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What Ted Cruz’s Republican Critics Don’t Get

Years ago, when I was a waiter and bartender in Washington, I found that I had become a slave to few little routines. The bucket of ranch dressing had to go in the right, Russian in the middle, and vinaigrette on the left. The forks are here, the knives are there. Just coffee bags in the coffee bag drawer, please.

Listen, Mr. New Waiter who just showed up – that’s not where it goes!


I don’t know, because that’s where these things have always gone.

When I look at the divide on Ted Cruz’s filibuster, this is part of what I see going on. The Washington hands, even conservative ones, are upset in part because . . .


That’s now how you get things done around here, they’re snickering, sometimes is quite disparaging terms. You pass legislation. You have to win elections first! Last time there was a shutdown, it was a disaster for Republicans.

Screen Shot 2013-09-25 at 11.43.22 AMFor me, ideology is not some theory that doesn’t apply practically. Ideology is what actually works in the real world. I’ve thought very hard about this particular tactic – linking government funding or a debt ceiling increase to Obamacare. And while I may be wrong – this one is very unpredictable – I think what the House conservatives and Ted Cruz are doing is something very practical that will work.

Cruz’s Republican critics, mainly centered in Washington, do not understand what’s going on here. This is not about defunding Obamacare this year. Ted Cruz knows that. It’s about making a point. It’s about building momentum. It’s about setting the stage. And it’s ultimately about elections and reversing Obamacare.

First of all, Cruz and his allies are creating a movement that conservatives can sink their teeth into. Sorry, but video of conservative pundits on Fox News pontificating about the ills of Obamacare are not going to stir the masses. This will.

But it’s not just about conservatives. The Washington thinkers believe moderates and independents will be turned off by the spectacle of the filibuster and a possible government shutdown. I get the point, but I think the reverse will happen.

As Obamacare goes into effect, its disastrous shortcomings will become clear to the public. Nancy Pelosi was right – once you pass it, you’ll really know what’s in it! And as this happens, because of the battle being waged today, Americans will have a very clear idea about who opposes Obamacare, and who is going to take action to reverse it.

Obama has the bully pulpit. Republicans have the filibuster and a government shutdown.

Americans are being put on alert that this is such a profound matter that Republicans are willing to shut down the government over it. The great government intrusion that is Obamacare threatens not just our health care, but our freedom. Cognizant of the danger, average Americans will be watching, and as their own anger grows, they’ll know that conservative Republicans have their back.

Make no mistake, Cruz and the Republicans are going to lose this battle. Obamacare will not be defunded. The government may shut down for a couple of days, debt payments may get delayed – but eventually, while they may get some important concessions, Republicans will have to fold. Obama will never abandon the law that bears his name.

But the point will have been made, and the crescendo toward appeal will begin. You can’t just sit on your ass and talk about elections. You have to drive elections. That’s what Ted Cruz and the House conservatives are doing.

I’m not nearly convinced Ted Cruz is the second coming of Ronald Reagan. Unlike Reagan, he’s only been on stage for a short time. I need to get to know him better. And a lot of what’s going on here sure is good for Ted Cruz, an ambitious young politician.

And I don’t like the way he and some who support him have been vilifying conservatives who disagree that this is the right way to go, casting this as a “test” of whether one is truly conservative. Some who believe strongly in conservatism think this will backfire. That’s a legitimate point of view that doesn’t make anyone less conservative or suggest that they wouldn’t have opposed the Nazis, as Cruz deplorably charged Tuesday.

But Cruz is clearly one of those people not willing to wait for proper protocols to present themselves before taking action. He’s willing to roll the dice and take bold action to reverse a situation that seems desperate, because turning Obamacare around will not be easy. He’s standing on principle. Even if it means switching the ranch and the vinaigrette.

Such people do make history.

33 thoughts on “What Ted Cruz’s Republican Critics Don’t Get”

  1. I have not left the tv since Cruz started talking. I have been tweeting and facebooking…………perhaps the American people will wake up because of Ted’s Stand!!!

    1. LOL! “American people will wake up”…???
      the “American people” “voted” for that Neo-Socialist Obama, and that is why the “USA” is going to H#ll (2008-2016 AD)

  2. What people in DC don’t get is that folks in the real world are sick of the politics as usual BS which benefits, in the end, only the DC residents. RINOs and Dems both are guilty of this. Ted Cruz, like the Tea Party movement in 2010, represents a chance for a politician to ACTUALLY LISTEN TO THOSE WHO ELECTED THEM. And, maybe, do what those constituents actually want, not what benefits the Political Ruling Class.

    I spent most of my life in flyover America (see the Jason Aldean song) before having to move behind enemy lines here in the People’s Republic of Californiastan. Most DC insiders have no idea what folks are like in “flyover America”, which means most people outside the left or right coasts. At some point, the ruling class is going to recognize (in one way or another) that “flyover Americans” matter. Ted Cruz might be the answer, he might not be (see Rubio, Marco). But at least he’s demonstrating he wants to listen to what conservative Americans want.

