As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 3, 2013

10:40 am || Delivers remarks at M. Luis Construction Company; Rockville, Md.
Noon || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 12:30 pm

24 Responses to Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 3, 2013

    • It’s ‘show time’. There must be a slate of job numbers coming out the end of the week.

      I wonder if he’ll bring along some of those American Recovery and Reinvestment Act signs that were plastered along the highways and byways circa 2009.

      • They’ve got him on “hold” all right. They’re holdin’ his LEFT testicle, since Putin already got ahold of his RIGHT one…

        Which speaks volumes for Vlad, since getting ahold of something so small can’t be an easy task!

        Let’s hope that Putty taught Republicans THIS much; that Obama, like the bully that he IS, will fold if you actually stand up to him. It won’t be pretty, but it can happen…

        OT, I saw an interview with PM Netanyahu on Charlie Rose last night. No wonder Obama doesn’t want to be around him, he’s an actual statesman that just makes it that much more obvious by his mere presence how empty the suit we call Obama is! CR tried to get him to say things like when and how he’d attack Iran, but not being the idiot our own Prezzy is, he refused – nicely! – to give out critical national security information and tactical operations intellegence to a reporter. He also didn’t rise to the bait when Charlie Rose tried to get him to renounce West Bank settlements and intimated that John Kerry was going to create peace in our time in the Mid-East, mostly by pointing out that Iranian proxies moved into territories that Israel had ceded in previous “land for peace” deals and proceeded to rocket bomb Israel from their new bases. Despite the constant left wing line from Charlie Rose, Netanyahu kept in good humor, demolished ALL the lame arguments brought to him with FACTS, and made it CRYSTAL CLEAR that there would be NO compromise on Israel’s security. EVER.

        I LOVED his line “Better bad press than a good eulogy!” Republicans, take note!

        I point this out because it struck me last night that the rest of the world seems to have better leaders than us. I don’t remember ever before looking at a foreign head of state and thinking, “I wish he was OUR leader”! He clearly loves his nation, is a Special Forces war hero in his own right, had a job before being PM, is NEVER nasty with other people, and is still VERY effective in a part of the world where that is INCREDIBLY difficult to do.

        Of course, we may very well HAVE a foreign head of state NOW. Just not an enviable one…

  1. So those folks are going to unproductive all day because the King is coming to pay them a visit.

    Maybe they can build him some Barrycades in his honor.

  2. Shut down – what shut down? There’s no business like show business. The sound of the jet engines – the roar of the crowds – it’s Howdy Doody time!

    Obama and his deadbeat wife are the two most ‘non-essential’ wastes of taxpayer $$$ in the history of the country. We would be better off with a ‘rent-a-Prez’ from central casting for the next 3 years instead of the two-bit community organizer who thinks he IS a movie star. I bet a guy like Clint Eastwood could take over the job and get this country back on track in a Hollywood heartbeat. .

  3. The briefing isn’t until noon because Obummer has a 10:30 appointment? He could … wake up early?

    I think the national interests, as presented in the briefing, may be more important than one of his campaign stops. Which is basically what those personal appearances are.

    • “He could … wake up early?” – Car in

      BWHAHAHAHA! (snort, wipe tears from eyes)

      Obama wake up early! THAT’S a good one!

      “I think the national interests, as presented in the briefing, may be more important than one of his campaign stops.” – Car in

      In Obamaland, his campaign stops ARE the National Interest! After all, Obama shares the weltanschauung of the Sun King, i.e. “l’etat c’est moi”. After all, what could POSSIBLY be more important than HIS wants and needs, huh? HE knows what’s best for us, just ask him!

      After all, didn’t he have “someones” that nobody could name on a bet write a law with more pages than a full-Gospel Bible that has been read completely by nobody, that rearrages 1/6th of the economy (while disturbing the rest) BECAUSE he knows better than us?

      To him, NOTHING is more important than getting his way, ergo, bowing to him is the only sensible thing the nation can do. If you missed his last hectoring, arrogant, condecending lecture on this subject, don’t worry, I’m sure he’ll be serving up another one real soon…

      Too bad they didn’t furlough TOTUS.

  4. This President is a JOKE! He does nothing, look at this schedule. Why can’t the liberal media see through this farce. There is only one explanation that makes sense: he is LAZY!