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The Obama Morning News || September 24, 2013

Iran’s supreme leader OK’s talks with U.S. . . . New York Times
Kerry, Iranian counterpart to meet . . . Wall Street Journal
Lawmakers pressure Obama to stand ground . . . Fox News
McConnell rejects Cruz strategy . . . Fox News
Report: McCain “hates” Ted Cruz . . . Washington Times
Obama drifts toward lame duck status . . . The Hill
Obama, Bill Clinton to stump for Obamacare . . . Politico
Former FBI agent admits leak to AP . . . New York Times

2 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 24, 2013

  1. This battle over the funding of Obamacare will be a watershed moment for the Republican party. If they fail to live up to their promise to fight to get rid of Obamacare for the American people, they will pay dearly with a mass exodus of support. Texas Senator John Cornyn is working behind the scenes with McConnell to undermine the defunding effort, yet lies straight to his constituents faces. I’m done with the phony conservative facade of his, and will do everything in my power to insure he does not win reelection in 2014. Shame on you John Cornyn. You are a traitor to the cause.

    • If they fail to live up to their promise, we have one more chance to take over the Republican Party in 2014. I didn’t realize that Cornyn was up for reelection so I have my sights on Graham, McConnell, and Cornyn, and let’s see how Lamar Alexander goes. Unfortunately, McCain not up. Quislings, all of them.