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Obama Refuses to Yield on Budget

President Obama today refused to back down to Republican demands that he accept a government funding bill that includes a one-year delay of Obamacare, indicating the government is headed for a shutdown at Midnight.

Obama, who spoke during a hastily called appearance in the White House briefing room, said Republican actions were “the height of irresponsibility” and amounted to “ransom.”

The president expressed some hope that a shutdown could be avoided, but he sought to put the onus on Congress, indicating he would do nothing himself to prevent it.

“My hope and expectation is that in the eleventh hour, once again, Congress will choose to do the right thing,” he said.

Following his remarks, Obama headed into a previously unscheduled meeting of his Cabinet.

28 Responses to Obama Refuses to Yield on Budget

  1. Obama was sixteen minutes late to this eleven minute attack on the GOP. The “Three Amigos” (Karl, Todd and news guy # 3) spent more time in front of the cameras than Obama did. He had at least three hours to prep for this, since his lunch meeting with Bebe gave way to Biden’s meeting at 1:30 EST.

    David (“Romney 47%”) Corn wrote earlier of how Obama should show his true anger at the GOP, since he has long refused to display any partisanship. It’s pretty clear that Corn has refused to pay attention to Obama’s own words.

  2. And in the middle of an Obama and Senate created crisis, at a time when the D’s are accusing Ted Cruz of being only interested in “fund raising” for the R’s, I get these two emails from Obama (today).
    From the first email: “When I make decisions, I think about people like you, I need partners in the Senate and House who share that focus. And tonight’s fundraising deadline is crucial.
    Chip in $3 or more before midnight tonight to support Democrats


    And then this one:

    “My presidency has always been about you.
    We got here in the first place because, in 2008, you built the biggest grassroots organization in the history of American politics. But we were only getting started.
    I need your help today because all of the progress that has been made since 2008 has never been about what I can do for you, but what we can accomplish together.
    Chip in $3 or more right now before the midnight fundraising deadline to help Democrats finish what we started.

    There’s so much more we have to do and it won’t happen without you:


    P.S. — Your support will make a difference. Donate now.

    Er, no thanks, Barry, I think I’ll keep my moeny. You’ll have to get along without me. I only subscribe to your emails to see what trickery you’re up to.

    • The last e-mail sent to me was very accusing; it listed my donations to date…$0. I was then informed that my name won’t go on the “wall” of donors, whatever that is.

      I don’t fault them, it’s a clever and smart way to keep connected with their supporters. Nice easy way to raise small funds, too.
      Why the Repubs don’t do something similar is strange in this age of the internet. It’s not like sending snail-mail that costs money per message.

      • srdem65:

        I get the same emails. From what I can tell, the “Wall” will be on the internet where it will be cheap and can be modified at will.

        I’d love to hear their official definition of “grass roots”.

    • The Dems are desperately raising money because the DNC is $ 20 million in debt . They are trying to work out payments with various banks.

      On the other hand, the RNC has 18 million in Surplus.

  3. “The president expressed some hope that a shutdown could be avoided, but he sought to put the onus on Congress, indicating he would do nothing himself to prevent it.”

    He wants a shutdown in the worst way!

  4. Since the Republican leadership is busy negotiating with themselves and stabbing conservatives in the back, Mark Levin has opened his call-in line to people who have been negatively affected by Obamacare. We the People always seem to get pushed aside while these masterminds perform their countdown-clock kabuki dances in front of the camera. We’re facing economic collapse, and these imbeciles on both sides of the aisle only care about themselves and their political careers. People are suffering from this monstrosity and DC isn’t listening to US.

    • Oh, you are so right.

      ot: Some of my family can’t understand why I’m so involved in this when I am not going to be personally affected by Obamacare.
      The LIVs in my family drive me crazy.

      • You’re involved because you’re a patriot and you care about this magnificent country, srdem. Obamacare will be the death of America. Even our LIV relatives are starting to realize what a liberty-stealing disaster this monstrosity is.

        • Got my notice in the mail today from my health care provider…

          “We’re writing you to provide notice that your current individual and family plan will no longer be available to you after December 31, 2013.”

          My “new plan” features great new benefits, such as a higher monthly premium, higher deductible, and increased out-of-pocket expenses!

          I keep hearing this obnoxious, lying voice in my head…“If you like your plan, you can keep your plan.”


  5. President “I will not negotiate” will blame the Republicans for the shutdown but We the People are not as stupid as he thinks. If Obama were so worried about the shutdown, then perhaps he shouldn’t have played golf Saturday. If the Senate was so worried, then perhaps they shouldn’t have taken a FIVE week vacation.

    As far as I’m concerned the shutdown rests squarely on Obama’s shoulders. He bragged he would not negotiate. Harry Reed also refused to negotiate. Their refusal to negotiate is the cause of our govt shutdown. I hope and pray justice is served on a silver platter at the 2014 elections.

  6. Of course. I, The Great Barack Obama am going to blame everyone for the problem, but shall do nothing to work towards finding a solution.
    I know its not Saturday, but if you will excuse me, I am late for The Golf Game.

  7. “indicating he would do nothing himself to prevent it.”

    If he were a CEO in a corporation, he would already be on the street with his pink slip. What a pathetic show of “leadership”. At the end of the day, the top dog is still responsible. Or did you miss that part in Leadership 101?

    (I know, rhetorical question.)

  8. Let’s get this straight: The only thing “budget” about this phoney-baloney battle is that there hasn’t been one — EVER — during the entire Obama disaster of a Presidency.