In the history of mankind, many republics have risen, have flourished for a less or greater time, and then have fallen because their citizens lost the power of governing themselves and thereby of governing their state. TR


President Harry Reid

Is Harry Reid running the country? Is President Obama a nonessential employee sidelined by the sequester?

Everything you see going on with respect to the shutdown must be viewed through a single prism: the Senate, 2014. Democrats probably won’t win the House – it’s a midterm election in a president’s second term, which is usually bad news for the president’s Party. But they could lose the Senate.

Reid and ObamaThis is why there aren’t any negotiations, and it’s the real reason why the “suffering” attending the shutdown will occur. Harry Reid wants to ensure he remains as Senate Majority Leader. To do that, he hopes to try to implant in the minds of voters that if Republicans take charge of both Houses of Congress, the lunatics will be running the asylum.

And so, preforming his self-appointed role as Nurse Ratched, Harry won’t negotiate. He won’t even appoint “conferees” to hash out differences between House and Senate bills. He WILL let Ted Cruz take the floor for 21 hours, hoping the public recoils in disgust. And he WILL let the shutdown play out as long as possible, hoping a public denied entrance to Yellowstone blames Republicans and hardens in grim anger against them.

Meanwhile, Obama runs out to play golf. He’ll make a bunch of speeches. He skipped into the Rose Garden Tuesday to serve up some meandering chatter that rehashed every charge he’s already lodged against the GOP. He’s never had a serious legislative affairs operation, and now he doesn’t need one, because Harry’s in charge.

Harry’s even giving orders. According to Politico, when Obama was considering huddling with House Speaker Boehner and Senate Minority Leader McConnell, Reid said he wouldn’t be attending, thank you, and told Obama it was a bad idea. Obama nixed the meeting.

Nurse RatchedRepublicans are fighting back, hoping to lay blame for the shutdown on Reid and Obama for refusing to negotiate or even consider the piecemeal funding bills the House is going to start sending to the Senate. It could work.

The president is down with Reid’s strategy because he is either too lazy or too disinclined by character – or both – to build relationships on Capitol Hill and enter into sustained, serious negotiations on anything. Instead, he’ll be doing the one thing he seems to have real energy and enthusiasm for – giving speeches to adoring crowds.

So as this drags on, look for Harry Reid to be on the floor of the Senate barring the door to incoming legislation and offering to medicate Republicans. And look for Barack Obama to be coming to a high school near you.

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  1. Thanks Keith. I read somewhere recently prior to shutdown that HR one of the most disliked unpopular politicians. Today on FBN there was talk that PR might turn favorably toward Rs — largely due to Obama’s unwillingness to compromise. All this Rs are terrorists etc talk doesn’t help either. And finally WWII vets “storming barricades” and Dens opposing funding for VA again not American friendly.

    That said Rs notorious for shooting themselves in foot and villianizing Rs is almost national sport so there is that. Still — Harry Reid — almost a caricature of corrupt dangerous politician.

    Finally there is no way Congress should be exempt. If it was me I would run a CR with no exemption for Congress up the flagpoles each and every day and have the Dens reject that as well. — every day.

      1. their exemption is ILLEGAL.
        The clause is that they have to do this.
        Then the President pulls an executive order.
        How does the President override a Congressional law which sets a law over Congress itself?

        Obamacare is a tyranical law and most of Congress have created a system of power that they believe is emblematic of the United States.

        But they are wrong. WE the people are America. Not Washington. Not the Government. Not lobbyists. Not despots.

        1. Also illegal: the Obamacare postponement of the employer mandate. I just read that conservatives are going to challenge this in court. I wondered when someone would do this, but I suppose they were waiting for the October 1 date. Obama cannot pick and choose which parts of HIS law will go into effect.

        2. It was not Obama or an EO, he ordered his Office of Personnel Management that made the illegal change to duly passed and signed legislation.

    1. That is an awesome idea, an amended version of ACA that INCLUDES all… Of course if they did say no to that, the media would keep the story quiet…

    2. I agree with your last idea and was surprised that the Republicans did not do it. Well not really that surprised. Make the Dems defend the indefensable every day.

  2. When I was a card carrying bleeding heart liberal Democrat, this would have really, really ticked me off ….

    Another Honor Flight is arriving in DC today, there’s threats from the DC police they will be arrested if they dare move the barricades. FB and Twitter are now rallying support for people to get out there to help the vets see THEIR memorial.

    Obama and Reid are despictable a**holes.

    1. Drudge is linking to a Weekly Standard article where a reporter filmed park crews placing “barrycades” and police tape to block access to the WWII memorial. They intended to wire them together but had second thoughts after noticing they were being filmed.

      This regime is disgusting. They’ll spend more to block access to our brave warriors, than they will protecting our Southern borders from invasion.

      1. ‘barrycades’,…love it !
        Honor Flight is fantastic in providing this service to the men and women that can no longer get there on there own.
        This despicable administration is doing it’s best to make the American People pay for it’s incompetence.
        Restricting the right of 90 year old Veterans to view monuments that they paid for is the height of arrogance.

    2. Another thinking American will realize that all parks will close once we have no money left to spend on it.
      We are almost there.
      almost $100 trillion in unfunded liabilities.
      So the closing of a park is nothing. less than nothing.

    3. I just heard Louis Gohmert (rep from Texas) on the Glenn Beck show. who was at the WWII Memorial, and he said the the park police were not there arresting the Veterans.
      Even at 90 years old, these brave Patriots still have the attitude of “Don’t Tread On Me”.

