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Will the White House Chefs be Sent Home?

The government shutdown that starts today results in temporary pink slips to “nonessential” government workers, begging the obvious question: Are the White House chefs essential?

The Obamas are known to eat quite well, at least in public, where they can be seen frequenting trendy spots around Washington and landing in over-priced restaurants aimed at vacationers when they’re in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. At home in the White House, a team of chefs plans menus for the Obamas and prepares an endless series of tasty meals.

But the government shutdown presents the terrifying prospect that the Obamas may have to defrost a package of Lean Cuisine or open a can of meat ravioli.

The Obamas have two de facto chief chefs: Cristeta Comerford is a leftover from the Bush years who is formally the White House Executive Chef and whom the Obamas decided not to get rid of; and Sam Kass, who was imported from Chicago by the Obamas and whose title is Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy.

Kass came in as Comerford’s “assistant,” but with his current involvement in the first lady’s food projects, it’s not known how often he still whips up a meal. Nevertheless, it’s not clear if the Senior Policy advisor for Nutrition Policy is essential. But Kass is also a frequent golf partner of the president’s, which may increase his “essentialness.”

Also present on the grounds is an Executive Pastry Chef, who is exclusively in charge of dessert, and perhaps a lobster pot pie or two.

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252 thoughts on “Will the White House Chefs be Sent Home?”

  1. Anybody who ensures the personal comfort of our dear leader and dear leader’s dear family are so, so essential. It would be unpatrotic to even think that the White House personal chefs, the maids, those who walk the dogs, those who schedule the vacations, arrange golf outings and give the kids rides to private school would be less than vital to our very country’s well being. Our joy is not in our own families’ economic stability, but THE family’s ability to never lift a finger in manual labor unless it is for a political photo opportunity In the House where we are not allowed to set our uncouth public feet in….

  2. These moochers need 2 chefs and a dessert chef to feed their greedy faces? Oblamer likes to eat pizza and French fries and Moochelle said her favorite food was French fries. Why not order pizza and fast food delivery like the little people do who pay the bills for the Oblamers? These petulant narcissists continue to nauseate me on an increasing level. Oblamer golfs while the US crumbles under his non-leadership. My only consolation is his reign of terror is over half over but during that time, look at the damage he’s done to us domestically and internationally. God help us for the next 3 years of his blaming, name-calling, Socialistic beliefs and non-leadership.

    1. You guys are like a retread tire…same old sound and story….let us know when the REP come up with the BUDGET!!! Its only been since 2007!

      Take some responsibility for your own parties ineptness.

      1. Last I knew, the Republican led Congress did come up with a budget. It was the Democratic led Senate which denied it and refused to negotiate – leading to the Shutdown

  3. The answer is simple. Yes.

    All White House staff mess employees are required to have a category one or category two Yankee White security clearance and for a very good reason: continuity of government. Access to the food the White House staff eats must be controlled and protected at all times lest it become a massive security vulnerability.

  4. Of course they won’t be sent home, do you expect Barry and Michelle to eat “regular” food and to stop their multi million dollar star-studded White House parties? This “shut down” will only affect selective things that Obama thinks can use to his advantage.

  5. Michelle has her own garden – she should be making lots of nice salads and dig her own carrots, don’t you think? Obama, himself, will be eating out with Billy Bob at their favorite hamburger joints, I’d imagine. Maybe Hillary will whip up some meals for them.

  6. How about grounding Air Farce One and Two? They shouldn’t be allowed to leave Washington until this mess is straightened up.

    Go through this list of Federal Dept’s, Commissions, Centers’, Council’s… etc. if you can’t find at least 50% of them that could be shut down completely and nobody would ever notice… you would have to be a Demokrat.

    1. I love how easily everyone forgets who got us into this fiscal mess… it was a mess before BO first inauguration. Did we discuss grounding the Presidential planes during the REP terms in office…no. Besides the fact that is a pimple of the butt of our fiscal issues and would have no real effect. Let us know when you have some items of substance to discuss like building F16 and C130s things we dont need as a military…the most powerful military in the world.

      1. Oh I remember who got us into this mess. Good ol slick Willy and his community reinvestment orders to the banks to lend or else. Then the continuation into Bush backed up by the Congressional Black caucus who called Republicans racist when they raised the flags about Fannie and Freddie.
        So the scam went on, under direct order from the politically correct and of course when their scam sent the country into financial collapse they did what they always do: blamed someone else.

      2. It has been 5 years. You can’t count to 17 trillion, and you can count to 5. Wow! O promised to get us out of this mess. He lied. One more thing how will we aid our enemies without F16’s. Remember, the president wanted to give them to the The Muslim Brotherhood, who wishes to behead those of us who refuse to conform to the Islamic religion of hate. Let me help you out that was sarcasm since you can’t count to 5.

      3. When Obama ran in 2008, he said it was unpatriotic for Bush to have allowed the US to have a $4 trillion debt. Now, 5 years later, we have a national debt of $16.9 trillion. Are you going to say that’s all Bush’s fault?

        If the people elected Obama to fix the national debt issue and produce a balanced budget, he’s obviously done a horrible job of it. Only thing dumber than your comment is your having chosen the name “Reaganiite” as the name you chose to post the comment under. LOL!

