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Will the White House Chefs be Sent Home?

The government shutdown that starts today results in temporary pink slips to “nonessential” government workers, begging the obvious question: Are the White House chefs essential?

The Obamas are known to eat quite well, at least in public, where they can be seen frequenting trendy spots around Washington and landing in over-priced restaurants aimed at vacationers when they’re in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard. At home in the White House, a team of chefs plans menus for the Obamas and prepares an endless series of tasty meals.

But the government shutdown presents the terrifying prospect that the Obamas may have to defrost a package of Lean Cuisine or open a can of meat ravioli.

The Obamas have two de facto chief chefs: Cristeta Comerford is a leftover from the Bush years who is formally the White House Executive Chef and whom the Obamas decided not to get rid of; and Sam Kass, who was imported from Chicago by the Obamas and whose title is Executive Director of Let’s Move! and Senior Policy Advisor for Nutrition Policy.

Kass came in as Comerford’s “assistant,” but with his current involvement in the first lady’s food projects, it’s not known how often he still whips up a meal. Nevertheless, it’s not clear if the Senior Policy advisor for Nutrition Policy is essential. But Kass is also a frequent golf partner of the president’s, which may increase his “essentialness.”

Also present on the grounds is an Executive Pastry Chef, who is exclusively in charge of dessert, and perhaps a lobster pot pie or two.

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252 thoughts on “Will the White House Chefs be Sent Home?”

  1. Silly man, Keith…..BO & MO aren’t part of the “little people” who pay for everything. They are part of the “takers” for whom We The People pay. Of course the chefs won’t be sent home, except to sleep at night. You can’t expect Mechelle to cook for the family after getting her hands dirty growing arugula in the garden out back.

  2. Just imagine the chaos erupting in the WH as MO is forced only to have ten individuals at her beck and call instead of the normal one hundred. I’m sure those micro-quakes erupted in DC are not from fracking but from an irate First Lady stomping around the grounds.

          1. Was Bush43 worth one penny in salary? For the good of the country his entire salary (pension) ought to be garnisheed at least. He made more mistakes in one day than any president made in his entire term.

          2. Prove it. Pick the day. Point out every single mistake.

            Then find a president who didn’t make as many mistakes in his term.

            You can’t. You won’t. EVERY president makes mistakes. Your hating who they are or what they stand for doesn’t change the fact that they’re all human. But your blind rage and inability to find common ground is the symptom of what’s worst about American politics today: an abject unwillingness to find compromise between wildly divergent ideologies to find a road to success and prosperity.

            *Caveat: You must pick a president who actually completed a term. Sicklies who died like 35 days into their term don’t count.

          3. By all means, blame Bush.
            Obama has nothing to do with anything.
            He is fighting day and night for the middle
            class and jobs. Laser focused. Yes
            siree, Obama is fighting all the time for
            the citizens. What a prince.

          4. Even in Obama’s second term you’re still blaming Bush? Typical…it’s always the other guys fault. I still think that it’s hilarious that a lot of the media and most of his (Obama) constituents still call him Mr. Obama when they always referred to Mr. Bush as President Bush throughout his whole presidency. Funny how little things like that work.

  3. Well you know The Preciousness’ must eat well. Their taste buds are now in rarefied atmosphere since invading our White House as squatters.

  4. I am at work at DoD designated as excepted from furlough. I am sitting here reading my designation letter which list the three reasons why an employee can be designated as excepted.
    It will be real interesting to read the justification if a Chef is designated as an excepted employee.

    1. No, you are sitting here fooling around on the internet. Cause you are one of the millions of taxpayer paid gubbament workers with nothing better to do.

  5. Grow up dummies. The White House chef feeds more than just the President and his family. Your hatred of this man and his family is unbelievable. Maybe if your side hadn’t thrown everything but the kitchen sink at him since his inauguration we would care what you had to say now. Go read a book. Try Dr Seuss. I hear it’s pretty interesting.

    1. Is this the type of rhetoric that liberals are substituting in place of actual leadership these days? Oh, how far we have fallen.

    2. My, aren’t you the intellectual! You’re actually suggesting we all just lie down and let the Progs roll right over us?

      What’s next from you? An accusation that we’re all racists because we don’t want him to succeed in transforming this nation into a socialist state?

