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Obama Lashes Out at “Extremists”

Well, President Obama landed in the briefing room today to talk about the possibility of a shutdown or a default, neither of which he seems to like. And the Republicans who might upend the apple cart are “extremists”:

The American people have worked too hard to recover from a bunch of crises – several of them now over the last couple of years inflicted by some of the same folks in Congress that we’re talking about now – to see extremists in Congress cause another crisis.

And their colleagues in the House caucus are “appeasers”:

The House Republicans are so concerned with appeasing the tea party that they’ve threatened a government shutdown or worse unless I gut or repeal the Affordable Care Act.

They’re engaged in “shenanigans,” pushing a “hobbyhorse.” They want to “burn the house down simply because you haven’t gotten 100 percent of your way.” The contempt is palpable.

“That’s not how our constitutional system is designed!” Obama declared, making me wonder if he’s smoking out GOP subversion of the Constitution in order to justify taking unconstitutional measures himself.

Well, IT IS how our constitutional system is designed. Congress gets to spend. But the Constitution doesn’t say Congress has to spend.

Obama claims he’s willing to be reasonable on Obamacare.

As I’ve said before, if Republicans have specific ideas on how to genuinely improve the law, rather than gut it, rather than delay it, rather than repeal it, I’m happy to work with them on that through the normal democratic processes. But that will not happen under the threat of a shutdown.

Really? Then why did you pass Obamacare without a single Republican vote through the normal democratic process. Instead of working with Republicans, Obama decided to get 100 percent of his way. When you do that on such an epic piece of legislation, you get a law that Republicans believe is set to destroy the country.

The “extremists” aren’t threatening to burn the house down. They’re trying to alert the public that the house is on fire. And that it’s going to burn down. Obama blotted them from the system, excised them from “regular order,” so now they’re going outside “regular order” to fight him. Why is he surprised?

It’s only in Washington that conservatives could be referred to as “wacko birds,” as Sen. John McCain, who used to be known as a “maverick,” recently called them.

Well, what’s wacko exactly? Running up $16 trillion in debt, or trying somehow to put a stop to it? Debt has piled up in excess of GDP. Is that rational behavior?

Obama has added a vast new entitlement when the ones we already have are trillions of dollars short of cash. Is that wacko or what??

These people in Washington, they keep promising to fix things. They keep saying they’re going to start acting responsibly. And when someone raises the alarm, the ones trying to fix things are called irresponsible.

Conservatives are trying to stage an intervention here for a dissolute government addicted to spending and creating new programs. Like all addicts, this one is kicking and screaming, lashing out, refusing to change, saying, “Your the ones with the problem, not me!”

The addict may get up and walk out of the room. And those trying to help him may or may not lose this round. But they will have at least put the addict on notice that it’s not business as usual anymore. Because without harsh measures, addicts never reform.

173 thoughts on “Obama Lashes Out at “Extremists””

  1. And on top of all this nonsense, Obama will negotiate with the new president of a terrorist nation that wants to build nuclear weapons and can never be trusted.

        1. All the time Obama is smoking his peace pipe — Israel’s hands are tied and it is isolated while Iran can talk with our gullible insecure boy king all the while building its nuclear bomb. Someone, I think compared Israel to Czecholsovakia in 1938 — disposable.

          Watch the left hand of appeasement and socialism while the right hand is bludgeoning the conservative right.

        2. At this point, a bus is too short, even an articulated one.

          The man needs a State Street-long subway train to throw people under at this point.

    1. I must have missed something. I thought Rouhani had refused to meet with Obama at the UN, and now, all of a sudden, they’re on the phone ironing out a nuclear agreement. BS. I don’t believe a word of it. He just invented this to detract from his domestic problems.

      1. No, as my Mother said, “sticks and stones may break your bones but, names will never hurt you. I thought bullying by calling others names was politically incorrect.

  2. The Feds are addicted to the money morphine drip much like a crack addict is to cocaine. Take away their money drug and they start to do irrational and devious things in order to attain more of it.

  3. Bravo, Keith. Too late for an intervention with these Marxists and their appeasers in the Republican party. They’re too far gone. They’ll burn the whole place down if we don’t give them what they want. Dangerous times we live in.

  4. This constant chatter about the situation approaching the Civil War is foolish. The only people name calling are democrats. I know they are sore losers, but they are also sore winners.

  5. Extremists, terrorist, anarchist……….I don’t recall any President and his party name call like this. I was proud of the President though. I was expecting him to lie down on the stage in the Press Room and scream “I wan’t, I wan’t, I wan’t” like any good 3 year old would do in the grocery store would when he did not get his candy in the check aisle.

    Pathetic …………..

    1. Even Clinton never went after the Republicans like this – and he was impeached by them! And Bush didn’t even like to mention the word “Democrat” lest he seem overly partisan, let alone call them names.

      1. Keith:

        Mr. Obama was 12 minutes late for his 15 minute “chat”.

        How much of his tardiness (not a bad title for him) can be attributed to that unprecedented phone call?


          1. I’ve been tracking it for some time now, and while he has been on time a few times (like with the Ravens at the WH) his standard is tardy. Thus my calling him “The Late President”.

            I just wondered if that phone call was really a valid excuse today.

  6. I drove by some people in my town today with Impeach signs and a picture of you-know-who with a black toothbrush mustache. I wonder if he foams at the mouth and chomps on the rug when he’s off camera.

