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Video || Cruz Begins Spending Bill Filibuster

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this afternoon took to the Senate floor to begin a filibuster that will delay – but which cannot block – a stopgap spending measure that would continue funding the government without provisions defunding Obamacare.

According to Senate procedural rules, the Senate must begin voting on the measure by Wednesday at 1 pm, according to Politico, and if necessary at that point, I suppose, the Sergeant at Arms will drag Cruz off the floor if he has to. But at least for several hours, Cruz and his allies – including Sens. Mike Lee (R-Utah) and David Vitter (R-La.) – intend to highlight what’s wrong with Obamacare.

Cruz has vowed to talk until he is “no longer able to stand.”

Or no longer able to hold it.

14 Responses to Video || Cruz Begins Spending Bill Filibuster

    • No, you are not. At noon tomorrow, Cruz will have to stop. Then there will be an up and down vote, and 51 Democrats plus their 2 socialist allies will vote to put Obamacare back into the CR. Maybe all 47 Republicans will vote against, but some of them will be doing it as hypocrites knowing full well they sold out.

  1. In all of Congress, there seems to be only one man with the courage and conviction to stand for the American public who have been, and will be, harmed by this badly written act.

    In fear of being ostracized by their peers, or the MSM, or those who benefit illegally from this act, the rest of Congress cowers at their desks and throw verbal barbs against the one man who really kept his promise to the voters of Texas.
    Shame on all of them.