      1. And, Keith, I am convinced that there is not one single person in DC who understands what we know…we believe and fully support government by the people and for the people. We are the sleeping giant but we are slowly and surely awakening to this fact…WE can be the “hope and change” this country needs and we can do it.

        1. LOL…
          if Keith ever showed/mentioned the comments We post here on WhiteHouseDossier to the “WH press corps” or “DC insiders/talking-heads, etc.” they would have no clue…they would accuse We citizens of the “USA” of ‘hate speech’ etc. because we KNOW Washington DC/current government/ruling-class is nothing but a CESSPOOL.

  3. I don’t take this as all about Cruz. Nor am I certain that the Republicans will not succeed in some manner. There is talk that once the ball goes back into the House’s court, the House will counter that the individual mandate be postponed for a year just as Obama, illegally btw, postponed the employer mandate. It’s Harry Reid who wants to make this one throw of the dice.

    You have to admit, this is an undemocratic country these days. The Democrats want to force Obamacare down the throat of America a second time without any bipartisan support. The President thinks he is above the law and he can change it whenever he wants and he has been allowed to think so. Now Harry Reid is acting like the dictator of the legislature. Whether we lose or not, we must fight.

  4. It takes a while for everything said by the established DC ruling class to form into something that makes sense. On one side, the detractors claim SenCruz is wasting his time, being ridiculous, and on the other the opponents claim that he’s a government terrorist or worse.
    The question of why they would make a case out of something that won’t change the ACA, nor will it change any part of the CR that is presented is the most vexing part of this saga.

    Is it because SenCruz defeated the established Repub party candidate with strong support from SarahPalin, or is it because this marathon speech is making news and will cause the public to wonder who’s supporting this Obamacare monstrosity.
    Thanks to LoisLerner, the IRS, and now SenCruz, the tea party activists are rising from their sleep. If ever there were an elected official who could inspire admiration across the country, it’s Ted Cruz.
    Texas should be proud of their choice.

    1. oops. more.
      There is this, too; the Dems might be hysterical with fear that after all their grooming of the Hispanic voter, Ted Cruz just might make them want to be part of his team.
      Cruz is, after all, a macho man.

    2. Thank you, srdem. This Texan is very proud of the patriot our family supported for senator from the beginning. As Senator Cruz said during his filibuster, state run media is trying to make his effort personal, and it is not. He is trying to warn the American people, in the only platform he had available, just how close we are to losing the last of our freedoms once Obamacare is fully implemented. Let the RINO backstabbers and phony conservatives attack him, it only makes his message stronger.

      We need to keep calling our Senators and tell them a vote for cloture on Friday/Saturday is a vote for Obamacare. Cornyn has already surrendered, but I’ll keep the heat on him.

      Senate contacts:

  5. “I don’t know, because that’s where these things have always gone.”
    OR This is how we always do it. A mantra which I hope to never have to hear again.
    People hate change.
    “First of all, Cruz and his allies are creating a movement that conservatives can sink their teeth into. Sorry, but video of conservative pundits on Fox News pontificating about the ills of Obamacare are not going to stir the masses. This will.”
    Ted Cruz & Company have appealed to people’s emotions as well as their common sense. The left ALWAYS uses emotional appeals, while leaving out the common sense part. But b/c the left uses that emotional appeal they are often successful.
    Unfortunately, the buttoned up snooty establishment Repubs, can’t/won’t appeal to the emo part of people and often lose.
    We need more people like Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, and Tom Graves in the House.

    1. You nailed it.
      Fox News pundits will be Fox News pundits no matter what happens.
      They will pontificate on whatever the political scene appears to be and accept their paycheck whether their opinion is accepted or rejected.
      The only thing that affects their jobs is the attention of the American People, many of whom have dismissed them as charlatans and down right liars.
      I am one of them.

  6. I am not a huge Ted Cruz fan. However, a loose cannon on the deck is a great way to get people moving.

    The Government needs a shakeup. Whether that will happen in 2014 or not who knows. The entitlement society that has been put in place will make people not want to rock the boat because they could be harmed financially. This type of mentality secures a voting block to remain in power.

    We are a country that is drifting with out a true leader. The tea party group is filling voids that has been created by the lack of leadership by the White House, Democrats and other House Republicans. The only thing those three groups have is hate for the Tea Party Groups. The fact is lines have somewhat blurred between the Republicans and Democrats. It is getting hard to figure what party the person belongs without the D or R next to their name.

    We keep telling the people of the world that it is great to be free. However, our freedoms are being taken away daily. You cant speak on the phone, type on the computer, you can’t travel anywhere, you cant purchase anything with a credit card, you cant have your finances be private, you have to disclose every penny you make. Now they will have our doctor’s records. I am just wonder what can we do that we are truly free anymore ???

