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The Obama Morning News || September 25, 2013

Cruz filibuster longer than Paul’s . . . Washington Times
Ten colorful quotes from the speech . . . Politico
House GOP may move new defund measure . . . Politico,
Democrats see opportunity in shutdown
 . . . Washington Post
Obama: U.S. to stay engaged in world . . . New York Times
Obama seeks nuclear weapons deal with Iran . . . The Hill
No handshake from Iranian leader . . . New York Times
HHS describes Obamacare premiums . . . Politico
Kerry to sign international gun treaty . . . Fox News
The media goes to work for Obama . . . Washington Times

13 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 25, 2013

  1. I rather enjoyed Senator Cruz’s reading of Dr. Seuss – kinda plays into the mental maturity range of Senate Democrats these days – but I think he SHOULD have read from Yertle the Turtle instead of Green Eggs and Ham. It’s more relevant to Obama’s overreach, to wit;

    “On a far away island
    of Salamasond
    Yertle the turtle
    Was king of the
    A nice little pond
    It was clean it was neat
    The water was
    There was plenty to eat
    Until one day
    The king of them
    Decided the kingdom
    He ruled was too small
    I’m a ruler of all that
    I see
    But I don’t see enough
    And that’s the trouble with me

    this stone for a throne
    I am too low down
    I cannot look down
    Upon the
    places beyond
    So Yertle the turtle king
    Lifted his hand
    And Yertle the
    turtle king
    Lifted his hand
    He ordered all the turtles
    Onto one
    another’s back
    He piled them high
    Into a ten turtle stack
    I’m Yertle
    the turtle
    The things I now rule
    I’m king of a cow
    I’m king of a

    Then down from below
    In the great turtle stack
    Came a burp
    from a plain
    Little turtle named Mack
    Just part of the throne
    burpin’ little turtle
    Looked up and said “I beg
    Your pardon king
    I’ve pains in my back
    My shoulders and my knees
    How long must
    we stand
    Here your majesty
    “Silence !” the king of the
    Turtles barked
    To the bad burpin’
    Little turtle named Mack
    I’m Yertle the
    Oh marvelous me for
    I am ruler of all that I see” – Dr. Seuss

    Put “Obama” in for “Yertle”, and “U.S. Persons” in for “Mack”, and you’d have it!

    Although that may have been a little TOO honest, even for the admirable Senator Cruz…

  2. “Democrats see opportunity in shutdown . . . Washington Post”

    Gotta love these folks. It’s just a @&^#^%$* football game to them, we win, you lose.

    Democrats say, “Let’s NOT worry about what’s good or bad for the Country, let’s just worry about “OUR SIDE” winning!” No honest debate, no possible other ideas will be entertained, let’s just take what everyone – including many Democrats (Max Baucus, I’m looking at you) – say is a bad idea and run with it, because it gives the Democrat Prezzy more power and puts Republicans – who represent HALF THE COUNTRY – in their place..

    By the way, anyone ask Bart Stupak if he’s happy with the Executive Order Obama wrote to get him to override his well-founded and supposedly personal conscientious objections to having Catholics being forced to pay for abortions?

    And McConnell and McCain might as well just go ahead and caucus with the Democrats. They should AT LEAST have THAT much honesty. I kinda hope they DO switch parties, and recieve Arlen Specter’s wages for their troubles. Amazing how no one stands with a traitor – even other traitors! Specter GAVE Obama this massive power grab, and didn’t they reward him handsomely!

    “The Senate dealt a blow tonight to Sen. Arlen Specter’s hold on seniority in several key committees, a week after the Pennsylvanian’s party switch placed Democrats on the precipice of a 60-seat majority.

    In a unanimous voice vote, the Senate approved a resolution that added Specter to the Democratic side of the dais on the five committees on which he serves, an expected move that gives Democrats larger margins on key panels such as Judiciary and Appropriations.

    But Democrats placed Specter in one of the two most junior slots on each of the five committees for the remainder of this Congress, which goes through December 2010. Democrats have suggested that they will consider revisiting Specter’s seniority claim at the committee level only after the midterm elections next year.”

    John? Mitch? Other John? You might want to think about who you guys are cuddling up to, and maybe get over your OWN butt-hurt about being shown up by a freshman who is an ACTUAL Conservative, and maybe – just maybe – HELP US SAVE OUR COUNTRY!

    You will NOT prosper in the Obama Caliphate, come what may. When he’s done with his tools, he drops them. For G_d’s sake, guys, get over it and DO WHAT’S RIGHT!


  3. FCMABBHO’s feewings might be hurtsied: Rousseff canceled dinner and Rouhani couldn’t find the time to shake his widdle hand.

    From the NYT: “Nor did he deny the existence of the Holocaust.”

    But, he went on to claim the Holocaust lead to the formation of Israel. Good thing he’s not a historian because he has his facts wrong. Jews had been living there for thousands of years, and the movement to re-establish the nation began in 1897 with Herzl’s First Zionist Congress.

    • Good catch. The then unofficial State of Israel, a homeland, was already there and waiting with open arms for the victims of the Holocaust. Sloppy talk, sloppy thinking, or sloppy knowledge of history, take your pick. BTW, in dialect, that is Wooseff and Woohani.

  4. FCMABBHO’s feewings might be a widdle hurtsied: first Dilma Rousseff canceled the state dinner, and then Rouhani couldn’t find the time to shake his hand.

    From The New York Times’ article: “Nor did he deny the existence of the Holocaust.”

    True, but in his interview with CNN, he said he was no historian. “Whatever criminality they committed against the Jews we condemn,” he said. “Whatever”? How about coming out and just saying that he condemns the Holocaust? This is some mighty-fine tap dancing.

    And, ponder this from the interview: “I am not a historian and when it comes to speaking of the dimensions of the Holocaust it is the historians that should reflect,”…

    That’s a soft tactic of Holocaust Denial: down-playing the numbers of Jews slaughtered.

    Also in that interview, he blamed the Nazis for the establishment of modern Israel. He seems to forget that Jews have lived there for thousands of years. And, he seems to forget–if he even knows–that the first official step was Herzl’s First Zionist Congress in 1897, two years before Satan spawned Hitler.

  5. “There are literally no comparisons to current rates. That is, HHS [has] chosen to dodge the question of whose rates are going up, and how much,” Holtz-Eakin said.

    HHS taking a page from Lois Lerner handbook.