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Obama Attacks Fox News

President Obama today went after Fox News, the perennial White House whipping boy, accusing them of stoking disunity for failing to get in line behind Obamacare.

Obama was touting Obamacare to his base – students – at a college in Largo, Maryland.

All kinds of people are working hand-in-hand because we’re all in this together — that’s when America is at its best.  That’s what this country is all about.

But we need you to spread the word.  But you don’t have to take my word for it.  If you talk to somebody who says, “well, I don’t know, I was watching FOX News and they said this was horrible” — (laughter) — you can say, you know what, don’t take my word for it, go on the website.  See for yourself what the prices are.  See for yourself what the choices are.  Then make up your own mind.

White House attacks on individual reporters and journalistic organizations have been routine under Obama. The federal government, especially the man and his minions who serve at its pinnacle, is a very powerful thing, it should go without saying. White House attacks against individuals or organizations is anti-democratic, particularly for an administration whose IRS stands accused of targeting the president’s enemies.

I don’t remember other presidents pulling this kind of thing. But Obama doesn’t really understand that he is president of everyone, even people he considers right-wing lunatics.

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      1. Media like the NYT, the WaPo and Huffington Po would let him get away with it. They think Congress must give him whatever he wants. What country are they in? That’s not how it’s done here.

        1. Good point, @Julie
          Politico had a piece not long ago where they listed the desires or wants that MrO outlined in his SOTU speech. It struck me then that they somehow believed for instance that if he said he wanted mandatory pre-school for children, then it should be done.
          Over the years, he’s griped that he’s not the “dictator” and can’t get things done the way he wants, as if he has no idea that he is only 1/3 part of the government. It’s not about what he wants, or dreams about, it’s taking care of the business of the US.

      2. The people don’t want them to get away with it and have voiced their displeasure with their “Do nothing” representatives that don’t care to listen. There may be a new awakening on the horizon – a representative from Texas.

  1. I’m going to do my best Andy Rooney impression for you:

    Did you ever notice that when President Obama speaks he always uses a vague number to make his point?
    He’ll say, “Some of those in Congress,” or “All kinds of people”, or “There are many folks”, or my favorite, “Bunches of / A whole bunch of”.

    He loves these generalization figures that he doesn’t ever have to quantify.
    Once in a while (see how I did that?) he’ll say a lot of something (I did it again), and then often he won’t say less than a lot.

    I’m Andy Rooney.

  2. Yeaaaah FOXnews, uhh, No.
    FOX didn’t turn the majority of Americans against the ACA. That MrO believes they did is a stunning statement of the power and influence he thinks they have with all Americans, Dem , Repub, or Indie.
    He, oh whatever

    What is he doing talking about buying health insurance to a group of college students who don’t even have jobs? As for FOXnews, those students don’t watch any news program other than the faux news/comedy programs on cable TV. The youngsters don’t tune in to CNN, or watch CBS’s 60 Minutes; heck, they don’t even read newspapers or news sites on the internet.
    Ah, butt they believe their President; you can see it in their faces. He wouldn’t, just couldn’t, lie to them about this or anything else. He’s their hero and he came to talk to them, just them. If he claims that FOXnews turned the majority of Americans against the greatest program ever devised in Washington, then it’s the truth.
    This is just getting to be pathetic.

  3. Poor little thang, he don’t get no respect from the Foxies. Ugh.

    No this isn’t Presidential, nor leadership, this is middle school locker room smack talk about people that are mean to me. Still, the lapdogs will cover his bum. Must. Destroy. Fox. News.

  4. He pulls this crap cause he’s a no talent, jive-assed Community Organizer from the murder capital of America.

    That’s what he learned, and that’s what they do.

    Gee, that was difficult.

  5. I did go on the website. I did see what the prices are. And they’re ridiculous, even for the inferior “bronze” plan. He would never say something like this to these kid’s middle class parents.

    1. and that’s it right there. unpresidential is the perfect word for Obama. but of course, as Obama’s enablers would tell us, that’s just code for “I hate black people.”

