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Obamas’ Anniversary Celebration Gets Shut Down!

In what could be a bow to appearances as the government shutdown continues, the Obamas decided not to head out to a restaurant to celebrate their 21st wedding anniversary, choosing to remain at the White House instead.

President Obama seems to have concluded it would be a bad public relations move to rumble out of the White House via motorcade to an expensive restaurant while many government services are on hold and federal employees are sitting at home furloughed. The taxpayer-funded romantic night – mainly entailing security costs – could hardly be justified as an “essential” government activity.

The Obamas usually hit a trendy or pricey spot when they go out, last year marking their anniversary at Bourbon Steak, one of Washington’s best steakhouses.

There’s still time though: The Obamas have celebrated their anniversary late before, waiting three days last year before heading out to Restaurant Eve in Alexandria on a Saturday night. But October 3, 2012 was a debate night – Obama’s miserable first contest against Mitt Romney – so there was a reason for the delay.

Vegetarian Viewer Alert: The Bourbon Steak webpage actually includes a graphic of a cow being transformed into a plate of steak.

29 Responses to Obamas’ Anniversary Celebration Gets Shut Down!

  1. STOP THE INSANITY !!! The poor Obama’s could not go out for dinner. They only have two chefs at their disposal and the best dining rooms in America. Any of us would be honored to set a foot in the WH but we can’t because we are being punished because of the sequestration. Very similar to the park system closing Claude Moore Colonial Farm even though it is run with Private Money for the past 40 years.

  2. They may not have been seen leaving but they celebrated believe me.
    We will never know know what went on inside any restaurant in the DC
    area would deliver whatever the King and Queen wish and it wouldn’t be cheap. You see they’ve got more to celebrate besides 21 years of each other he’s managed to screw the entire nation for fun.

  3. Hold on…”LAST YEAR marking their anniversary at Bourbon Steak” AND “waiting three days LAST YEAR before heading out to Restaurant Eve”?

    Get an editor. And a brain.

  4. Anyone who could spend 21 years with the wookie monster is either certifiably insane or just plain stupid. Either way, America is paying the price.

  5. Ewwww so close to my parents going on 60th anniversary yesterday, a real hard working family through thick and thin. No comparison whatsoever.
    Geez I miss Mitt:(

  6. S’ok, don’t feel too bad for them, they will get reimbursed for their missed night out. Too bad they couldn’t be BBA’d from their POTUS and FLOTUS jobs.

  7. Considering all the millions spent to transport MrO from one campaign spot to another on AF1, a few hundred thousand to allow the O’s a night out to celebrate their marriage is hardly a financial concern.

    For pete’s sake MrO, take the Mrs out for a nice dinner, relax, have a glass of wine. Celebrating your wedding anniversary, a once-a -year event, is hardly a national scandal.

  8. Tonight is our anniversary, I will be cooking an early dinner without the help of a chef, and I have turned down a security detail but still stepping out to see Midtown Men (wife never got to see Jersey Boys, so I’m trying to make up for it).

  9. Do you suppose the big birthday bash for the mooch is vulnerable to the government shut down? I know it’s a ways off, but shouldn’t we be strategizing, calculating and all to make sure she is appropriately feted? (Is “feted” a word?)