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The Obama Morning News || October 2, 2013

Crisis may be long: Leaders not talking . . .Washington Post
Republicans try moving bills piecemeal . . . New York Times
Obama to campaign against shutdown . . . The Hill
Obama trims back upcoming Asia trip
. . . Washington Post
Obama reaped the storm he’s sowing . . . Politico
Cruz apologizes for Bataan remarks . . . Politico
Obamacare begins, with problems . . . Wall Street Journal
IRS visited Carson after challenging Obama . . . Daily Caller
WW II vets push way into memorial . . . Washington Times

16 Responses to The Obama Morning News || October 2, 2013

  1. The first story I saw regarding the WWII veterans being blocked blamed the Republicans and the Govt Shutdown on MSNBC. Now, it is no longer on the front page. It was interesting how the Park Service barricaded this 24 hour open air monument even after a congressman contacted the WH. I would like to know who ordered those barricades. It was EXTREMELY disturbing how Dr. Ben Carson was visited by IRS officials after his prayer breakfast. This should be part of Congressman Issa’s committee investigation. This is the same arm of Govt that will have access to our medical records. This is exactly why the Fair Tax should be implemented to stop the abuse of power by govt employees with an agenda.

  2. For the first time in my life I am ashamed of my government.
    When I see the barricades and yellow tape strewn all over an outdoor memorial to our war heroes, I just think censorship and (shudder) Gestapo-like tactics.
    It’s one thing to close museums and the people’s house, but outdoor monuments? The photo ops are going to be rich.


    Sorry to highjack the thread, but this is a bombshell!

    The radical, community organizing neo-communist and founder of ACORN, Wade Rathke, will soon be navigating/enrolling thousands of people in Texas, Arkansas and Louisiana. Rathke is so crooked that his shady ACORN-controlled Local 100 managed to get booted out of America’s pre-eminent radical union, SEIU! Rathke is responsible for orchestrating massive campaigns involving voter fraud and covered up a million-dollar pension fund embezzlement by his brother, David Rathke.

    There must be dozens more of Rathke’s ilk working the exchanges! Obamacare is not only un-Constitutional – it’s massively corrupt!

    Read entire article here:

  4. What this petty tyrant is doing by closing open air monuments and memorials to Americans will backfire on him. Today the same group who stormed the WWII memorial yesterday are going to breach the barricades to visit the Lincoln Memorial, which has been open 24/7 for as long as I can remember. If Preezy’s D.C. thugs arrest these warriors, there will be hell to pay.

    • I hope Rand Paul can find out who the “goons” were that ordered the barricades. It is beyond disgusting that Obama is playing politics with our Vets.

    • Oh, I loved that story. The Obama administration expected people to be meek Obamaoits and to direct their fury towards the Republicans but oh dear, they infuriated the wrong group. I hope these great guys will continue to storm and breach barricades. Towards La Bastille ! Aux armes, citoyens ! Allons enfants de la Patrie, le jour de gloire et arrivé. Contre nous de la Tyrannie……. Well, why not ?

      • Well as we now know they knew about the Vets coming and made a
        determined decision to screw the Greatest Generation they today have
        upped the ante to threats of arrest. Now if they touch threaten arrest or
        cause any distress to these great fearless men I think it will be the tipping
        point. First I think Harry Reid should be scared sh-tless of these 80 and
        90 year olds in wheelchairs and canes they are more of a man now than
        Reid and Obama could ever be they if they had any sence be scared.
        Wait and see just how stupid the Obama led Gestapo really are and if the
        state run media will ignore the story!

      • : – )) To think that we conservatives are the ones taking a stand for the people! Well, the conditions in America today are like those at the time of the French Revolution and the American Revolution. Ordinary people are being taxed to death to pay for tyranny and high living by a few. Thanks for the support, swedishlady, and I hope you represent the feelings of many of your countrymen.