  7. Extremist: The thick fog of war against Conservatives

    Extremist: Amount of Foscheck needed to douse Obama’s “flame”

    Extremist: Someone who opposes Obama’s policies (see also “racist”)

    Extremust: Desperate times require desperate action.

  8. Holy moly, you’d think the way they’re carrying on about defunding or delaying parts of Obamacare that the “tea party” held a majority of the votes in Congress.
    The sky won’t fall on our heads, nor will our shaky economy collapse if the Feds shut down for a while. Most of America won’t even know it’s happening, or be affected in any way. We’ll still pay our debts, pay certain groups their guaranteed stipends, and Walmart, Kroger, et al will open on time.

    It looks like the Dems will get their funding for Obamacare after all. There won’t be any delays in forcing the general public to buy insurance most don’t need or want, thanks to the Dems.
    We’re going deeper in the hole if they raise the debt limit as the Dems desire..
    2014 is going to be very exciting, come the primary elections.

      1. Louie Gohmert told Sean Hannity that Boehner hasn’t committed to the one year delay. Sadie is right. The leviathan needs a fix, and the French Republicans are loading the syringe.

  9. This man is a joke. He has the leadership abilities of a gnat. Why doesn’t he stomp his feet, suck his thumb and crawl under the table? It would have more dignity than these so-called “speeches.”

    Forty more months. Just 40 more months.

    1. A gnat? Please don’t insult gnats like that.

      I’m convinced Obama only managed to get into the gene pool because the lifeguard was off duty.

  10. Good Lord! Who writes that garbage for him? He reads it and I can hear the wind whistling right through those ears in addition to the front teeth caps. I would wager that this man has not ever had an original or creative thought. Oh, please let this next three years fly by. He is a thoroughly unlikable character. He sounds like an angry parent reprehending me. Just go away!

  11. I quite like being around extremists….they don’t talk a lot, they don’t bullshit, they know what they want and what they believe in and don’t waiver….when did extremist become unsavory? Give me an extremist for a RINO any day.

  12. “The American people have worked too hard to recover from a bunch of crises – several of them now over the last couple of years inflicted by some of the same folks in Congress that we’re talking about now – to see extremists in Congress cause another crisis.”

    I thought the Charley Foxtrot in the housing and mortgage sectors was caused by the Progs in the federal government who for years forced banks and other lenders to extend credit to people who could not afford their houses. Am I wrong?

  13. SO.SO.SO.SICK.OF.OBAMA. His face, his voice, his cheesy grin, his threats, his pronouncements, his my way or the highway attitude, his utter and total disdain for anyone who does not think like a leftist, his destruction of America.
    I could go on, but the bottom line is he has done in 5 years what the rest of the world could not do in 237 years. Bring America to her knees.

  14. Talk about a deeply, deeply flawed and evil human being. Dictator Obama needs to be committed to a mental hospital for the criminally insane and he is president!

      1. Same ole-same ole from those poor trolls. Bless their hearts – their postings are so stale. Not enough cleverness in the bunch to come up with anything new.

    1. Norm, Sarah was forced out of office by the Alaska Dems and their frivilous lawsuits (all dismissed) trying to bankrupt her family. There was no help from the AK GOP either, since she put a few of them in jail over ethics violations. However, the media wasn’t being completely honest either.

      Sarah still lives rent free in your heads. :D

    2. Sarah used a hunting analogy, describing Cruz and Lee as the grassroots flushing dogs. Very apropos considering these two Patriots flushed out at least 25 Senate RINOs. I’m not surprised Norm and his fellow Obamaobots are shaking in their boots. We’re going to be culling their master’s pet RINO herd in 2014. As Sarah said, “Retrieving liberty must be the point in all this.”

      1. You were there in ’64, Cody? If you were, you would remember the tragic events that preceded the ’64 election. You also may not have noticed that the internet wasn’t around then either. Thanks for the well wishes anyway!

  15. I know that what I’m about to say will in all likelihood get me much condemnation, “but what the Hell!” Liberals in the U.S. House of Representatives (namely then-Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi [D-CA]) and in the U.S. Senate (namely U.S. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid [D-NV]) pushed through Obamacare. It was pushed through WITHOUT ANY Public Debate and/or allowing the American People to see the Legislation until AFTER IT WAS PASSED AND SIGNED INTO LAW!!!! Now, Obamacare is coming into Full Implementation as of October 1, 2013. Now, even Presidnet Obama Far Left supporters (i.e. Unions) are coming to the realization that they’re going to “get the Shaft.” “WELCOME TO REALITY!” Even the supporters of a Single Payer System have come to realize that if Obamacare “falls flat on its face” (AND IT WILL), there is no chance that the American People will stomach another attempt to reorganize the American Health Care System will a “Single Payer System.” You Geniuses (sic) on the Political Left should’ve thought about that before you shoved Obamacare down the American People’s throat. Even you “Geniuses” (sic) now realize your mistake. I hope that all of You on the Political Left enjoy the “Crap Sandwich” (being polite in my description) that you all have made for yourselves. BON APPETIT!!!!

  16. OK. Let’s talk about some different quitters: Michelle and Barack Obama.
    Both of them quit being lawyers. Michelle quit her job at the law firm, quit her job at the city, quit her job at the hospital, and now sits around telling everyone what to eat and drink when she’s not pushing her husband’s progressive agenda.
    Barack quit his job at the law firm, quit being a community organizer, quit being a college whatever he was there, quit being a state senator and quit the US Senate.
    There’s some debate on whether he quit being the President of all of us, but that’s another topic.

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