    3. This is a pretty hypocritical comment coming from the side that threw everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink at Pres. Bush. Your man has been in charge for 5 years & is STILL blaming Bush for things. Does he have ANY feeling for the American people at all? And by the way, maybe you should go read Fun with Dick & Jane.

    4. “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. … I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”

      Sen. Baraq H. Obama, Senate floor speech – March 16, 2006

      1. I’m pretty good with Google too.

        Here’s some interesting facts for you. This is a list of five debt limit increases that took place during the Bush presidency and how the GOP leaders voted then:

        June 2002: [Republican-controlled] Congress approves a $450 billion increase, raising the debt limit to $6.4 trillion. McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor approve.

        May 2003: [Republican-controlled] Congress approves a $900 billion increase, raising the debt limit to $7.384 trillion. McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor approve.

        November 2004: [Republican-controlled] Congress approves an $800 billion increase, raising the debt limit to $8.1 trillion.McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor approve.

        March 2006: [Republican-controlled] Congress approves a $781 billion increase, raising the debt limit to $8.965 trillion. McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor approve.

        September 2007: [Democratic-controlled] Congress approves an $850 billion increase, raising the debt limit to $9.815 trillion. McConnell, Boehner, and Cantor approve.

        1. None of your google stats have a thing to do with Obama’s blatant refusal (televised repeatedly) to negotiate with the Republicans. A good leader knows when to negotiate and how to govern. Obama is nothing more than a spoiled child, stomping his feet and demanding HIS way. This shutdown rests squarely on HIS shoulders.

          1. “This shutdown rests squarely on HIS shoulders.”

            We’ll see how the rest of the American public feels about that. From where I’m sitting it seems like the American public voted (twice) for the guy that created Obamacare and denied the guy whose whole platform was repeal of the law. Oops, did I say law? That’s because it is…

          2. “From where I’m sitting…”

            Don’t tell me, you’re sitting in the White House basement slaving away at your computer while your master’s overseer, Jesse Lee, cracks the whip.

          3. If you’re truly an ‘essential’ worker, why are you spending so much time while on duty spewing your misinformation while We the People pay your salary? “Essential’ but have so much spare time to play on the computer?? Go back to work and put in a day’s work as you would be forced to do if you worked in the private sector.

          4. Big Enough to admit mistakes

            If you are “essential” enough to avoid furlough, please explain to those of us who aren’t “essential” why you are wasting taxpayer dollars surfing the interwebs in the middle of your *cough* “work day”.

          5. Wait, I’m sorry… Are you denying that democrats were the party against the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments, as well as the Senate Democrats who filibustered against the civil rights act of 1957? Or that the Republucans were founded in 1854 as an Abolishionist party, with the purpose of destroying slavery for all time? Or Lincoln, the first Republican President (Need I say more? Emancipation Proclamation, Thirteenth Amendment abolishing slavery forever; generally recognized as our greatest president). Are you also denying that the Democrats were the Party of Jim Crow and the Black Code laws? Because that’s in the books as fact.

          6. Drop the “it’s the law” crap.
            So was slavery, so was prohibition, so was segregation, so was don’t ask don’t tell, so was the 55mph speed limit and on and on…
            Bad law is bad law and the only thing propping up this one is Presidential pride.

          7. “From where I’m sitting it seems like the American public voted (twice) for the guy that created Obamacare and denied the guy whose whole platform was repeal of the law. ”

            Uh…….McCain was running on a platform to repeal obamacare? Romney was running on a platform of repealing obamacare? rolo, you are dense.

            “That’s because it is…”

            Prohibition was “law also. So was Dred Scott

        2. Nothing to do in the West Wing today? That’s why you have time to spend here using this site as a teleprompter for White House talking points?

          1. It’s pretty quiet in the White House today. So yes I decided to do some web surfing and was excited to find this place. It’s full of interesting people who care about our great nation and I wanted to chat with some of you. So far I’m quite impressed with what I’ve learned. In addition to what I already knew about our non-eligible, Muslim, socialist President I’ve also learned that he was APPOINTED to office. At least he’s not black.

          2. If it’s quiet with nothing to do and you have so much time to play, you’re not ‘essential’ and are a prime example of all the extra baggage being employed by the Government that we pay for. We pay not only your salary but your pension and we in private companies have no pension. You’d NEVER make it if the Govt. wasn’t there to prop you up. Now go find something to do to earn your salary for today. You can play on the computer when you get back to mommie’s basement.

