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Quote of the Day || October 3, 2013

“I just checked the weather. The sky isn’t falling.”

– Sen. Ted Cruz

A note from our attorneys: This is not a real quote

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  1. I like Cruz.

    Oh,and Keith, if you ever want to do another preezy poll, please don’t cut off a grassroots candidate like you did with Sarah. Yes, we are going to spread the word, it’s what the ‘roots do. It also brings mo ‘net peeps to your blog. You’re welcome :)

  2. This comes from our global warming guarantors. It is as good as gold! Close more coal mines and coal fired energy plants! Be certain to crush CNG, a pure, low cost, abundant in America source. Let our mindless adherents charge their hybrid vehicles from energy provided by solar, aeolian, geothermal and meteoristic power. Meteoristic is the best; it only requires an insertion device and connection to the drive system. As long as the owner only drives an inch.

    • Already told Senator Cornyn he lost the votes of our family. We won’t vote Democrat, but won’t vote for Cornyn either. Heard Glenn Beck is trying to get Louie Gohmert to challenge him.

  3. “Anarchy at Yellowstone, “Road Closed” sign knocked over, thrown aside”. I read this story on Daily Caller. In my opinion a new sunshine story, there is a need for some more anarchy in this situation when the government blackmails the citizens.. Do the government really own the parks ? Isn´t it the land of the people ? Well, they might operate them but that´s another matter ( if people enter now they can´t come back and sue for this and that reason ). I say Hurrah for these “anarchists”, and I hope for more storming and breaching of barricades. The great WWII Vets set a worthy example.

    • How true about the WW2 Vets if we all can’t rise to the bravery and hutzpah of these 80 ad 90 year old hero’s then we need to
      man up! And woman up too!

      • According to NY Post ( Drudge Report ) the government also close the famous American cementary in Normandy ( the D-Day cementary ) as well as others across the world. Imagine if you arrive there to honour your relatives with flowers in your hand after a long Intercontinental trip and find it shutdown. It´s an insult, a mockery. I do hope people remember on whose orders it was shutdown.

        • And most interestingly, they are cutting off access to Mount Vernon, even though it is privately funded and gets no government money. (also linked on Drudge). Whaaatttt?

        • Punishing/inflicting pain on his enemies has been a hallmark of Obama’s five-year reign.
          Interestingly, a very astute writer has uncovered a ‘sadistic act’ on Page One of Dreams from My Father:

          – Snip –

          Obama begins the book (Dreams From My Father) by proudly recounting a sadistic act. It’s right there on the first page of Chapter One: “When the weather was good, my roommate and I might sit out on the fire escape to smoke cigarettes and study the dusk washing blue over the city, or watch white people from the better neighborhoods walk their dogs down our block to let the animals shit on our curbs – “Scoop the poop, you bastards!” my roommate would shout with impressive rage, and we’d laugh at the faces of both master and beast, grim and unapologetic, as they hunkered down to do the deed. I enjoyed such moments – but only in brief.”

          Read More:

    • Yet, the government a couple of years ago went out of its way to protect the rights of the real anarchist Occupy groups who defecated and in other ways trashed public property.

  4. “I just checked the weather. The sky isn’t falling.”

    Obviously, the sky IS falling, he just couldn’t see it for all the horrible hurricane activity this year. oh, wait…. never mind…..