initial scene had the standard handgun, and it sounds as if 9-10 rounds were fired at the vehicle. Since we cannot see what happens after she backs and flees, she may have attempted to run down officers that were coming to the scene. Again allowing for the use of deadly force. Simply because someone is not armed with a weapon doesn’t mean that deadly force cannot be used. A vehicle, used to attempt to run officers over, is considered a deadly weapon.

    Some of the video that I saw on other news outlets do show officers with what appear to be MP5s and AR15s. Both are standard, and have been standard in law enforcement for years. Given the security needs of the area involved, I can see why these officers have these weapons. Also, given the fact that the woman refused to comply with officers, and it was unknown at the time as to her mental state, I would say that a fair amount of restraint was used during what must have been a very chaotic situation.

    The idea of shooting out tires is nice and noble, but the reality is that it is not as easy as it looks on TV. You are having to fire at a target that is at best 4 inches wide, that is moving in an unpredictable manner. To get a shot into the tires to disable the vehicle is great, but unrealistic. That is why stop sticks were invented. Also, given what is known about her state of mind, she would probably not have stopped, and would have simply driven away until the rubber was off the rims, and then would have continued while driving on the rims.

    I spent much of my adult life working in some form of law enforcement of investigations for various agencies and department. I have been in inner city vehicle pursuits, and have seen fleeing subject drive until there was no rubber on the rim, with the rim grinding into pavement leaving a rooster tail of sparks. The last one I was in, two police cars were damaged, and four parked cars were sideswiped. The bad guys were fleeing from an armed robbery with serious injury.

    There is much wrong with today’s police mentality, with a growing change from a para-military mentality to a military mentality. Not a good change I might add. BUT, from what I have seen in most of the videos on the incident, there is little that I have seen that was done truly wrong. Then I don’t have all the facts. And I am betting we never will have the entire story. I would look for some officer(s) to end up being hung out to dry for “over reacting” and this woman’s civil rights being violated. The question will be, are they white or black officers?

  5. Between the White House and the Capitol Building there are at least four ‘tire strips’ (about one every other block) built into the street and go entirely across the road. There are even more at the Capitol Building. They are about 4 feet wide and 2 feet tall when deployed and can stop a truck. They were put in many years ago to stop exactly this kind of car/truck rage situtation.

    Its pretty obvious at the White House gate you had a distraught black mother who’s in a panic. The guards at the White House should have ‘boxed’ the car in (with the road strips) and stopped matters there. The Police at the Capitol appear to have immediately gone into the ‘kill’ mode here instead of a ‘help’ mode.

    Couple of serious Police problems here; The Police/Guards are not aware of or know how to use the tools available to them, they cannot properly assess the situation in front of them, they are not communicating well to their help down the road, and they are drawing their guns too fast and shooting WAY to early (over reacting).

    Fire the Chief, upgrade the training and put all those police involved on a walking beat.

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