    The database dossiers on all of us can be easily abused by people in power or that disagree with you. Why does the government need to know if a persons sex life consists of being one partner, same sex partner or multiple partners ?

    Let the Tea Party put the coleslaw on the left. The stoic traditions of the Senate and the House have left us 17 trillion in debt and a nation that is decline financially and morally.

    1. “The tea party group is filling voids that has been created by the lack of leadership by the White House, Democrats and other House Republicans. The only thing those three groups have is hate for the Tea Party Groups.”

      I don’t know if members of the establishment GOP actually hate the Tea Party groups so much as they don’t understand them. Instead of haranguing the former, they need to be wooed, to be educated.

      1. In reference to your last paragraph Mandy, I think that if the GOP can’t understand the Tea Party they should be discarded in the next election.

      2. Don’t let them fool you, Mandy. Before they were the RINOs or establishment, they were the Rockefeller Republicans, and they have hated conservatives since the days of Reagan Revolution. There is battle for the heart and soul of the Republican party going on right now. Ted Cruz took a stand on Obamacare and drew a line in the sand. Let’s see how many of the RINOs cross over to the Democrat side of the aisle with the next cloture vote. The Republican Party is dead if they don’t stand for something.

  7. Cruz, doesn’t have to play politics or paid his political dues. The republican party has allowed people over 70 to keep his / her senate seat since forever (The excuse was or is “He / She knows how to play the game”. Sure, there’s NO one more “capable” but them. Pure BS). So, if the political party doesn’t abide by its unwritten rules, then one its member shouldn’t either. PS. You go, Ted. Cut corners. :)

  8. I’d rather him attempt to be part of the solution than continue to be part of the problem.

    “If you’re not part of the solution, there’s good money to be made in prolonging the problem.”

  9. I hope Ted has created some ground swell. But my last conversation with an obot, stated that it was all Bush’s fault. That was this month!
    Peeps think that because they have Medicare they will not be included in the Obamacare disaster. They are wrong.

    Republicans are hard to find here in the Democrat Utopia of California.

  10. This is not a split in the GOP. This the emergence of new leadership. Cheese…salad dressing…at some point in your career you are supposed to move beyond busboy for liberals and a life of cleaning up after them.

  11. Cruz is a very intelligent man. He doesn’t have to hide and seal his records from Princeton and Harvard Law Review
    I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next. I love it that Harry Reid and John McCain and a few others are having hissy fits. I don’t like casting aspersions on Sen. McCain as I am respectful of his war career. But, Johnnie, “run with the wolves, you start to howl” This is fun to watch. Especially seeing that old crone Reid beside himself. I say let’s get a law passed for limiting terms in office. Maybe that will stop this craziness in the future.

  12. Big kudos to Senator Cruz. I watched a lot of his stand and was impressed with his level measured manner and the quality of his information and delivery. I was particularly pleased to have him read aloud the Union letter to Obama and Pelosi opposing Obamacare.

    Cruz stood and delivered. He fought. He exposed lies, and hypocrisy. And I applaud him.

    If nothing else, the issue of Congressional exemption is on the table and not under it anymore. As it should be.

    This was about more than Senator Cruz and healthcare or health insurance. It was about rights and freedoms and the rot and corruption in our government.

    Cruz may get some personal and political points, but to his credit, he is willing to take the slings, arrows, and stones. He defends himself and he defends all those who stand with him.

    And I must say, that my Senator Rubio, who is on a time out with me, showed up and I called and thanked him. But he is still in the corner.

    As I type this McCain is on with Cavuto and whining that nobody recognized his heroic efforts in fighting Obamacare. Says he admires and likes Cruz. A little humble pie mixed with the McCain hubris. So, if nothing else, there is that.

  13. “And I don’t like the way he and some who support him have been vilifying conservatives who disagree that this is the right way to go”

    Really?? After all the vilifying from the left and his own party, I’d say Cruz has been amazingly civil. But then, that tends to be a symptom of principle. One, arguably accurate, reference in a 20 hour stand is entirely acceptable to me.. The junior senior senator from Texas, Cornyn, could take a lesson. The only conservatism he has displayed lately is in his willingness to stick his neck out. I hope we Texans can find a suitable replacement.

  14. Listening to and watching Senator Cruz was a total delight especially for the spirit. HIs words, his manner, his elegantly framed thoughts were for me like bathing in the light of the truth. To his great credit he never once engaged in personal attacks or name calling. Putting himself high above the fray was an excellent tactic because he visibly separated himself from the name callers and naysayers. He was quickly attacked by most media outlets for reading Dr. Seuss. To me it seemed more like a useful device just to point a verbal finger at the steady diet of fairy tales we receive from Congress. The Honorable Senator managed to remain honorable thoughout despite an occasional attack by bulldog Senator Durbin. Term limits, term limits, term limits.

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