  7. “”Also present on the grounds is an Executive Pastry Chef, who is exclusively in charge of dessert, and perhaps a lobster pot pie or two.” REALLY!!!! yet the wench has our kids eating broccoli, and water, like the good little peons we are. what happen to the good eating habits? as moochelle rear end get as big as her mouth

  8. I wonder if the WH garden is considered a necessity, because I doubt very much that Michelle gets on her knees and digs into the dirt, perhaps for photo ops.

  9. Surely you don’t expect moochelle to get off her fat caboose and cook anything. She didn’t cook when she was a commoner, much less now that she’s queen!!!

  10. Meanwhile…all the FAA Safety Inspectors who oversee the activities of airlines and maintenance facilities to ensure they perform their operations in accordance with the federal regulations and issued authorizations…….are furloughed. No one is watching…… Feel safe?

  11. Seriously, you have to ask? They are essential for the well-being of the emperor and his bountiful bride. I can just see them in the kitchen cooking up some fat back and grits…yummo.

  12. The chefs will be serving tonight:

    * Caviar & Fois Gras on Rye Toast Points
    * Peasant Consomme
    * Chilean Sea Bass a la Juan Peron
    * Brioche with White Chocolate

  13. What about their 2 “Dog Handlers” taking care of Beau and friend? Surely they are not essential.. Michelle or one of the girls CAN open a bag or can of dog food can’t they? I wonder if Michelle’s staff of over 30 people are essential or if any of them have been cut down to 29 hours or less? Is it a full time job for 30 people to make her look good and sound good?
    It’s a good thing the Bidens have already taken their million dollar trips to Paris, and other beautiful places in the World. Maybe with the Government shut down, they can visit Scranton, Detroit, or Hoboken and comfort the people there who neve get to go anyplace but work or the Food Stamps/Welfare/Unemployment/Disability Offices. They can help them sign up for Obamacare, be Enablers…oh, I mean “Navigators”

    1. They need to cut, alot of employees at the WH. It costs the taxpayers 1.3 billion dollars for Obama and wife and all they people that work for them. Time to get rid of them. Let Michelle do the cooking then Obama won’t have to worry if he is getting poisoned or will he?

  14. No way Moochelle is going to let the WH chefs go. They are busy full time preparing food for her to shove in her face and it all settles in her huge butt.

    NEVER expect a democrat to tell the truth.

  15. #1Blame Bush or maybe #2Bushes baked Beans Or #3a bird in a Bush, Or #4maybe (just maybe) The USSA Progressive dumbocrats could be of blame. So I will pick door # four

  16. nah the question that needs to be asked is this. are the inhabitants of the white house necessary. time for government officials to start “feeling the pain” they inflict on us. start by cutting out all the little frills and extras they get like meals for lunch etc. time to cut their pay as well. raise their taxes and make them pay 4.00 a gallon for gas. time to make them sign up for obamadon’t care insurance and every other little piece of crap legislatiojn they exempted themselves out of.

  17. Of course Chef’s are essential. Can’t have Chewbacca coolimg for the family can we. Also, the folks who stand by, ready to whisk her off on million dollar flights of fancy and fundraising need to be there.

  18. Lay off the chefs, let Michelle see if she can remember how to bake a frozen lasagna or pizza. Why should they escape any pain that the rest of us may be suffering with this shutdown? How about giving the dog trainer a few days off, I’m sure Michelle could do duty as a dog walker and poopy picker-upper! Wouldn’t that make a classic photo op? Lay off her staff of travel people and her makeup and hair people, cut back on the household staff and let them rough it!

  19. Are the White House chefs essential?
    Answer: NO!!!!!!!!
    But then again the president and Congress have proven that they are also NON essential personnel. Do away with them ALL and start over with some Americans who are not so easily bought and paid for!

  20. We have an obligation as subjects to insure the President and First Lady eat well. I’m willing to sacrifice a little more to know those french fries will be double fried and properly crisped for Michelle. Do you Tea Party people really want the Obama family eating rice and beans? If so, you are terrible racists.

  21. Look, it didn’t just take Obama to wreck our country, it took 50 years, little by little since the Powers that be from the wicket Dulles CIA Nazi crowd till now. From LBJ onward that every single one of our Presidents worked not for us but the Industrial Military Complex, the banks and the CFR in continuous wars and skirmishes in the world for their profits using our blood and treasury. Our domestic policy is no better, with the Liberal Ideology of the more they get on to some sort of welfare, they will keep voting us in. Republicans were no better, with shipping our jobs overseas on the premise we didn’t want to manufacturing anything any more we were all going to get high Tech jobs, so how’s that working out ??? They can hire high tech foreigners for half the price.
    I have a feeling this shut down will last a long time, and the Obama’s will just order in, but, will not have to change anything or be inconvenienced one bit.

  22. I’d just like for someone in Government to tell me “Why, each and every one of them and their families haven’t signed up for ObamaDemoCare yet if it’s so good. One would think if it’s good enough for us citizens then why isn’t it good enough for them too? Or am I the only one thinking about this? And why is it that Businesses get delayed 1 year because they don’t understand it… But yet the Taxpayer has to get it now? And even if you get it now, none of the plans go into effect until Jan. 1, 2014. So if you get it now ( When their sites work ) you get to pay for 3 extra months of nothing.

    1. I sent several emails to my uselss “Senators” and “Congressman” this morning asking that same question;
      If ObamaCare is sooo wonderful why dont my “Senators” and “Congressman” and their families and their staffs sign up for ObamaCare…

  23. Yes, and while they are at it get rid of the fourteen journalists Obama just hired which will of course work forhim in putting out his propaganda.

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