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Obamacare Relies on People Making Bad Choices

Think about it. The crux of Obamacare, the most basic thing essential to its success, is that millions of people have to do something that is not in their economic interest. They have to act against themselves, or the program doesn’t work.

This is part of why you hear people say Obamacare is designed not to work.

Many young people make a rational decision not to purchase health insurance yet. They’re not likely to get sick, they’re trying to get started in life, and they figure the risk is worth it rather than devoting thousands of dollars a year to a product they don’t really need.

Just sign right here and we're all set.
Just sign right here and we're all set.

But look at what’s going on. As Obamacare gets set to launch, the young are being TOLD to buy health insurance and drop their money into the system, basically to subsidize insurance for their elders and the sick. Not to mention subsidizing all the freebies that Very Smart People have have determined everyone must be given by their insurers.

It’s really a wealth transfer, but this time from a group – the young – who don’t have a lot of wealth. But it’s even more a perversion of our capitalist system than the usual method – taxation – which at least doesn’t try to contort our behavior. If telling people to make economic decisions they don’t want to make isn’t Socialism, I don’t know what is.

Reminds me of when Mao Tse-tung ordered city dwellers into the countryside to recast themselves as farmers. It didn’t make any economic sense, but they had to do it, because their rulers decreed it.

Liberals believe they can alter human behavior so people are acting in accordance with the principles they learned during barefoot seminars on the lawn with their Socialist professors in college. Well, okay, making people act right is not easy, they’ll admit, which is why they’ve hired Katy Perry to help convince the sweet young things to do what’s good for society.

It won’t work, of course. And when the ungrateful youth decide that not everything their overlords in the White House learned in college makes sense, our frustrated philosopher-kings will stick us with single-payer, you watch.

Here’s a clip from the Mopsy and Shmopsy Show Tuesday, with Bill Clinton and President Obama kibitzing about how young people have “got to show up” or the Obamacare House of Cards collapses into a pile of Jokers.

16 thoughts on “Obamacare Relies on People Making Bad Choices”

  1. It was embarrassing to watch these two pretend to be insurance salesmen pushing a product they themselves won’t be buying.

    MrClinton’s motive to help sell this sham is suspect, butt sending MrObama out in public to sell a program he didn’t write, didn’t vote for, and doesn’t understand is just insanity.
    MrO’s people might have thought that calling the ACA “obamacare” was a plus or a good thing, but the reality of a massive fail should have alerted them that he’s going to get all the blame and none of the credit.

    Maybe their ultimate goal is ‘single payer’, but that can’t happen for years and will depend on a compliant majority of Congress to change everything, and that would mean the repeal of the ACA.

  2. You called it. Single payer is what they want. They’ll claim either Bush or Romney messed this plan up so bad that in order to fix it they’ll need a new plan. Enter Single Payer. And what will be even more incredible is that when they blame Bush or Romney for this people will actually believe them.

  3. Keith, there’s more to this story.

    Obamacare needs the healthiest people to buy healthcare for it to work. Those are the 18-25 year olds.
    Well, most of them ARE going to be getting healthcare at an even more reduced cost as their parents are going to keep them on THEIR plans.

    Hence, one provision of Obamacare will help bring less $$ into the system.

    These people are soooo brilliant.

  4. Watch the video.

    Clinton describes Obamacare in 1:44 minutes
    Obama, being one of the worst speakers ever when not on the teleprompter uses 4 minutes to say the same stuff as Clinton.

    1. In fairness, here’s what the President of the United States said:

      On Oct 1, open enrollment begins; all these folks (i.e. people who are healthy, don’t need insurance, and don’t want to pay for insurance) can start signing up for the marketplace. And what we want to make sure of is that every person in every category, every age group understands why health insurance is important, understands why . . uh . . they should sign up, understands the choices that are gonna be available to them – they are going to be able to go to a computer, tap on the . . . uh . . . you know, the . um . . uh. . . the web . . uh . . page, and they’re going to be able to shop just like you shop for an airline ticket . . . uh . . . or a . . . uh . . . . flat screen TV . . .

      I still cannot get over the fact that a man who remained in the same job at the University of Chicago for 12 years without ever earning a promotion is now the CEO of this country.

  5. OT just saw Holder speaking about a large FBI footprint in Kenya now reputedly collecting information on AS terrorists.

    Holder is a criminal. He should be removed from DOJ.

  6. I hope Bubba realizes that he is killing any chance of getting himself a third term in 2016 by appearing on the same stage with Obama. When the primaries roll around in 2016 Obamacare will most likely have been declared a national disaster and Hillarycare will be used as a battering ram, once again.

    And, yes…why in the world are these two dopes pushing the Ponzi scam on the 18 to 26 y.o. ‘children’ – the ones who are supposed to be covered by their parent’s insurance?

  7. That last paragraph was a gem,Keith!

    Bill Clinton had on his “I’m listening to Hillary face and trying to look interested”. That was an interesting juxtapose of egos betweem those two..

    Why doesn’t someone ask BO how he expects these young kids to pay when they have no income because they HAVE NO JOBS. What is it in that equation that I’m not understanding? Does a = b or what?

  8. The Government’s been doing everything in its power to enable bad choices at LEAST since LBJ, so why would this be a surprise NOW?

    After all, no one ever went (personally) broke by overestimating human stupidity…and Obama has TWO elections to suggest that he can rely on LARGE numbers of “U.S. Persons” acting not only stupidly, but ALSO against their own best interests, so why NOT design a program with that in mind?

    After all, the REAL goal is the destruction of the United States, and I’d say he’s doing a bang-up job of THAT…

  9. Seems to me that the majority of young people are Obama supporters so they will gladly pony up the money if they are fortunate enough to have the means to do it or will be on the receiving end of the subsidies, i.e., taxpayer “contributions” or qualify for Medicaid. I really don’t see most of them having a problem with it.

  10. I still don’t quite understand – if getting young people to sign up is essential, then why did they also include in the law that “children” up to 26 years of age can stay on their parents insurance? Oh, and of course I understand. It’s designed to fail, so that we are forced to go to single payer.

  11. Anyone who knows anything about insurance (or human nature) knew from the start that Obamacare was never designed to function. These problems are a feature, not a bug.

    Insurance is a risk transfer contract and is priced accordingly. Obamacare is an obligation transfer contract, which no rational price can cover.

    Insurance is not rocket science. The people who passed this bill and the media who sold it knew this was a sham. Our government is so thoroughly corrupt and our culture so thoroughly debased that a lie any thinking adult should have laughed at was bought by a majority of the citizenry. We have the government we deserve.

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