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WashPost: Obamacare Fight Reenergizes Tea Party

See? This is what I’m talking about. The Washington Post is reporting today – aghast, I’m sure – that the battle to link defunding Obamacare to approval of new spending is stirring up the Tea Party.

From the article:

The clash in Congress over efforts to derail President Obama’s health-care law has lit up tea party groups across the country, reenergizing activists who had drifted away from the movement while intensifying the divisions tearing at the Republican Party.

The standoff, which threatens to plunge the federal government into a financial crisis, has served as a rallying cry for a cadre of conservatives, who are bombarding lawmakers with phone calls, e-mails and social media messages backing a last-ditch effort to hobble the health-care law.

“I’ve not seen this level of intensity since we fought to keep Obama­care from passing,” said JoAnn Fleming, executive director of Grassroots America, a group of conservative activists based in Tyler, Tex. “I’m getting calls from people who are not in our network, saying, ‘Can we do something?’ It’s a full-time job just trying to get rid of all my e-mails.”

It’s amazing. Journalists are now so focused on horse races that everyone in Washington is calling this a “useless” exercise and a flawed strategy that won’t result in the repeal or delay of Obamacare.

But the point is not so much whether conservatives win or lose. As I wrote a couple of days ago, the point is to energize Obamacare opponents, to make sure the public knows Republicans aren’t lying down and playing dead while merely trying to change the law around the margins.

Voters after this is over will know that the GOP stands for ending Obamacare. And as the law makes life a nightmare, the public will understand the GOP is serious about providing some needed hope and change.

All the Washington blowhards want to sit on their asses and talk about elections, and we’ll work to change this, and then they’re off to their kids’ soccer games on the weekend and dinner reservations at 8. Meanwhile, Ted Cruz and his allies in the House are in the trenches stirring a rebellion.

They’re just not going to do business as usual. Because business as usual is an utter disaster.

A quarter of Americans consider themselves to be Tea Party supporters, according to a new New York Times poll. Not a quarter of Republicans. A quarter of Americans. These are the people who are going to being headed door to door in 2014 and 2016.

Republicans have nominated moderates in the last two presidential elections and lost. Jimmy Carter and his aides were gleeful in 1980 when Ronald Reagan was nominated, because everyone knew he was too conservative. How did that work out for them?

Obama ran as a Leftist – something Washington strategists would have told you a couple of years ago is the dumbest thing he could do – and won reelection.

Americans respect ideology and principle. They crave sincerity and ideas from their leaders. And that’s what conservatives are giving them in this fight.

With all due respect, because I like him, Charles Krauthammer isn’t going to bring people to the polls. Neither is John Boehner. But Ted Cruz will.

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  1. Bravo, Keith! If the Senate and Obama will not accept a one year delay/defunding of Obamacare, let them shut the government down. Then I hope the House will respond as Ted Cruz and Pat Buchanan have suggested: lob over a bill which keeps the military funded during the shutdown. Let’s see how many Senators are willing to vote against that. Let’s see if Obama is willing to veto that. Then lob another. Then another.

  2. So you will know(Ye shall know the truth, etc.)

    Otto von Bismarck, the Chancellor of Germany and a dictator in his own right, started socialized healthcare in 1883 with the Reichsversicherungsverordnung or Reich Insurance Act. However, only certain segments of the society were insured at that time. It was Adolf Hitler, who actually imposed socialized healthcare on the entire German population, as a part of nazification of the healthcare industry, and for that reason he should rightly be called the *real* father of universal healthcare. This collective universal healthcare concept was called “racial hygiene.” This is history that people have largely forgotten, because it is inconvenient for many to remember it.

    Hitler also literally rolled out, via panzer, his now universal healthcare to occupied France, Belgium and the Netherlands — those countries with mainly “Aryan” populations. Hitler put universal healthcare in place in those very countries that he wished to aryanize and perfect by eliminating physical/mental defects in the populations via sterilization and medical killing.

    The point is that universal healthcare gives any Government enormous power that can be misused, if the wrong people are in control, not that it is adminstered the same now as in Nazi Germany. This is too much power to centralize in the hands of the Government, because governments sometimes go bad.

