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Chris Matthews: Reagan a Better President than Obama

The thrill is gone (from his leg).

President Obama, whose stature is declining in the polls and among his fellow politicians and even other world leaders, has now at least partially lost voluble left-wing pundit and MSNBC host Chris Matthews too.

Appearing Wednesday night on The Colbert Report, Matthews said Ronald Reagan, the hero of conservatives, was a better president than Obama.

From the exchange:

COLBERT: Do you think Reagan was a better president than Obama is?

MATTHEWS: In the end, yes, because he ended the Cold War and that’s hard to beat – hard to beat that baby.

Matthews is known suggesting during the 2008 primaries that listening to Obama induced within him a pleasing physical sensation.

I have to tell you, you know, it’s part of reporting this case, this election, the feeling most people get when they hear Barack Obama’s speech. My, I felt this thrill going up my leg. I mean, I don’t have that too often.

A few moments after favorably comparing Reagan to Obama, Matthews reverted more to form, calling Republicans opposing Obama in the current budget standoff “right wing jackals.”

Here’s a link to last night’s Colbert Show. The exchange on Reagan begins at about 19:45.

11 Responses to Chris Matthews: Reagan a Better President than Obama

  1. “has now at least partially lost voluble left-wing pundit and MSNBC host Chris Matthews too.”

    Give it a minute or two, he’ll be right back in line. Chris strikes me as bipolar. He’s just all over the place.

  2. That’s right, Chris, Reagan ended the cold war….and Obama nearly started WWIII with his infantile gibberish and idle ‘red line’ threats. “I didn’t set the red lines; the world set the ‘red lines’. What a doozy!
    Gorbachev respected Ronald Reagan; Putin plays Obama for the fool that he is.

  3. A better question would have been if he was better than Carter! Obama will ultimately be competing against Carter as the worse President the U.S. Had ever had.

    The biggest difference between Carter and Obama is Carter truly felt he was doing the right thing. His arrogance had all of Congress against him. He was President and thus a third Branch of Gov. The Democrats contolled both the House and Senate overwhelming numbers yet the Govt was Shutdown for 12 days. Why? Because of Abortions being paid for by Medicaid. Our current shut down isn’t the first over one issue…………..The MSM is too lazy to do research or too willing to accept the WH spin.

  4. Chrissy is just upset that Preezy hasn’t been more iron-fisted with his Tea Party enemy. Now if he started rounding us all up and throwing us in gulags ol’ Chrissy would get his thrill back…

  5. Matthews gets more coverage than actual viewers. He is truly the Miley Cyrus of talking heads. The difference between the two of them is that he ‘twerks’ from the neck up.

    • You know is really a rum bunch–I had to give up my newspaper for financial reasons, and watch the AMs now for a while–Morning Joe is so painful. That slow boat Barnicle, some dude from Fluffpo, Gibbs (thought we were rid of him–he is like Rove, back again), sometimes that Donny Deutsch person–and of course, Mika with her eternal Obama-sucking up and Joe, oh who even knows where he stands. I don’t love Hasselbeck’s clattery, shrill voice at Fox & Friends–so I alternate…but this is comical almost. Is something WRONG with Kilmeade–he is weird.

      • Morning ‘talk’ is geared to chatter and chirpy. It may work for someone who once watched morning game shows, but it certainly doesn’t work for serious news junkies. Mika preens and rolls her eyes. Can’t and don’t watch her at all – rather walk on hot coals. Kilmeade, I find him entertaining, a tad goofy. His early career was in sports reporting, which probably explains a lot. Tone of voice is important for me. If I can’t tolerate their tone my tolerance is zero. Probably the reason I never could listen to Hannity (scream) Greta VS (monotone) and Hasselblecccch, has me turning over and going back to sleep. There is definitely a horrid staccato tone in many of the Lefty voices. It’s like they’re trying to poke your eyes out with a sharp cutting voice.

        • I’d say THE VIEW fits the latter. Diane Sawyer sounds like some would-be sexpot on ludes. Since all my failed eye operations, I listen to audiobooks–and voice timbre can make or break. Thanks for the 411 no Kilmeade–he is sort of funny sometimes. I would say I am a serious news junkie, but now I have this first thing–kind of interesting. I can see if we are at war, anyhow.

  6. Whew! Now everyone can live their lives happy. Chris Matthews no certifies Reagan as better president that Obama. Reagan can finally rest in peace. After all that endorsement from Chris Matthews is make or break history.

    /End Sarcasm