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Ed Henry: Why Negotiate with Iran but Not the GOP?

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Hnery asked White House Press Secretary Jay Carney a reasonable question, which amounted to, why are you talking to murderous mullahs and not the GOP?

I’m taking some liberty with the “murderous mullahs” description – Henry didn’t exactly say that.

After responding in customary attack mode that Henry was engaged in the “reassertion of GOP talking points,” Carney seemed to hint that there may be talks but that he currently has “nothing new to report on the president’s schedule.”

The latest: The Senate has rejected that House bill that would fund the government but delay Obamacare for a year. Reports indicate the next step by House Republicans would be to move a similar bill but add on a cancellation of the Obamacare exemption for lawmakers.

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9 Responses to Ed Henry: Why Negotiate with Iran but Not the GOP?

  1. So the president not willing to negotiate and the senate is not willing either, and its somehow all the republicans fault? LOL!!

    There’s Liberal Logic(tm) for ya…

  2. Oh, boy. There have been reports (true?) that the dialogue between MrO and the Iranian was to secure the release of three Americans now in Iranian custody for political crimes. The WhiteHouse might want the pubic to think it’s about nuclear advancement, but if the story is true, then MrObama was only dealing in hostage negotiations.

    Then again, no matter what the topic of the conversation, it slashes the concept that America does not negotiate with terrorists.

    • Scary. I thought he sent Bill Clinton and Dennis Rodman to broker these kind of deals ?

      Preezy needs to hunker down with the GOP and fix our country first. Wonder what he and Netanyahu discussed today ? Hope BO didn’t act like the petulant squirrel and throw a tizzy fit.

      • if I was Obama I’d steer clear of Bibi. the comparison with a real leader doesn’t make our president look very good.

        but of course, Obama wouldn’t realize that; I’m sure he thinks he outshines Bibi in every way.