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Live Stream || Carney Briefing – October 1, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

16 Responses to Live Stream || Carney Briefing – October 1, 2013

  1. it’s a little rich to blame republicans for obamacare when pelosi made it a point of pride to shut them out of writing the law because she had a democrat majority in the house.

    It wasn’t republicans who held the secret white house meetings with big pharma and insurance executives it was obama

    It wasn’t republicans’ staff who wrote obamacare with big pharma and insurance lobbyists…. it was the democrats

    • Agree, but I’m getting a little steamed at so-called Republicans like Krauthammer who are going after the House and Senate conservatives who were trying to do good by the American people.

  2. Here’s a summation of this waste-of-time press conference:

    1) The president is not willing to negotiate and the senate is not willing either, and its all the republicans fault.

    2) No CR resolutions will be considered. Its all or nothing for this spoiled brat president.

  3. If we had a press corpse worth a damnable they would ask why allyhis talk about a budget — we live in the land of CRs because the Dems have violated their duty to produce an annual budget — why should Congress be Exempt – and what does the WH think of old gets having to “storm the barricades ” of a national monument in their honor?

    But we don’t have that kind of a press corpse.

    And who in their right mind thinks Jay Carney is essential personnel?

    • This would have been Obama’s dream to shut down the WH Pressers and “lay off” Carney. They’ve been threatening to do that because some of the press (cough, Fox, cough) is “mean” to them and, so there ;)