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Sunday Open Thread – September 29, 2013

Handing you the keys. No drinking and driving please.

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        1. These punks posted their stuff on the Internet. Those parents threatening to sue explains why those kids had the mentaility to do what they did in the first place. Holloway’s now gone forward with arrest warrants, and from what I’ve been able to tell, only one of the six arrested is a juvenile.

        2. These parents that are threatening to sue just piss me off. All they are concerned about are their “precious little babies” being able to get into the elite colleges instead of worrying about their kids actually feeling the consequences of their actions and becoming productive members of society.

  1. Pretty soon Obama won’t have Fox News to kick around. Watched a bit ofCruz and Tea Party bashing on Howie Kurtz show — Kirsten Power. Back in full liberal mode. In the effort to be fair and balanced Fox is employing more and of the liberal rejected walking wounded. And with even Krauthammer joining the bashers it’s getting more difficult to hold on to the myth that there is responsible news.

    Exemptions are the good work of Brett Baker and the Herridge and Griffith ladies. Maybe it’s. Griffin….

      1. I like Hannity’s politics, but I think his producers have hamstrung him with that continual shouting match format between a nobody Democratic ‘consultant’ and a nobody, presumably Republican, Fox News ‘contributor’. I get so irked when he puts Buchanan or Malkin in that position. They deserve a solo appearance.

        1. …I heard rumors that Hannity is in a snit about the new FNC primetime schedule starting Oct. 7…

          Why the H#LL is Hannity being moved to 10pm EST?!

          Hannity SHOULD be on at 7pm! Not that annoying, dippy blonde Megan Kelly… (uggh, I could barely watch her at 2pm)

          1. I dont know… this new FNC schedule dosent make sense…
            I just dont feel good about this Kelly/Hannity schedule(kinda hope it dosent work and changes are made)

    1. Too many supporters of establishment Republicans on Fox, especially those who want Jeb Bush to be the candidate in 2016. And after months of listening to Greta urging the House to defund Obamacare, she seems to be doing a cold-footed ‘pivot’. Glad she’s been relegated to 4 p.m. Pacific Time.

    2. I posted Neil Cavuto’s awesome rant downstairs, worth hunting for :) I know you meant Brett Baier and I would also add Megyn Kelly to that list. I’m probably in the minority, but I like Shep Smith too. I can only take Greta, O’Reilly and Hannity in small doses.

      1. Oh yes Neil Cavuto. I forgot – I like him very much- watch him rather than OReilly. Actually prefer FoxBusiness.

        Greta’s a lib IMO. I remember when she was all over Benghazi and when push came to shove she dropped the ball and walked away.

        The less screaming the better – I can’t do Hannity.

        Guess for me most of my news is Neil and Fox business.

        1. I think the biggest mistake Fox made was letting Glenn Beck go. Whether we like him or not, he made you think. He still lives rent free (with Sarah) in liberals’ heads since the lefty media keeps talking about him (and her).

          On the upside, Beck’s little internet media empire has more paid subscribers than Oprah’s channel has viewers. I think he’s working on starting his own tv cable network ?

      2. Shep “liberal-panties-in-a-twist” Smith is happy; he’s the new “queen” of FNC with that title: ‘Shep is the go to for “breaking news” (uggh)

    3. Grace, you took the words right out of my mouth! Can you believe that little LIB love fest? I thought I accidentally tuned into CNN! I wish Brett Baier would throw Kristen Power off the panel, not to mention Juan Williams.

      As long as we’re on the subject, the ditzy blondes on FOX are also impossible to watch: Shannon Breen with her high-pitched, scratchy rat-tat-tat delivery; Molly Henninger who still doesn’t know how to read a teleprompter; closet Liberal, Allison C., who is taking Megan Kelly’s 2 hour spot in the morning; the girl from The View (can’t think of her name) who is replacing the unwatchable Miss America on Fox and Friends; and the two blondes who sit on the bar stools early in the morning.
      FOX needs more of Judge Jeanine and less of the leggy blonde beauty pageant contestants.