  6. Pretty ironic that the blurb under his picture notes one of the points of unfairness of Obamacare: men (whose healthcare costs generally less) will now be subventing the premiums of women (whose healthcare generally costs more.) That’s not fair, and it’s not sexist to point out the unfairness. It’s basic underwriting. Young people should pay less than old people. Non-smokers and non-obsese should pay less than those who smoke, are obese, or especially are both.

    So Obama blythely lies as says of course coverage is cheaper under Obamacare. Well, of course it’s not for many or most people in the real world. And that story will come out. Fox and many others (including you) will report the reality, and maybe as the number of stories swells to the thousands, the MSM will take notice. Maybe.

  7. If he applied a thimble full of the energy required of the hate that he directs towards Republicans or FOX to the economy, jobs and energy independence we would be a strong, thriving free enterprise country. Instead we are descending to the ranks of a third world country with allies like Iran and Russia and led by a third rate demagogue with dictatorial dreams.

  8. If only Mr. Obama would really evolve and realize that his current job is running the country — not lecturing to school kids.

    It’s a bit amusing. Obama the full time campaigner loves to use the bully pulpit to claim that Fox News is not a real news organization — yet gets full of righteous indignation when someone offers that he might not be a real Commander in Chief.

    Which case has more substance?

  9. I read somewhere that those people behind him are paid to sit there —and stay awake.

    Could I not ever be referred to as “folks” again? I really find that term condesending. Those poor schlubs sitting there enduring something that will never have anything to do with them. I think all that BO verbage goes in one ear , gathers considerable speed and flies out the other. We are enduring dire times here,kids..The only thing this man knows how to do is talk. I’ll bet he could talk for 21 days straight without any problem.
    Someone refresh my memory, was Harry the crone Reid the one who told BO after his speech at the Dem convention that fateful year that he had a magic gift? Just another reason to get Hairy Harry the he@@ out of our national politics.r

  10. (best Obama impression)
    “Let me be clear. I’m willing to chin-wag with the mullahs of Iran about their nukes, for as long as I have to, even if that means I have to see Tel Aviv going up in a mushroom cloud on my watch.

    “And I’m perfectly fine with the idea of giving US arms to al Qaeda in Syria, even if I get accused of treason. After all, many agree that Assad has got to go, and if I have to arm America’s enemies to cover for my off-prompter mistake, then that’s what I’ll do.

    “But if those evil Republicans think I’m going to give one inch on socializing American medicine as a bridge to single-payer, they can go perform an obscene act upon themselves.”
    (/best Obama impression)

    You can almost hear him saying that, can’t you, folks?

    1. My apologies–watched way too many Warner Brothers cartoons back in the day.

      The director’s cuts, mind you, not the sanitized PC versions they show kids these days.

  11. Maybe someone has posted this already, but a local of the SEIU union in Ohio is going on strike against Obamacare among other things. That’s good news. Blame it on Fox: they have so much influence on unions.

    1. lol.
      And to think, the unions were all twisted up about those pesky Repub Governors who weren’t being nice to them, when all along, it was the two-faced Dems conniving to upend their power.

  12. Not an isolated incident by any means. Obama frequently publicly takes sides on controversial issues. Trayvon Martin is a perfect example.

    He is glad to represent gays, minorities, and progressives, while ignoring the views of others. He really thinks that, as president, he’s entitled to take sides and influence others to come over to his side.

    But that’s not really what a president should do. Just doesn’t get it.

    1. The only thing he “gets”–well, two and a half things, actually–are reading speeches in front of adoring crowds, partying, and golfing. Golfing is the “half”, because I understand he’s not terribly good at it, despite how much he plays.

  13. He thinks he’s really cute and funny but he’s not. At all…
    Srdem65 summed it best. The president is now an insurance salesman.

    1. And a sleezy one…his annual business plan review and monthly outlook activity would have gotten him fired from any real sales job months ago.

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  15. This is Prince Georges Community College, just off the beltway in MD. When Michael Steele was running for public office and went to the college to speak to the students, they pelted him with Oreo cookies.

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