        3. rolo-
          They forget way too easily the reality of this situation and the history doesn’t lie. Look at those approvals! Ah history sucks man when your position is blown away by it…. I dont recall the DEMS ever trying the hostage style tactics the REP are currently trying (but failing) to enforce.

          1. Who are the ones “unwilling” to negotiate? “My Way or the Highway”…..Hmmmmm?? Reid, Pelosi & Obama. And NO budget for 5 years regardless of how many the House has sent to Reid. He won’t even let them get to the floor for discussion. And remember, even the Senate said NO to obama’s budget. How soon recent events are forgotten.

    5. We now know that at least one Senator knows how to read. If enough of them had been able read the ObammyCare Bill before they passed it we wouldn’t be stuck with it today.

      As for that White House culinary staff, let them go home for a while. “Mrs. Stouffer” can feed the sorry lot of them for a whole lot less, and Mooch can go sniff out her own truffles.

      1. Of course the trolls are out! God forbid the intelligent, educated Drudge readers be allowed to discuss things truthfully without some basement-dwelling pillow biters jumping in on the conversation. That’s what they live for!

      1. That’s why he’s called Oblamer. He breaks his arms patting himself on the back if anything goes right on his watch but can’t wait to jump out and blame everything (including weather) and everyone when things don’t go his way. He loves to lecture and read his teleprompter and then turns around and does what he’s just condemned for someone else. He’s a very immature, petulant child who is leaching off of the taxpayers as much as he can for as long as he can.

    6. What do you mean “we” would care what you have to say now? Don’t you mean HE – unless you count yourself among the mind-numbed Obamabots? Obama has NEVER cared what the Republicans have had to say. I guess like everything else liberals like you conveniently forget things like, “… the republicans can come along, but they will have to sit in the back of the bus”, or something close to that. Or WE WON! So sit down and shut up! While these were not exact quotes the message was very clear, especially when the GOP was the minority in both houses.
      I guess you also bought into the “obstructionist” BS about the GOP as well. But then what would you expect from people who don’t know the first thing about how, per the Constitution, our gov’t is supposed to operate? From January 2009 through January 2011 the dumocrats had BOTH houses of Congress and the WH and they still could not get anything done. Many dumocrats had to be force-fed Obamacare and they had to hold their noses and agree to it. Not to mention the closed-door meetings and strong-arming that was involved. It still took over ONE YEAR just to get this piece of legislative crap through. The GOP was powerless to stop anything OBolshevik wanted to do. Every last member of the GOP could have stayed home and not even gone to DC and not one thing would have changed about the gridlock that ensued during that time.
      So, perhaps instead of being a smart-elleck and insulting the intelligence of people and telling them to read Dr. Suess, you should go read the Constitution. In closing, I would like to say thank you, (like the Bolshevik said that we should be saying). Thanks to the “Six-Trillion dollar” man. Hey, wasn’t that a TV show?

  6. Forget the chefs, I want to know why the power to the White House hasn’t been cut off yet. And that goes for the water and cable too.

    1. I believe the golf course is run using MWR, or non-appropriated, funds. Because of that the course should remain open. The Commissary will be open today, but primarily to get perishables off the shelf. I can’t speak for the Exchanges, but I believe they will be closed.

  7. Um, yeah ditch the chef. The Obama’s can share in the sacrifice of the American People and select their meals from the dollar menu like so many citizens are forced to do.

  8. Wonder how things are going to work out after Sam Kass marries MSNBC’s Alex Wagner. Will he just be working the day shift? Will she put up with his golf dates with Preezy Putt-Putt every week-end? Between the voracious appetite of the Mooch and BHO’s golf/travel schedule with Sam, looks like poor Alex is going to be spending lonely nights home alone with Net Flix and frozen Mac ‘n Cheese dinners.

  9. The poor Obamas…

    Imagine. No private chefs to prepare their non-fat diets.

    How many hundreds of thousand dollars a year does this presidential perk demand?

  10. The “chefs” are not essential personnel. The President can do what the people do because we don’t have that much money. We eat at Mc Donald’s. Maybe Taco Bueno. President, you’re NOT better than those of us you come from.

  11. This is a distraction. The real focus is this Monster Care Law. Right now we are still standing because Congress has stood for US. They,Obama and the Dems have the Lames Stream Media carrying their Propaganda. We need to keep our collective voices together and support Congress to continue Standing Their Ground. Keep Up The GOOD WORK AMERICA ! ! !