  2. Now that the political football game is in session between the houses of congress, it appears that it is US against Obama with congress in the middle.
    I want to see this ACA go down in flames, and see Obama throw an astronomic hissy fit on camera.
    I mean a full fledged tantrum where his voice begins to break and he uses all the uh’s and the I’s and the me’s in him.

    Stamp your feet Barry and say that you are the president of the United States, and the people have defied my efforts to “Fundamentally transform the United States of America.”

    Yes we did Barry, yes we did.

    1. I posted this on the thread below, but have you noticed that this time around the talk seems to be focused on Barry vetoing the bill as opposed to the Senate Democrats turning it down? It just seems like they expect it to reach his desk. In that case, the shutdown of the government could be laid squarely on his shoulders.

      1. Yes, we have been talking about that possibility. Our endangered (and hopefully to be ex) Senator Mark Pryor is between a rock and hard place on this vote. It could possibly pass the Senate and Bam would be in a corner. Mark is not the only one in this position.

        1. Manchin has already indicated that he could live with this. Yes, Pryor and several other endangered Democrats. Then there are Max “Obamacare is a trainwreck” Baucus and Jay “coal state” Rockerfeller. I could see why either one would vote for a delay, the first because he knows what a disaster O’care is and the latter out of anger for what O is doing to the coal industry.

          1. What enrages me is the constant calculating that these snakes do.
            It’s like trying to play a game of chess, and every time you look back at the board, all of the pieces are in a different position.

          2. That kind of talk is defeatist, but I’m hoping all the conservatives will balk. Boehner was going to drop Obamacare altogether this second round, but the conservatives rebelled. Giving up the Congressional exemption in place of delaying for a year is not acceptable. Gosh, it appears I will have to e-mail my Rep yet another time!

      2. That is a distinct possibility Julie.
        I think that there will a lot of political ping pong going on in the few days.
        Given Barrys’ record on decision making, he will make any attempts necessary to place the blame on the republicans.
        It then becomes their duty to defend themselves.
        Popcorn any one ?

    2. @AfVet, we have already seen how MrO has put his arms around the ACA and is willing to lie, mislead, do or say anything to keep it alive.
      As for his fellow Dems, they’re almost hysterical that they are forced to go on record as a Nay vote for the CR, and worse, must give their support to the ACA knowing all the while it will come back to haunt them at election time.

      The Dems are trying everything from accusations of racism to treasonous activity to get the Repubs back in line.
      There have to be some in Congress who wish they could get another year’s grace to make this ACA monstrosity work, but don’t have the courage to buck their leadership.

      1. “haunt them at election time”.
        I agree srdem65.
        But,…we need to haunt them well before election time.
        Whatever happens in the next week or so, we need to let them know that we know how they voted.
        Nothing frightens them more than an intelligent constituent.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly. It’s too bad that one of my Senators is JohnMcCain. He no longer cares what any of his constituents in Arizona think, believe, or hope.

          My Dem Congresswoman is left of communism, and a bi-sexual hater of women who stay at home to raise their children. She’s so far left of what her campaign promised that she is almost invisible to us, never communicates in any way, and is never quoted in our local news.

          That leaves our junior SenJeffFlake, a newbie who got caught up in the immigration/amnesty mess and is now hiding behind a potted plant in the Rotunda.

          1. Amen.
            Colorado did, you see what happened ?
            Six year terms in the senate should mean nothing.
            Even if they were elected in honest elections and then turn to the dark side, the states should have the ability to re-call them.

          2. Have you read Mark Levin’s The Liberty Amendments?

            “Chapter Three: An Amendment to Restore the Senate.
            SECTION 1: The Seventeenth Amendment is hereby repealed. All Senators shall be chosen by their state legislatures as prescribed by Article I.
            SECTION 2: This amendment shall not be construed as to affect the term of any Senator chosen before it becomes valid as part of the Constitution.
            SECTION 3: When vacancies occur in the representation of any State in the Senate for more than ninety days the governor of the State shall appoint an individual to fill the vacancy for the remainder of the term.
            SECTION 4: A Senator may be removed from office by a two-thirds votes of the state legislature.”

