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Reid Calls Cruz Filibuster a “Big Waste of Time”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid spoke directly after Ted Cruz finished today at noon Eastern. Reid apparently had just showered in bile and was still dripping with contempt. Have a look. This is nearly eight minutes, but you’ll probably have had enough after a minute or two.

42 Responses to Reid Calls Cruz Filibuster a “Big Waste of Time”

  1. SenReid is reportedly a member of the Mormon church.
    As one who lives in pretty much a Mormon community, I can say that I have never heard any of them talk in such a negative or insulting manner. If they have a reason to criticize or complain, they do it so nicely that you feel compelled to thank them for the advice.
    I know of what I speak.
    I once had a Bird of Paradise bush go rogue without my knowlege and in such a way that it blocked the sidewalk. A visiting neighbor (Mormon) praised the beauty of my B o P bush, of how glorious the flowers looked to everyone driving by, but could I find time to prune it back from the sidewalk, but if that was a problem for me, he would be glad to help me do that. Love those Mormons.
    Harry Reid is a bad Mormon.

    • Harry Reid was not born or raised Mormon. I want to say that he was Catholic but am not 100% sure. Maybe he is the way he is because knows he doesn’t measure up to the Mormon standard. I live in Oregon and have lived neighborly with many Mormons, ALL of whom in my experience have been upright and patriotic citizens. They have always left quickly and politely too when I’ve said that I wasn’t interested.

      • Reid is a convert to the Mormon religion. I am very familiar with the religion because our daughter converted more than 25 years ago. The church members are honorable people, peaceful and loving. The vitriol that comes from Reid’s mouth is stunning. The man is obviously incompetent and becoming senile. He dishonors his church and its members each time he spews crap – and I didn’t even waste my time watching one second of this video. I can tell the ugliness just from the look on his face.

  2. For the past 4 years Harry Reid has wasted America’s time by not bringing up even 15% of the bills duly passed in the House for a Senate floor vote.

    Harry Reid has destroyed the old House Senate program of bringing votes to the floor.

  3. harry reid is just doing what obama and valjar and the other far left dems tell him to do. Someone else writes his speeches and that is why he always has the paperwork on top of the podium and he reads directly from it. He has very few thoughts of his own and when he does he keeps them to himself. I am not excusing his nasty disposition but what I am trying to say is he has no morals, he hates the people he represents in Nevada and the reason he doesn’t retire is because oblamer needs him to do some more of the dirty work that is still forthcoming to us lowlifes.

    I never watch oblamers speeches and I never watch reids speeches, I wait and read about them the next day or see it on the world news.

    I uncapitalized their names because they are not deserving of respect. (is uncapitalized a real word)? Probably not but oblamer and reid are not real men either.

  4. For a guy who is physically a skinny little wimp (remember Wally Cox as Mr. Peepers?), Reid certainly acts like a bully.

    I honestly can’t remember a leader of either party who conducted hiself in such a manner: lies, bullying, hyperbole. All unnecessary.

    His constituents in Nevada must be very proud.

  5. OT so I don’t want to put this on Keith’s new thread, but McCain is saying that Obamacare was passed by fair process! I think not.

    • I am an Arizona resident that voted for McLame twice. I voted for him when he ran for President. Due to his recent actions he is dead to me now.

  6. Spooky Harry. He sounds like some demented voice from the crypt. I wonder what he will dress up as for Halloween.
    You must know that when he spends this much time excoriating someone for speaking out, in a country that holds up free speech as its 1st Amendment, he must be worried that Cruz made an impact on America.

  7. Why doesn’t he go back to Nevada and tend his pomegranats? I listened to my two mnutes. Now you see a true waste of time. What the H@@@ is he rambling on about?

    This is a case study in why there should be term limits. Dear Lord!!

  8. If the House comes back with a delay Obamacare and remove all exemptions Cruz will have have made a major contribution to that happening. And if they come back with delay Obamacare and exempt Congress it is still a win.

    This is a battle. Not the whole war. But the tide has turned.

    • I agree. I saw that McConnell of all people wants the Vitter amendment now. You know, I have my fingers crossed that Reince Priebus put some heat on the old elephants: you want support from the RNC, you uphold your promise to the American people.

      • That’s encouraging. I spoke with Vitter’s office some time ago and they were just trying to get support. Whether McConnell’s is genuine or not I don’t care, as long as it is real in action.

        As for RP and the RNC your glasses are rosier than mine, but I will “hope in your hope”. :):)

  9. Maybe we wouldn’t be facing the closing of govt if Reid had been willing to work and pass a damn budget months ago! It took mere seconds to get my dander up. No way can I watch the entire video but my sincere thanks to those (Mr Koffler) and others who took the hit for us.

    I bet just Reid kicks his dog every morning and drinks rat piddle to fuel his day. What a horrid pos he is.

  10. Harry Reid is a sweaty looking palefaced pig with a sewer for a mouth. Showed no respect today, always driving people apart with hate speech, he is just like Obama, not professional at all, should never hold the position he has, he is too stupid for words, not caring about the American people losing jobs, not getting jobs, working part-time to put food on the table, what a government we have now, a bunch of lazy rats feeding off the American people. He has no respect, no class, nothing, only hate speech toward the opposite party that he is supposed to work with and won’t work with. ONE OF OBAMA’S FAVORITE PEOPLE, REID!!!! IT FIGURES. THEY THINK ALIKE, HATE SPEECH, BLAME GAME, when they are the ones hurting the people and don’t even care one wit!

  11. This deadline and many others are well known in advance. Yet, these votes always occur at 2 a.m. Saturday morning. The congress’ version of the White House “Take Out The Trash Day” . No one in America is watching CSpan (who does?) the MSM is not going to cover it. So, all the bad things in the bills aren’t released and no one is watching because it is the weekend. The stock market has two days to digest it.

    Harry Reid is the Majority Leader. He schedules the votes,yet, he is whining about how the Senate runs, LOL. I always wondered how often he sheds his Snake Skin.