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DWS: Show Me the Money!

Democratic National Committee Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida says that even though there’s a government shutdown, she’ll be taking her paycheck, thank you very much.

Notice how she tries to duck the question, but MSNBC’s Chuck Todd carefully nails her down.

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  1. Yesterday my Congressman Tom Rooney (R FL) independently and voluntarily requested his pay withheld.

    Rooney is a low key effective Congressman and I am pleased with his service.

    • I don’t know if I can rightly fault these people for refusing to give up the money they earn. Not everyone in Congress is rich, and quite a few don’t live in two-income households. Even the rich deserve their pay, but jimminyfuckingcricket! Nancy Pelosi is filthy rich and, according to the Post’s link, she’s keeping her check.

  2. The shutdown is saving the People money AND saving people from Obama-Biden noise pollution.

    From Josh Lederman at the AP
    “WASHINGTON (AP) — Vice President Joe Biden is canceling a speech to an influential gay rights group because of the government shutdown.

    Biden was scheduled to deliver the keynote address to about 3,400 people at the Human Rights Campaign’s annual dinner on Saturday. It’s the nation’s biggest lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender civil rights group, and gay and lesbian activists were among President Barack Obama’s most loyal supporters during his re-election campaign.

    But the partial shutdown of the federal government has led Obama and now Biden to cancel a number of events. Obama canceled an appearance at a glitzy Congressional Hispanic Caucus event Wednesday and has scaled back his upcoming trip to Asia.”

  3. Poor poor Florida…..They get stuck voting for …..IDIOTS, and SELFISH …..people who think they are educated enough to run for Congress…..poor poor Floridians.

  4. What’s surprising isn’t that Debbie won’t make a token effort to stand with the oppressed and unemployed federal workers, butt that Chuck Todd asked her that question and poked until he got an answer.

    MSNBC, long called the public arm of the Dems, might be making an effort to lure more viewers with a slight turn to the political center.
    IMO, if that’s the case, they have a long, winding road to raise their numbers with their current lineup of offensive and unattractive talking heads.

      • Many members of Congress maintain two residences, one in the home districts and one in D.C. They have to feed their families at home, and themselves in D.C. Who pays for their flights back and forth? I’m sure there are other expenses most people don’t have.

        • Several years ago then Rep Jeff Flake said they were given $1,000,000 per year for travel expenses. He said he returned the unused portion but that many others kept it.

  5. Why in the world doesn’t she do something with that hair? Really, Debbie…you have done long, stringy and greasy long enough…take that check and splurge with a visit to a reputable salon. I realize that I have made a less than polite comment, but someone needed to tell you.

  6. Those who do not take their pay during the shutdown will get it all later on anyway. So, big deal. Those who say they will donate it to charity? I’d like to see the canceled checks on those donations when shutdown is over. Note: Wasserman-Schultz is in deep deep debt. She can’t afford a delay in her check.