As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || Obama Statement – September 27, 2013

The remarks have concluded.

12 Responses to Live Stream || Obama Statement – September 27, 2013

    • Mark Levin describes Preezy Revenge as unstable. The few clips I saw of him on the news today proves his point. He called the conservatives extremists. He’s delusional. He sees We The People as the extremists and his radical Islamist brethren are the moderates.

  1. My. some tough talk from BO. Don’t those Republicans know they can’t have their own way because that is what he demands and wants for himself. This is not a mature man, this is a petulant baby.

    On a different tack. I wish with all his money he could find a dentist and get rid of that annoying whistle through his front caps when he rambles on and on. I find him very difficult to listen to. What I should do for my own mental health is just stop listening and trying to understand what in the world he is talking about. It is all a foggy morass.

  2. The first people to go without a paycheck if we have a govt shutdown should be Sir Putz a Lot aka Preezy Revenge and the congress critters (no insult intended to real critters). Why do they always terrorize the people who can least afford to be furloughed or go without pay?

  3. OT. Big headline on Drudge. Obama negotiates with Tehran refuses to negotiate with Republicans.

    This should be run up the flagpole at the WH where this man lives and Americans are banished.

    If Shirley at NSA wasn’t my minded and DHS and State didn’t employ so many members of the MB ….

  4. OTagain. All you guys slaving away on your doctorates right now — take a hiatus and reconsider. McCain just hired MIss “lied about my doctorate but the results of my research are true ” O ‘Bagy.

  5. Does he really think the mullahs are going to keep their word?

    Am I watching a new movie sequel, “Babe: Pig In the White House”?

    I hope the Israelis are building one heck of a fallout shelter under Tel Aviv, because they’re gonna need it, soon.