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Obama Schedule || Monday, September 30, 2013

10:15 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing
11:15 am || Meets and has a working lunch with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

All times Eastern
Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm

19 thoughts on “Obama Schedule || Monday, September 30, 2013”

  1. I hope Bibi kicks this stupid SoB in his a**. That is the shortest route to whatever passes for brains in this sorry excuse for a human being. My faith commands that I pray for me enemies and BHO stretches my faith.

  2. 11:15 am || Meets and has a working lunch with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

    So, he’s not gonna’ leave Netanyahu sitting while he eats elsewhere in the White House this time?


          I’ve not looked at Judicial Watch for a while, so I wonder how they’re handling this. I useta’ follow it closely, but life and circumstance got me off that track.

      1. Yeah, no doubt he does lots of important stuff that never makes it on his daily schedule. Like primping in front of the mirror while prez ValJar strategizes with their Muslim Brotherhood pals, watching Sports Center on ESPN, playing a game of Horse with Reggie, polishing Mooch’s toenails, and all that other important junk that we folks out here in flyover country don’t need to know about. No wonder Preezy wants to hide the White House visitor log from the public eye.

        1. I would imagine if he were doing anything during the day that helped the country, it would be on the schedule too ?

          We know he doesn’t meet with Republican leadership since that would require him to do his job.

          I think Obama diddles around most of the day, planning vacations (or any excuse for a getaway), fundraisers, campaign speeches disquised as President’s Remarks. political gotcha’s to make the GOP and Fox News look dumb…..yep, he’s busy all right.

  3. White House visitor logs JW summation
    Norm Eisen Special Counsel to the President for Ethics and Government
    White House visitor logs CPI summation
    4-13-11 CPI article has good links
    FOIA Politico summation
    8-10-09 FOIA request letter
    10-8-09 WH refusal letter
    10-16-09 WH refusal article
    12-7-09 FOIA complaint
    12-8-09 re: 8-27 mtg w/ Eisen
    12-09-09 Open Govt. Directive
    12-11-09 JW summation/visit w/ Eisen
    2-22-10 JW mtn sum jud
    2-25-10 JW mtn sum jud
    4-21-10 WH X-mtn sum jud (149 pgs w/ exhibits)
    4-29-10 WH X-mtn sum jud
    4-13-11 White House logs riddled w/ holes—CPI
    4-14-11 WH admits logs are incomplete
    5-3-11 GOP criticizes logs
    8-17-11 Mtn Sum Jud granted
    8-17-11 Mtn Sum Jud granted
    8-17-11 ruling
    8-19-11 ruling


      1. Remember the Boston Bomber family was getting welfare? Well, apparently with one dead, and one in prison, and the mom and dad out of the country they still receive benefits — ain’t life grand? I hope they get Obamacare.

        Welcome to the USSAmerika — welfare benefits forever. Kill us and they still keep coming.

  4. Someone needs to pound some sense into that brainless cavity! Imagine, the leader of the Free World chasing after Khamenei’s lapdog while he is enroute to the airport to tell him that he looks forward to resolving the nuclear energy issue which ‘could serve as a major step forward in a new relationship based on MUTUAL INTERESTS AND MUTUAL RESPECT’ ! Bibi must be gobsmacked!

    Someone on FOX reported yesterday that there were 600 potential candidates for Iran’s presidency and the Ayatollah de-listed all of them except for Rouhani and five others. Nothing has changed except for the fact that we have a quisling in our midst who is willing to sell us out for a chance to make himself look good and resurrect his plummeting poll numbers. And, btw, there are NO consequences for Syria should Assad not comply with the chemical weapons ‘deal’ as set forth by St. John Kerry! Obama just wants a ‘deal’ – any ‘deal’ !

  5. Will he be storming off in a huff THIS time, TOO?

    Of course, good Muslim he is, Prezzy doesn’t even recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital.

    so they don’t really have a lot to talk about. Plus, Obama gets REALLY uncomfortable around ACTUAL statesmen, since – unlike the idiots he USUALLY hangs with – they show what an empty suit he is, so he’s going to not be a happy camper!

    Here’s a RECOMMENDED Obama schedule

    10:15 am – STFD

    11:15 am – STFU

    Repeat until your “Presidency” is over. Let the adults fix the horrendous mess you’ve made out of the Country – if it CAN be fixed.

    I know he won’t. He LIKES us in sackcloth and ashes, and will bend the shutdown to cause MAXIMUM pain, just like he did the sequester. It’s his way…

    Unless he uses the opportunity to COMPLETELY subvert the Constitution that is…

    Dictatorship, anyone? It’s not far off…

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