    1. Agree, Grim. We wouldn’t be at this point if Ted Cruz and Mike Lee didn’t take the defunding of Obamacare to the American people. That effort galvanized the opposition to Obamacare and forced the congresscritters in leadership to stop negotiating behind closed doors. We won’t get rid of Obamacare until the tin pot dictator is gone, but if we can cripple it and starve it along the way, we will be successful.

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  13. Wonder if the official $100k+ per year dog caretaker will be furloughed. After all, there’s Granny, mom, dad and the two girls that can walk the dogs and pick up after them.

  14. Why is the white house chef essential? Can’t MO cook? Is she better than any other citizen?

    She and BO seem to think they are the queen and king of the US.

    Let them eat cake?

    That didn’t turn out well in France.

    1. The White House kitchen doesn’t cook for just the family, but for this nation’s guests and the like. This is not just a family’s house.

      1. Ms. Bush-Hagar pays her own bills and it’s up to her how she wants to spend HER money. Oblamer and Moochelle spend OUR money and we have some say in how it’s wasted.

      1. The federal government doesn’t repair our roads and build our schools in Texas. You must be from one of those Northeastern socialist states.

        1. Susan- Yes we all know about Texas building gravel roads because they cant afford paved roads due to their awesome economy. Lets not talk school quality either in your lovely Texas rather lets deflect and talk about other states that have paved roads and better education. Yes we even include Science in our education in all states but TX. Yeehaw!
          On the chefs– lets only remove the chefs from the White house if they were also removed during Bushes final 2 years when he lacked the manhood to take on Wall St.; I do concur that Obama has not chnaged that but REP party had their chance too and well they blew it. TeaParty is for kooks and uneducated folks who will believe the drivel being spewed. DEMS/REPS not far behind them. I am of the 2 thought principle…2 TERM LIMITS for ALL in DC no matter what…its not a career anymore; RAISE TAXES on the GREEDY RICH CORPS and DOnt allow them to ship their profits offshore. If you started in USA, you are an American company so PAY UP just like the rest of us!

          1. You are so misinformed about Texas. Probably got your facts from the head twinkle fingers at the last Occupooper meeting. Although I agree Bush was a fiscal disaster his last two years in office, it was because Pelosi was in charge of the purse strings. He, like most establishment politicians, refused to stand up to the Democrats wasteful spending. Also agree with congressional (and Supreme Court) term limits Mark Levin describes in “The Liberty Amendments”. Where we differ is in expecting the free market system to pay for government largess. You may believe the government loves you and needs to shake down those greedy capitalists to make your life easier, but you are wrong. The government doesn’t love you or care about you – it only wants to make you a ward of the state and control every aspect of your life.

      2. If we are left alone and have the freedom to work and raise our families as we see fit, we can do all of that ourselves. Keep the change.

  15. From what I can tell Chef Sam as much a “pal ” as a chef and occasional golf buddy so he is clearly essential. Most likely dog walker essential also.

    I hear essential barricades being set up on national mall – it being a national park and all. Good thing President Small and Petty already cut off public access to the WH.

    Heard that congresscritters and special snowflake staff get abortion coverage under Ocare. Thought they were exempt. Anybody???

  16. With Moochelle as FLOTUS you bet the White House chef is essential! They would have post extra Secret Service agents to follow Moochelle to keep her from attacking anyone in her hunger induced foul mood.

  17. A personal chef may not be essential, but as with all dictators, a food taster is.

    But even food taster won’t help if he’s served polonium tea.

  18. Moochele, the Wookie, will get so mad that the tractor tire she is known to throw around the White House lawn will be pitched in the Potomac river

  19. God these people are grifters! They eat like Royalty while lying about a manufactured crisis — a crisis caused the Obama himself because he rammed through a law the majority doesn’t want.

    1. MAJORITY??? You lost last election time…the MAJORITY has spoken already! Stop believing the REP news engine…. Who is creating the crisis in DC? The last time I checked it was the REP party trying to remove a law from the books that is already passed by every branch in the Govt including the Supreme Court. Get over yourselves already.

