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Obama, Congressional Leaders to Meet

Updated 8:32 pm ET

Though he has vowed not to negotiate, President Obama has invited congressional leaders from both Parties to the White House this afternoon to talk things over.

The meeting, to be held at 5:30 pm, will include House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

The White House is denying this is a negotiation. Republicans are saying this IS a negotiation.

Kind of sounds like a negotiation.

UPDATE: Officials emerged from the meeting saying no progress had been made.

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  1. He wants to bring up the debt ceiling limit as well as pass an immediate stop gap funding-of-everything-I-want bill. I don’t call that negotiating, and the Republicans are more adamant about not increasing the debt ceiling without making other cuts. But I get a sense that in spite of what the Democrats and their lapdogs in the press are telling us, blame is not falling all on the Republicans as they had predicted. The administration and Democrats must be getting a huge black eye over the treatment of the vets at the WWII Memorial and their refusal to pass targeted bills on veteran affairs, public parks, and funding Washington, D.C.

      • Why not? I find this instance of Democrat honesty almost refreshing. Usually, they just ignore the laws and don’t enforce them on themselves, so why bother with exempting yourself from something you have no intention of following anyway?

  2. No, I think it’s NOT a negotiation. Negotiating is what adults do in such situations, so it’s not for Obama. Anyone with business training would know how and when to start giving and taking, but they probably don’t hit that too hard at Community Organizing school, and I’m pretty sure they skipped that chapter at Obama’s old madrassa in Indonesia.

    Obama just wants an opportunity to berate, insult, and bully the Republicans, especially the ones he knows are weak-kneed anyway like his pet Boehner.

    He won’t give an inch. He’s too invested in it, and his narcissism won’t let him. Besides, the only real consequence is damage to the United States, which suits him just fine anyway.

    And does anyone ELSE notice that he ALWAYS takes his revenge out on the Military FIRST and MOST? I think he rather enjoys that part.

    Nice for him, too, that NO ONE is talking about Benghazi any more, or the IRS, NSA, drone strikes, illegal wars, his ignoring of the “take care” clause, his imaginary line item veto, or any of the OTHER 9,000 “imaginary” scandals. Think he minds?

    No, this is just more theatre. Even if he doesn’t get his way, he’ll simply lie about whatever goes on there, and the media will pick it up and run with it. I’m sure he just regards this as another photo-op and “Blame Republicans while I pretend to be the reasonable one” occasion.

    This is going to take awhile, and he’ll see to it that it’s as ugly as it can possibly be, just like he did with the sequester…

    It’s just his way.

    • I tend to agree with you.
      This will not be a ‘discussion’, rather it will be a lecture.
      A lecture that Obama needs to have with with the leaders of congress to once again ram this program down the throats of the Americans that do not want it.
      If this fails to be enacted, Obama will look like the loser that he really is, and he knows it.

      • Cincy and AFVet, I have to agree with both of you. Lecture is right. Boehner (weak at the knees) will fall in line eventually. Wait and see. It is more theatre as you say and you can be sure that Obama will back on TV sometime after this meeting to berate Boehner et al.

        Right now, the country is running just fine. It certainly proves that we do have too many “non-essential” govt employees, don’t you think? Maybe we need a few more back to work, mostly at the National Zoo. I miss watching the baby panda!

  3. Shutting the park system down and refusing to consider a targeted CR of the park system is more of a disaster than even the WWII Memorial fiasco. On Fox it says that the park service has also curtailed searches for missing hikers. So it is a life or death issue.

    • Julie, Reid’s Senate not accepting the three separate issues that were presented to them (including the NPS), all of which were most reasonable, proves they want people to be hurt by this so they can point their crooked fingers at the Republicans. Our framers are turning in their graves.

  4. “In politics NOTHING happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was PLANNED that way” – FDR. Shame on you, Boehner. Shame indeed.

  5. If it’s not a negotiation, it’s a lecture. If it’s a lecture, Boehner should tell Obama to pack sand and leave the room. Obama seems to not understand that this government has co-equal branches, and he is bound to deal with Congress. He’s simply not the King he thinks he is.

  6. I just heard the opening clip on CNBC for the 4PM interview. Obama said that for the past five years, he has bent over backwards to work with those guys – and that he is not prepared to negotiate on anything. Nice start, eh?

  7. Ok, here’s the deal, NOBODY CAN OPT OUT, BE WAIVERED FROM, RECEIVE SUBSIDIES OR BE EXEMPT from Obamacare. Otherwise DEFUND it. How easy it that ?

    I should have been invited to the meeting cracking heads :D

  8. This will be nothing but an opportunity for Obama to say he is NOT negotiating with Boehner and those bomb strapped to their chest republicans in front of Boehner so the TV cameras can get Boehners reaction. Boehner is nothing but a fool for showing up without an agenda in writing.

  9. He is a petit bourgeois petty tyrant. Most likely he will warn the Republicans if they think this is bad, they better not try to attach anything to the debt ceiling other than an increase.

