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An Entry For Sebelius’s Obamacare Video Contest

Thanks to Reason.TV.

12 Responses to An Entry For Sebelius’s Obamacare Video Contest

  1. OT warning. All 44 Republican Senators present voted against including Obamacare in the CR. OK, that means 3 were absent or did not vote. But in the final vote to pass the CR with Obamacare back in, only 41 Republicans voted for it. So, 3 Republicans in the end had to have signed on to Obamacare. Does anyone know who they are?

    • All that matters were those who stood on their principles. Sadly, there were only 19 of them.

      The Patriots, with a few sunshine patriots among them: Vitter, Paul, Lee, Cruz, Crapo, Enzi, Fischer, Roberts, Scott, Heller, Grassley, Toomey, Moran, Rubio, Shelby, Rische, Inhofe, Portman, Sessions.