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    1. Enough with the racist food comments. We have plenty to be unhappy about with this president, no matter what his ethnicity. The fact that he is accomplishing what he said he wanted, “the fundamental transformation of America” is scary enough. By his actions he has demonstrated that he despises the middle class, is determined to corrupt it at every turn, loves being part of the “elite” in the rarified air of DC, is more interested in golfing than in governing, gives all of us plenty to be worried about. Our America is disappearing before our eyes and most of us are more concerned with the new IPhone than they are their most precious asset- freedom. A frightening time to be an American.

      1. Obama has changed the definition of some words:

        When Obama says “middle class”, he means the “proletariat”.

        When Obama says “Rich”, he means “middle class”.

        When Obama says “enemies of America”, he means “Americans”.

        When Obama says “racist”, he means anybody who does not bow to his tyranny.

      2. Now you do realize that Bush played just as much golf as Obama? Bad argument. Bush even said last week that golf was good for ANY president to relieve stress. Even your own peeps dont see it your way.
        Yeah he really stuck it to the middle and lower class by giving them health benefits…that this country desperately needs to grasp control from the Corporate machine and its illegal pricing mechanisms. When 2 hospitals offer the same service but have a price difference in the 100s of thousands…there is something wrong. Mary please pay attention to your iPhone….your freedom is safe. My family fought for it on D-day…no thanks required. TY Grandpa K and F; love u!

        1. Obamacare “gives” nothing. It takes from others to redistribute to the Democrat base who in turn will vote for more stuff.
          And please, your reference for the 100’s of thousands of dollars difference between two hospital’s for the same procedure?
          The master price schedule from one hospital to another is impossible to compare as that is one area that no one, not even the wizards of smart who designed Obamacare could figure out. Hospital care just has too many variables.
          I spent over 20 years in healthcare and went through the last reform that brought in the Medicare DRG system and that still hasn’t done what it was supposed to and that was 30 years ago!
          One of the biggest drivers of private healthcare costs is the cost shifting by providers because the government, (Medicare/Medicaid) doesn’t pay its “fair share” of the cost and the private sector has to make up the difference.
          Obamacare just makes it worse. Doctors will be fewer and farther between, hospitals will lay off staff (Cleveland Clinic anyone), and yet somehow, someway, the libs will blame the “evil” insurance companies and providers who are making a “profit” off people’s health.
          It’s a disgusting and despicable tactic but with so many ignorants inhabiting this nation at the present time, it will probably work.

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  22. “Are the White House chefs essential?”

    The chefs may not be essential, but I bet Obama’s ‘food taster’ is getting a work out.
    Back in the olden days of Kings and Queens, the royals would have some poor peasant person taste their food to make sure it wasn’t poisoned. This was because assassination plots often were carried out by slipping poison into ruler’s food.

    These royal “tasters” would take a few bites out of the food that was served to the king or queen, and if that person didn’t keel over and die, the food was assumed safe enough to eat.

    Well, apparently President Obama has his own food taster.

    . . . it appears our “dear leader” doesn’t just act like a king by the way he uses his executive orders, he also acts like a king when it comes to his dinner as well.

        1. Secret Service takes a special oath to give up their life to protect the President. I know you probably dont know much about Presidential protection and honor based on your statement but their are some of us willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our Country. I know this because I know someone who was on the Presidential detail during Bush 1 terms.

          1. You know this because you know someone who knows…..?
            Look, I know the government’s on partial shutdown, but I thought every 6th grade in the the country was still in session. Why aren’t you in class?

  23. It begs a senior question: “Why should the government spend any money ever, on non-essential employees?” Taxes for that are not justified by the consent of the governed.

  24. Hey Rollo, with your beater shirt and M&Ms Do you know how to cook? Maybe you can scoot on upstairs and whip up a little something for them. Would be more useful than wasting our time with those sorry comments of yours.

    1. Kathyrn,
      I hope you are a proud racist. Stay classy K! I know your family would be embarrassed to know you spewed those words above or at least anyone with class would not approve.

      1. Ohhhh racist I guess you really put me in my place. Take your flawed logic–or lack of it elsewhere. We usually have a very nice exchange here. Scram.

  25. No, they’re not. That corrupt, unAmerican, race baiting deceit merchant and his party of socialists created this mess… let them starve!

    While we’re at, lets starve the media for their ‘treasons’ too. abc, cnn, nyt, cbs, nbc, wapo et al… every one of them guilty of lies, deceit, disinformation and as far as I’m concerned, the number 1 threat to the American people and our future. IN a word, the media is THE ENEMY!

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