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Obama: I Quit Smoking “Because I’m Scared of My Wife”

President Obama told another attendee at the U.N. General Assembly Monday that he had quit smoking “because I’m scared of my wife.”

Obama, who appeared to be joking – but also perhaps at least partially serious – has previously said he did it for his daughters. No matter, the president is still be addicted to nicotine and chews Nicorette gum.

“I hope you’ve quit smoking,” he said to Maina Kiai, a UN official who hails from Kenya. Kiai responded that he still does “sometimes.”

Obama then seems to say he chews Nicorette and adds, “No, no, I haven’t had a cigarette in probably six years. That’s because I’m scared of my wife.”

15 Responses to Obama: I Quit Smoking “Because I’m Scared of My Wife”

  1. Odds that Obama still smokes…
    Let’s see; all that time golfing, and those rumors of him being up late and all those empty hours in his daily schedule when no on knows where Obama is or what he is doing.

  2. As a smoker who has had his share of ex-wives I’m sure that it was a joke, but not the kind of joke you say to another in that forum. Even the remotest indication of weakness from the “leader of the free world” will be spun as a demonstration that the US is nothing.

    These people are total idiots, and someone, now, needs to shove a sock in all of their mouths. Literally! Every time one of them pops off with some off the cuff remark, or joke, the country ends up looking weak.

    To use text-speak STFU!

  3. Given that Me-Chelle is as tall as Barry, is probably stronger than Barry, likely produces more testosterone than Barry, and is a world-class bitch, who can blame him for being scared of her? She’s actually quite terrifying!

  4. Considering “Barack Hussein Obama” NEVER went thru a ‘US Govt. background/security check’ do you kinda wonder what he “smokes” late at night…?
    Im just saying because the “WH press corps” has no idea/will not mention what Obama does most of the day…