            Woodrow Wilson and the progressives sold the 17th Amendment to a dumbed down populous like we have today. It “progressively” removed the power of the states in the operation of the federal government. Senators were never meant to be democratically elected, and this is what has led to so much graft and corruption in the legislative branch. Just look how much power one man, Harry Reid, holds over legislature that effects all 50 states of the Union – it’s a legislative oligarchy.

            I know there is a lot going on right now, but while many are awakening to the government’s theft of our personal liberties via Obamacare, I hope we can discuss ways to fix our our broken system short of revolution. Mark Levin shows us the way.

          3. Spot on Suzan. The change in senate election process is one of the things that help to create the ballooning fed deficit. Once senators were no longer beholden to the state legislature and governor, they resorted to pork spending to ensure their reelection. There is little rational for a senator to behave as or to act on spending cuts. This then is the exact opposite of what the senate was supposed to be: a brake on the house or the rational debate on house passions.

      2. srdem65:

        Can I partake of a bit of your wisdom?

        A poster on another site and I are having a little conversation; he claims “incompetence” is a coded racist term.

        Are you aware of this?


    3. I want to see his “mad look.” This is Barry being mad about a whole bunch of stuff that the Republicans are trying to put over on him and the folks. I want to mock his mannerisms incessantly. I can’t wait to hear the tangled web he will weave trying to avoid blame.

    1. That won’t matter to the Dems, they seem to prefer people with “dubious” pasts. It’s much easier to keep people in line when they have secrets to protect.

      1. All this week, I’ve highlighted the criminal past of Georgia Democratic Party political director Ali Rashad Richey.

        Since 1998, Rashad Richey has been arrested a total of twelve times on a variety of charges. Richey did some time in jail. While incarcerated, Rashad Richey was on the campaign payroll of Gail Buckner. Buckner, a Democrat, sought her party’s nomination for Secretary of State in 2010.

        To date, Ali Rashad Richey is still listed as the Democratic Party’s political director on The Democrats have yet to respond to the criminal history of their employee.


      2. Rep. Carlos “Tony” Henriquez of Dorchester, a rising star with deep local political roots, is due to be arraigned today on domestic kidnapping and assault charges stemming after a woman told police the Democratic legislator held her against her will in his car early yesterday and punched her when she tried to get away — charges that have shaken Boston’s political leadership.


  3. Not again!

    Suspected Islamist gunmen have attacked a college in north-eastern Nigeria, killing up to 50 students.

    The students were shot dead as they slept in their dormitory at the College of Agriculture in Yobe state.

    North-eastern Nigeria is under a state of emergency amid an Islamist insurgency by the Boko Haram group.


    In June, Boko Haram carried out two attacks on schools in the region.

    At least nine children were killed in a school on the outskirts of Maiduguri, while 13 students and teachers were killed in a school in Damaturu.


    In July in the village of Mamudo in Yobe state, Islamist militants attacked a school’s dormitories with guns and explosives, killing at least 42 people, mostly students.

    Boko Haram regards schools as a symbol of Western culture. The group’s name translates as “Western education is forbidden”.


    1. You seem to be well informed on Islamic terrorism. I have been reading about “The White Widow” via Google. Some think she’s involved in these latest attacks, others not.

        1. I saw an interesting bit about female terrorists. Increasing in jihad islamists. In Chechnya there has long been the black widows female terrorist group. I wish I remembered who the two guests were — one was a military Intel type and the other was a woman who had just finished writing a book on female terrorist.

          If I have time I ‘ll look into it and” get back with precise info rather this Hodge podge.

          Posting with tablet – limited.

          1. That was on Judge Jeanine last night. I thought the report on ‘The White Widow’ was superficial, and that prompted me to Google her.

          2. That’s right, thanks Jutlie. I thought the book sounded interesting as a backgrounder, although the man seemed somewhat skeptical of some of the writer’s bent.

          3. I just meant that there wasn’t much bio on Lewthwaite. Not finding fault with the two terrorism experts. The White Widow has four children, two by her first husband who was one of the London tube suicide bombers in 2005. She has brain washed the older two into wanting to become “Holy Martyrs” when they grow up. She may have been responsible for the death of her third child. Really a scary person, and I’ve read that anti-terrorist agents of various organizations are going to shoot to kill if they find her.