  3. Obama to campaign against shutdown. That one headline says it all. Obama does not know how to govern. He only knows how to campaign, and he will leave the governing to Harry Reid.

  4. The juvenile and slanderous name calling by the elected Democrats MUST STOP! There is no room in civil politics for such vile name calling. Hostage takers, Taliban wing etc must stop.

    It is coming form one side mostly.

  5. The Reps need to get in front of the WW II memorial with cameras rolling, pronto. King O trying to barricade an open air park and prevent 90 year old veterans from visiting. Park officials are planning on arresting the veterans. See link below:

    I’m sorry but this is the product of a sick, sick mind and the Republicans need to understand what a GIFT they are being given today. Here’s hoping they are smart enough to take advantage of it.

    1. Obama seems to take his spite out on ordinary people all the time. This is very similar to shutting the doors down to children visiting the White House.

    2. It’s costing us more $$ during a shut down to place all these barricades / fencing & limited NPS officers who have watch over this mess. The signage is dated, so you know it was expected. More end of year $$ spent.

      I went through 17 shutdowns as a active duty military member. We survived just fine, just were limited in training and spending. It caused allot of operational headaches, but that too was planned for and coverage was never missed. We were there when the bell rang, 100% response.

      With the Senate now refusing to vote on any bill sent their way except for the one they crafted, is unacceptable. I guess they do not represent the people, who have stated they feel ACA is a mess, and needs to be reviewed again. What a mess yesterday was. And what a laughing stock we are looking like to the rest of the World.

  6. This regime’s plan to put party politics above the welfare of America, will not succeed. There is a lot of anger towards these Marxists and old geezers like Reid in Congress who are playing games with our lives. Whether it is the Democrats trying to make Americans feel the pain because they aren’t getting carte blanche to spend us into oblivion, or the country club Republicans conspiring with their campaign consultants to destroy conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, who are trying to upend Obamacare, we’ve had just about enough of the DC ruling class elites.

  7. I believe this is backfiring on the Dems. Even on some liberal sites the comments are not favorable to King Obama. As much as the media is trying to blame the Republicans,people are seeing theough it. As someone else said,the Reps. seem to always shoot themselves in the foot. They need to take advantage right now!

  8. “Look for Barack Obama to be coming to a high school near you.” Priceless!

    You are spot on about the possibility of the DEMS losing the Senate. Keith. Bill Clinton has made at least two major appeals for voter-turnout next Nov. – one at the Clinton Global Initiative and a one hour appearance on Piers Morgan. They’re worried. Watch for Clinton to spend the next year stumping for mid-terms with the same vigor as the ’12 election. The buses will be lined up on every college campus waiting to whisk the kids off to the polls. Hillary is now inexorably linked with Obama – a loss for Obama is a loss for the Hildebeast.

    Dingy Harry’s recalcitrance is not helping the DEMS one bit. And everyone is sick and tired of listening to the pit bull demonizing the R’s. If Obama disappeared into the sunset tomorrow morning, there probably would be rejoicing on both sides of the aisle. He has no friends.

  9. If the Obama Administration had fortified Benghazi against terrorists as diligently as it is barrycading the WWII Memorial against marauding WWII vets in wheelchairs maybe 4 Americans would not have been left to slaughter.

  10. I just read on Rush Limbaugh’s site that the Senate has voted to ensure their exemption or ‘carve-out’ from Obamacare. I’d like to know if it was strictly along party lines. I sure hope so. Any Republican Senator who would vote for that needs to be booted out in a primary.

  11. Reid is delusional. He thinks he’s gonna leave a mark, a legacy. A before and after in DC Politics (?). Once he’s gone, he’s GONE (Literally and Figuratively). He should just ask Teddy Kennedy, how the story ends. It’s been 4 years since Kennedy died. Where’s his “legacy”? Who “remembers” him?….EXACTLY. :)

  12. Teh National Park Service has CONFIRMED that the shutting of the WWII Memorial was ordered by the White House’s Office of Management & Budget.

    How spiteful can Obama get?

  13. Boehner should set up a video every 1/2 hour, and call Reid and Obama on speakerphone to set up a conference. Then put on youtube. 8:30 call, Reid/Obama refuse to meet, 9:00 call, refuse to meet, 9:30 call…

  14. Just why is Reid still in Office. Reid should been removed from office and on trial for Bribery? Reid did blatantly bribe two other Corrupt Senators to get their vote for Obamacare. Bribery used to be against the law. But, I see it does not apply to the Corrupt Senator like Reid for he is being protected by the Corrupt Brotherhood of Senators who would sell their own into Slavery or Prostitution just to get their palms greased. I know the Senators from New Mexico are part if not leaders of the Corrupt Brotherhood of Senators. Yet, I never hear from the citizens a hue and cry for Reid’s removal from office. So, all out there go ahead and suffer and allow the destruction of the Republic and live under the boots of the New Socialist Dictator Government with the New Messiah and his Court Jester Biden to rule.

  15. Harry Reid as President ?? BWAhahahaa yeah right. These fools both Democrat and Republican think the American people give a shit that the “government” is shut down, Theres no difference whether the traitors are there or not. Nothing ever changes. They do what their zionist masters tell them to do and care not for real Americans. The really sad part is they believe that they will have a place in the “jew world order”. Better think again guys because you’re gonna end up just like the rest of us. Shit outta luck!!

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