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Carney: Obamacare Like “an Apple That’s Fresh and Delicious”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney became suddenly rhapsodic Wednesday while touting Obamacare, likening the president’s signature initiative to “an apple that’s fresh and delicious.”

Carney used the phrase while describing the difficulty of comparing health insurance costs to consumers under Obamacare to costs incurred under the current system.

“Obviously this is not an apples to apples (comparison),” he said. “It’s an apple full of worms compared to an apple that’s fresh and delicious.”

42 thoughts on “Carney: Obamacare Like “an Apple That’s Fresh and Delicious””

  1. This coming from a guy whose boss tired to buy 4 apples with a dollar. None of them know what the true cost of anything is.

    I guess this is why all of the denizens of the swamp known as DC government are opting for no apples, and picking oranges.

  2. Even an apple that starts out fresh and delicious will go bad after a week or two.

    And nothing was mentioned about the gigantic Fruit Oversight organizational monstrosity it takes to make sure the few people who didn’t have a fresh apple before will be able to get one. And the Fruit Taxation agents to make sure everyone is buying an apple….. I could go on and on…

  3. Good grief, the whole WhiteHouse and the Dem Congress are starting to sound like a half-baked infomercial about a product that never does what the pitchmen claim it will do.
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see MrObama walk out to his podium today with a gekko on his shoulder. Who knows, maybe ‘Flo’ will introduce the President.

    re; the exchanges, prices, and details not finalized
    Another commenter elsewhere raised the question; ‘Why isn’t everything ready yet, what have they been doing for four years?’

    1. Good analogy, srdem. Fitting that this regime would use a ‘progressive’ insurance company frontman to sell their poison pill.

      “What have they been doing for four years?”
      Well, seeing as $67 million is mysteriously missing from the $1 billion IRS Obamacare slush fund set up to implement the monstrosity, I’d say they’ve been stuffing their pockets as fast as they can before the whole leviathan comes crashing down…

    1. To be fair (and I’m no fan of Carny), the apple reference was brought up by Ed Henry, and Jay just stayed with it.

      BTW: It looks like Romney’s 47% was overly optimistic. Obama’s approval is now down to 43%, with disapproval at 49%.

  4. If it is really like a fresh and delicious apple, then why do they feel compelled to force us to eat it? I prefer eating pears, grapes, and oranges, yet this government is telling me I can no longer have a few grapes as they force me to eat their apple instead.

    1. “Shiny Apple” lyrics by the WAIFS available as ringtone:

      Shiny apple rotten on the inside
      Skin is smooth but you soul is soft
      Oh you look so appetizing but
      Taste the truth it’ll make you spit

    1. I was just thinking the same thing. The Disney image of Carney as the Wicked Queen dressed up as an old lady offering Snow White the poisoned apple. How is that racist?

  5. OT, but have any of you seen that photo of Bill and Chelsea Clinton on Drudge? I wouldn’t have mentioned it here except it will probably disappear soon.

    1. Saw that, Julie. Doesn’t exactly look like a normal father daughter relationship does it? Maybe I’m just a rube from flyover country, but I never rubbed noses with my father like that.

  6. For the administration to put a person like Jay Carney as their spokesperson and spokesperson for the country shows how little respect they have for the press and the Citizens. The sad thing is how these reporters have such disregard for their own respect to sit there and take the lies. Excuse me, the horribly bad lies. No parent would accept such lies. How is Claire Shipman even proud to be married to such a slug.

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  8. The IRS is unable to account for $67 million spent from a slush fund established for Obamacare implementation, according to a TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration).

    “How you like dem apples?”

  9. That is seriously creepy of Jay Carney as a similar expression was used by the wicked queen turned witch to tempt Snow White into biting the poison apple. Wow.

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