    The first mass murders of the Holocaust were carried out in the socialized German hospitals and the techniques for mass murder were developed there. Several hundred thousand handicapped and mentally ill persons were murdered in Hitler’s universal healthcare system. Retarded and mentally ill children were euthanized and the T4 project did the same for handicapped, mentally ill and elderly adults. In his orders permitting medical killing, Hitler called them “mercy killing” and “lives not worth living.” In this way Germany produced great savings in healthcare, not only due to the extermination of existing patients, but many ill persons (and their families) became afraid to even check into the hospitals.

    Robert Jay Lifton, author of “The Nazi Doctors, points out that the extermination of the Jews and others of different ethnic groups was itself seen as a medical solution, a medical procedure for the collective healing of the Aryan race by elimination of the Jewish infection of Aryan blood. So, the entire Holocaust can be seen as an extension of Hitlercare.


    • I would argue that we heading towards another eugenics era. Health care will have to be rationed or eliminated entirely for the sickest of the sick due to demographics alone. There aren’t enough young workers to support the increasing number of elderly and disabled and the increasing number of government programs dependents. Medicare and Social Security are heading towards insolvency unless some drastic reforms are implemented soon. The young will not want to spend the majority of their incomes to support the elderly and especially, the sick elderly. Obama already addressed this when he said grandma ought to be given a pill rather than expect expensive tests or care. Obamacare will make payments based on an unelected panel’s assessment of whether or not treatments, drugs, and tests are cost effective rather than life saving. The people will clamor for the government to just let some people die because their lives aren’t worth the cost since we already have a mentality that life isn’t valuable if it interferes with the mother’s lifestyle.

      We are in the Brave New World where the old ideas of tribal, class, sex, and generational warfare have re-emerged.

      • Including euthanasia, Elaine. In the Netherlands old people are afraid to go into the hospital for surgery or treatment lest they not come out again, and in the UK which already has socialized medicine, they are talking euthanasia even for children who have a ‘hopeless’ prognosis.

        • Let me clarify that: what I meant was that they would not just ‘let’ people die but actively pursue their deaths. Pro-life people have warned from the beginning of the slippery slope.

        • Yes Julie, and euthanasia which by the way, is legal in my state of Washington. But it is, of course, “death with dignity” when a doctor is willing to provide you a lethal cocktail to end your life (forget about that old concept of “Do No Harm”) which you have been instructed to believe is worthless because the “burden on society” or “burden on your family” makes your life meaningless.

      • I’m not giving up because I don’t think America is there yet, Elaine. Just look at all the new leaders emerging to awaken the people, and it is working. Our Tea Party movement has been searching for leaders in Congress to defend our American way of life that has been under attack by this Marxist regime. Those leaders are starting to come forward in the Senate and the HoR. After Ted Cruz pulled off his awe-inspiring 21-hour filibuster on Obamacare, the RINOs came out from hiding. They have been exposed, now it is time for us to fire them. Senator Cruz and his conservative warriors led the way, but it is up to us to join them in the fight.

        We can’t stop there. The fight should be both political and through the amendment process in Article 5 of the Constitution. Mark Levin’s, The Liberty Amendments, will give you hope that we can reverse course. We may not see those results in our lifetime, but as Thomas Paine said, “If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace.”

        • It will take more than one lifetime to reverse the insidious and demonic mentality of the creators of the death and destruction of everything America has stood for and valued.

          I’m not as optimistic as you are Susan considering the fact the largest group of Obama and Democrat supporters are the 18-24 age group, lots of big-moneyed Democrats and their wealthy foundations support the tyrannical state, and the fact that amnesty is going to be given to the millions of illegals here now with new waves entering all of the time and all of them will more than likely be Democrats voting to help ensure the collapse of our Republic.

      • Many of those receiving SSD (Social Security Disability) and SSI (Supplemental Security Income) receive it because as children their parents were told that the kid was ADD/ADHD, and that they could receive “free money” from the government for the kid. This put the child on the government “payroll” as it were, and even when they became adults they continued to receive benefits. One of the easiest ways to decrease the Social Security Disability rolls is to require those that have been getting benefits for things like ADD/ADHD among other illnesses to have a reevaluation to determine if in fact they are disabled. I would bet the reduction in costs would be in the hundreds of millions, and it would put back into the work force a group of unskilled labor that could be used for jobs that “most Americans don’t want”. Also, eliminate any and all benefits to those here illegally.

  3. How observant of the WashPost editiors to notice that SenCruz’s speechifying wasn’t a “waste of time”, nor did he represent “arsonists, anarchrists, or blackmailers”, but rather it was a rallying cry or shout-out to the majority of Americans who don’t want Obamacare in their lives.