    Barack Obama is a community agitator and he is quite proud of what he has done and is doing — whether to proud WWII vets , self sustaining National Parks that receive neither federal funds or assistance or as Harry Reid clearly stated for himself the life on one cancer child patient.

    Unless it bodes well for himself, Barack Obama will not one move one inch to spare this country.

  10. Could this be true? My husband just read on Drudge that if we
    don’t buy Obamacare the government can get into our bank accounts
    and steal the money. How scary is that???? Since we are senior
    citizens we hadn’t planned on buying any insurance. We already
    have Medicare, and do not want a supplement.

      • As for the citizens who are not retirees, I believe the only way, legally I stress, that they can go after your money is to have the IRS deduct a penalty from what would have been your tax refund. That’s so far, but who knows what Obama will try. He’s gone outside his law already with the employer mandate delay.

        • I have Medicare and a supplemental policy it’s just a matter of
          who takes what. As many times as I’ve been in the hospital I
          haven’t paid anything out of pocket but on SS the almost $300
          a month is a big burden. You can’t win.

  11. 5:30 – delayed cocktail hour or a ‘beer garden summit’? Either way, I would be sure to show up fashionably late in the Obama style with a food taster.

    Obama is surprised the market hasn’t tanked. Gee…do ya think he was hoping it would?!

  12. Hey, everyone – here is a perfect example of the uneducated who believe only what the MSM tell them. I just had a call from a friend in Rochester, NY who asked me why the Republicans have shut down the government. I asked her where she heard that and she said “on the news”. She does not have cable and hears only the ABC, CBS, NBC story line. This is what the Republicans have to deal with. With the MSM in Obama’s pocket, the other side doesn’t have a chance. She said “well, isn’t the news supposed to be neutral”? Now how could I answer a stupid question like that? OMG!

    Another thing: she was totally shocked that after paying the premium for a Bronze Plan for the ACA, she had no idea that there was a $6K deductible. When she applied today, the person on the phone never told her that. I explained that in addition to her monthly premium, she would be required to pay for everything up to the $6K deductible. She was furious! This is how totally uneducated people are. She was also shocked to learn that she may not be able to keep her own doctor. She is going to call his office in the morning to check on that. Sad as it sounds, I actually laughed about it after I hung up.

    • Must be another “low information voter”, JP! I must say that many
      of Rush’s words seem to end up in the dictionary nowadays. I
      especially like “low information voter”. It gets right to the point.

      • I’ve been through this before during the 2012 election with her. No matter how I try to explain things, she is a Democratic who sees things from one perspective. It makes me crazy.

      • he sure hit it on the nose with “low-information voter.” back when I was an unenlightened Democrat, I thought Rush Limbaugh was the Devil or something. now that the scales have dropped from my eyes, and I actually listen TO Rush instead of hearing ABOUT him, I realize he’s a very smart and very entertaining guy.

    • My husband had his hair cut recently by a woman who had no idea that she was required to sign up for Obamacare and would have to pay a penalty if she didn’t. The ignorance out there must be enormous.

  13. Hopefully it won’t be more of Dictator Obama’s I’m not negotiating posture. Or worse, an offer that is totally ass backward and unacceptable and then Dictator & Dingy-Nancy can go to the press and say “see the Republicans want the government to remain shuttered.” That is their MOS.

  14. Events are not working how O thought it would so he is getting nervous and needs someone to play spades with him like he did during Osama Bin Laden assault.

  15. So if I understand it right, Republicans have been invited to the White House to listen to a speech…

    As if they (and we) don’t know the speech by heart by now.

  16. Big deal! Invited Republicans for a meeting, after all is being said, Obama can’t negotiate because I have serious doubts that Obama can hold a sustained conversation about healthcare or the debt situation. He probably doesn’t know the inner workings of the healthcare and if he was asked questions could not answer the questions as it appears he leaves everything to that dirty dog who runs the senate and the other dirty baby killer Sebelius. I am starting to believe that Obama does nothing that he is just a figurehead who tells his “staff” yes or no about things but doesn’t know the inner workings of the problems at hand? He never speaks about the good things he likes about Obamacare or about the debt, he leaves everything to others to do this. He probably can only give speeches and can’t engage in intelligent conversations or discussions about topics. Its always the other guy who talks never him. He just gives negative lectures finding fault with the Republicans. His mission in life is just to get rid of the Republicans and its all for political power, he cares nothing about the American people or what they want. Obama is always campaigning for power, not working for the people, not a real President with character, empathy, compassion, love, nothing, just campaigning and playing golf.

  17. Obama will give them a negative lecture — I doubt Obama can have a sustained real meeting about the healthcare, the debt or the shut down and ANSWER QUESTIONS — I don’t think he knows what to say, doesn’t really know what is going on, leaves it to others to do the work. He is a figurehead, all he knows is to diss Republicans on T.V. for political power, a perennial campaigner, not a real PRESIDENT who knows what is going on. Can only lecture everyone, meanwhile, he tells all these leaders in the middle east to step down? He’s the one who should step down. He likes all this chaos, doesn’t have a brain in his head to help the American people, just a sadistic person.