  4. Close to 800 have been killed in Iraq this month.

    A suicide bomber targeted mourners at a Shi’ite mosque south of Baghdad on Sunday, killing 24 people, police and a doctor said, the latest in a series of attacks on funerals.

    The blast, which collapsed the roof of the Al-Hussein Mosque in the Musayyib area, also wounded 27 people.

    The bombing is just the latest in a series of sectarian attacks on mosques and funerals in central Iraq that have raised the spectre of a return to the all-out Sunni-Shi’ite violence that peaked in 2006-2007 and killed tens of thousands of people.

    On Friday, bombs exploded near two Sunni mosques in Baghdad as worshippers left after prayers, killing six people.

    Another bombing targeted Sunni mourners in Baghdad on 23 September, killing 15 people, while an attack on a Sunni funeral killed 12 the day before.

    Bombings targeting Shi’ite mourners killed 73 people in Baghdad on 21 September, and two blasts at a Sunni mosque north of the capital killed 18 a day before that.


    1. And how many of our troops died there and how many have been wounded both physically and mentally by the barbarians ?
      You cannot instill a democratic philosophy on heathens and expect them to adopt it.

  5. Did anybody else pick up on Ted Cruz’s reference to “Green Eggs and Ham”, during his 21 hour stand against Obamacare ?
    Sam I Am said that he doesn’t like “Green Eggs and Ham.”
    Nor do we like the ACA.
    Cruz said that he always reads a story to his children every night.
    Was the Green Eggs and Ham reading an analogy to the children in congress that need a lesson on what the American People do not like ?
    Immediately the liberal media jumped on his reading of the Dr. Seuss classic children’s story, but was there another initiative ?
    Maybe I’m reading too much into it, maybe not.

      1. I saw that on some other site this morning. I’ve always assumed that SNL was liberal, but that skit certainly took a lot of potshots at Obamacare–and Obama.

    1. Did Sen. Cruz read the entire Green Eggs and Ham story to his kids on TV? The moral of the story is ‘try it, you’ll like it’. I Am Sam tried all sorts of things to get the unknown character in the story to just TRY the green eggs and ham. He finally did….and he liked them!
      I used to read this story to my daughters when they refused to try certain meals that I prepared. Thanks to Dr. Seuss, it usually worked!

  6. Trying to reach out diplomatically to Iran? Why not, the administration did so well with the Syria situation, the “reset” with Russia, the diplomatic ties with England… The “diplomacy” with Iran should have started 5 years ago. It’s too late now, they already have all the power they need, and of course Iran is open to “diplomacy” now that they only need a few more months to stall.

    1. So much for gratitude.

      The United States said Sept. 28 it had expressed serious concerns to Turkey over its decision to co-produce a long-range air and missile defense system with a Chinese firm under U.S. sanctions.

      Turkey, a member of the NATO military alliance, announced this week that it had chosen the FD-2000 missile defense system from China Precision Machinery Import and Export Corp, or CPMIEC, over rival systems from Russian, U.S. and European firms.

      CPMIEC is under U.S. sanctions for violations of the Iran, North Korea and Syria Nonproliferation Act.


      Some Western defense analysts have said they were surprised by Turkey’s decision, having expected the contract to go to Raytheon Co, a U.S. company that builds the Patriot missile, or the Franco/Italian Eurosam SAMP/T.

      The United States, Germany and the Netherlands each sent two Patriot batteries and up to 400 soldiers to operate them to southeastern Turkey early this year after Ankara asked NATO for help with air defenses against possible missile attack from Syria.


      1. well, China’s missiles are a direct knock off of the US version, they probably stole the secrets a couple of years ago. And i am sure allot cheaper too!

  7. Let’s see what Aussie Dave has found.

    Saudi women seeking to challenge a de facto ban on driving should realize that this could affect their ovaries and pelvises, Sheikh Saleh bin Saad al-Luhaydan, a judicial and psychological consultant to the Gulf Psychological Association, told Saudi news website

    Driving “could have a reverse physiological impact. Physiological science and functional medicine studied this side [and found] that it automatically affects ovaries and rolls up the pelvis. This is why we find for women who continuously drive cars their children are born with clinical disorders of varying degrees,” Sheikh al-Luhaydan said.