    It’s not the 25% or so of Americans, butt over 50% who don’t want Obamacare. Whether they call themselves tea party supporters or not doesn’t matter. Union/non-union, big or small business, self-employed or unemployed, working or retired or just lazy, we do not want this monsterous bill to take over our health care and give government slugs the ability to peek into our private lives.

    OT: just in case the regular lefty readers of the Post might think the editors are going all soft, they allowed ErzaKlein to dangle off of the lead article his scathing opinion piece about the tea party. He claims that the ‘tea party’ doesn’t listen to the public, but ignores the clamor against Obamacare the Dems refuse to hear.

  4. Yesterday Krauthammer rrevised his position from ‘zero chance’ of a shutdown to 50-50.
    Meanwhile, Obama is on the links and Boehner is dodging the mics.

    • This is not about Obama. It is about his attempt to takeover the greatest healthcare system in the world and turn us all into slaves of the government. Economic slavery is just as bad as ‘putting us all back in chains’ as lunch bucket Joe would say.

    • I think the sole purpose of the Republican Party has for decades simply been a response to the ideas of the Democratic Party. They have had no real leader since Reagan. They either can’t or won’t articulate their supposed principles of limited government, free market enterprises, individual responsibility, and moral and ethical standards probably because they don’t believe in any of them (their actions speak louder than their words.)

      • So true. The Republicans can’t just be the party of NO. They need to articulate their values and core principals. The Democrats have set it up that they are the party of free stuff and that the Republicans are the party that wants to take it away. In the healthcare fight, the Republicans have to have an alternative plan to Obamacare and sell it all of the time.

    • @Susan’s right; this is not about MrObama at all. He didn’t write the bill, he didn’t vote on the bill, and he won’t even be part of the health insurance plans that will be imposed on all of America.
      A reminder: the ACA or Obamacare is not about “healthcare”, it is a mandate that all people must BUY health insurance or else.
      The mandated health insurance does not cover or pay for most services until a certain amount is paid up front by the insured.

      There is no guarantee that buying health insurance will allow anyone to receive healthcare if there is no one willing to accept it as payment for services rendered.

  5. Well said, Keith. Although I don’t believe Preezy Revenge ran as a leftist. There were no speeches on government control of private industry, or single payer health insurance. Granted, the guerrilla -style tactics he used was typical Alinsky – isolate, target, and destroy the individual. We all remember that dastardly “Richie Rich” Romney who hates dogs, women, college students, poor people, minorities, gays, etc.

    He actually ran as a centrist and successfully employed the Limbaugh theorem with a woefully uninformed America. By the time the election rolled around he had the LIV believing he was the Washington outsider doing battle with the evil Republicans to save this country from ruin. Of course the Democrat fraud machine didn’t hurt the election outcome for him either.

  6. If nothing else, Ted Cruz opened the eyes of a lot of people sitting on the fence still defending establishment Republicans. It is more obvious each passing day that the Republican Party under its current leadership and big whigs like McCain is no different than the Democratic (sic) Party.

  7. Wait? What? Is there no link to the IRS and DE-energizing the Tea Party grassroots this past year or so? Probably why they’ve been so quiet since pre-Nov2012 ? And those groups seeking lawsuits probably have attorneys telling them to keep their mouths shut ?

    And RE-energizing is a WaPo “sell newspapers” gimmick? Gah, so sick of corporate media playing us like fiddles :(

    • thank you for bringing this up, Denise! this is a really important point. would Romney have won in 2012 if the IRS had not been obsessively obstructing tea party/patriot/conservative groups? who knows. but it would’ve been a fair fight.

  8. Seymour Hersh has an interview in the UK Guardian, and calls for the closing down of NBC and ABC’s news bureaus, the firing of 90% of the current editors, and a radical change in the way journalist operate and behave.
    From the article: “The Obama administration lies systematically, he claims, yet none of the leviathans of American media, the TV networks or big print titles, challenge him.” Hersh is right. Journalism in America is pretty much a dead thing. Had real journalist, such as KK, existed across the board, we would probably, no definitely, not be in the conundrum we currently find ourselves.

    Sad we have to go across the pond to actually find some real journalist, and to know what the hell is going on here.

    For more:

  9. I just hope we have the guts to nominate a Cruz or a Paul or somebody like that in 2016. If we nominate Jeb Bush I am just going to move to Australia and watch Hillary finish the job Obama has started.