    I about fell out of the floor laughing when I read his last sentence.

  8. Oh Boy ! Oh Boy! Win a brunch date with Michelle in San Francisco !!

    Here’s the pitch:

    But wait, to get your foot in the door you have to fill out your name and email address before you can move to the step to enter …. at least this gets you on their email blast list. Then you are REQUIRED to fill in your address and phone number to officially enter.

    You’d think with our friends out west still suffering from wildfires and floods she could put out a compassionate call to raise funds for them?

    Don’t worry about entering, I’m sure the “WINNERS” have already been properly vetted and selected.

      1. *sigh* Earlier today I needed some caffeine. Right now, I’ve had too much and am jittery.

        But, on a Freudian level, my confusion makes sense. Extortion will be the way they force conversion: either convert, or pay jizya. Or, maybe we’ll just get our heads chopped off.

  9. Ted Cruz handled Preezy’s little attack chihuahua with grace and dignity today. The guy kept trying to drag him into the mud to wrestle with McCain and his fellow turncoats, but he remained the only grown up in the conversation; he didn’t sink to their schoolyard bully tactics. Ted just lobbed his Cruz missile right over the bullseye of the state run media talking points. They are afraid, very afraid of Ted Cruz and the people he represents – millions of US Americans.

    By the way, the petition to defund Obamacare is less than 100,000 signatures away from 2 million. Add your voice today, if you haven’t already:

    1. Welcome back, missed ya.
      He has to contort himself to get to some of those feet-on-the-desk poses.
      And the nose, what’s with that?

      Another winner.

    2. No way would I want to shake hands with him! Same with Clinton for different reasons. That video is a public service.

      I’m a cat lover and hope Jihad Kitty is ok. Just ran off?

    3. nicely done!

      BTW: on the subject of thumbing one’s nose, here’s what Obama said about the debt ceiling when Bush was President:

      “the fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. Government can’t pay its own bills.”

      1. I see those old clips on Fox shows, but the GOP needs to make ads out of them and show them on other channels and cables. Maybe they would refuse to show them.

    4. Welcome back, Janice! Excellent video. It really ticked me off to see his big clown feet on furniture that doesn’t belong to him, so you certainly haven’t lost your touch. Good to see you back.

    5. Welcome back, Janice! You definitely have not lost your touch – this is great! You captured the essence of the man – rude and crude.

      Great sound effects, especially the snorting pig. He was out of it last week in MD with his Step ‘n Fetchit routine and rubbing his nose. He must need the cocaine to fire him up around the college kids. Remiinds him of his lost youth.

      1. Thanks. All the nose-rubbing came from the speech in MD before the college students. I even had to edit some out. Keith had posted a little clip of it and that’s when I decided to make a video. I also wanted to use the new feet on the desks pics.

        I wonder why no “journalist” doesn’t watch that whole MD video and start asking some what would be embarrassing questions? We know why.

  10. FWIW:

    I get daily emails from the Obama campaign, and they’re sending multiple emails out for their “fundraising deadline” tomorrow night.

    Here’s the warning I get when I try to click on their link:

    Thunderbird thinks this message is a scam. The links in the message may be trying to impersonate web pages you want to visit. Are you sure you want to visit

    Word to the wise?

      1. nope.

        These are the “official” emails from the Obama camp. And the links do lead to the donation pages.

        For some reason, Thunderbird sees them as a scam.

        (Maybe Mozilla understands the definition of “grass roots”).

  11. Kerry is negotiating w/ Afghanistan to convince them that we can leave 60,000 military over there AFTER the pull out of forces in 2014. WHY IS THIS NOT BEING COVERED? Why is he so willing to sacrifice 60,000 more of our military & NOTHING IS BEING SAID ABOUT THIS UNTIL IT IS A DONE DEAL. We are so absorbed by the continued battling and bickering re: The debt ceiling, Obamacare, etc. while 60,000 lives are being offered up, for what? The Afgans also want JURISTICTION OVER THE LIVES OF OUR YOUNG MEN, WOMEN, FATHERS, SONS, DAUGHTERS & NEIGHBORS!!! DOES ANYONE CARE?

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