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Obama Needs Bill to Explain . . . Again

President Obama is rolling out Bill Clinton once again to give him some desperately need public relations assistance, appearing with the former president late this afternoon in New York City to try to sell the unpopular Obamacare to Americans.

Bill Clinton ObamaIt’s the second time in recent weeks Clinton has been enlisted by Obama to promote Obamacare. Clinton has a talent that Obama lacks for explaining complicated matters in an appealing and folksy manner.

Obama’s most important use of Clinton came in the service of explaining another complicated matter – Obama himself. Clinton was the star of the 2012 Democratic Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering up a rationale for Obama’s reelection that the president himself could never deliver and which analysts believe may have been instrumental in Obama’s victory.

Obama’s buddy routine with Clinton comes after years of repairing damage from the bitter 2008 Democratic primary campaign, during which Bill Clinton and Obama were strongly and personally at odds.

Bill’s service is hardly altruistic. Not only does he love being the center of attention, he may also want something from Obama in return for his PR work – an endorsement of Hillary, or at least a neutral stance in her expected primary fight with Vice President Joe Biden.

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77 thoughts on “Obama Needs Bill to Explain . . . Again”

  1. Why do even conservatives insist on using Obama’s false 46 million uninsured?
    There have never been 46 million but truly LESS then 4 million that want and need insurance!
    1) Nearly 18 million uninsured lived in households with annual incomes above $50,000 — over half of them (9.7 million) in households with incomes that exceed $75,000 annually.
    They don’t want nor need health insurance as they pay less then $1,000 out of pocket per year!
    So why are they counted as part of the 46 million uninsured if they don’t WANT insurance?
    Subtract from 46 million the 18 million and you get 28 million.
    2) 14 million that say they are uninsured DON”T KNOW they are covered by Medicaid!
    The Census never told them they qualified for Medicaid but they were still counted as uninsured.
    All they have to do is register with Medicaid!
    Subtract from 28 million the 14 million covered by Medicaid leaves 14 million
    3) 10 million counted in his “46 million” WERE NOT citizens!!!
    Subtract from 14 million the 10 million NOT citizens leaves 4 million!

    4 million truly want and NEED coverage is the issue not 46 million — faulty data!

    1. Because of Ambulance Chasing Lawyers and Bennie Mining Liberals in Congress & the White House, NO ONE is denied Medical Attention in the USA. If they are the Nurses, Doctors and Hospital are sued out of existence.

  2. Cute. They must be extremely frightened despite the GOP’s best efforts to eat their own.
    I just sent a blistering email to Miss Graham about his chances for re-election if he does not vote with Cruz and Lee.

    1. It’s the RINOs who are cannibalizing the conservatives, and Texas Senator Cornyn is leading the pack of headhunters. Watch for their duplicity. When Lurch said he voted for the war in Iraq before he voted against it, he wasn’t lying. The cloture vote on Friday will determine if the cryptkeeper can put the funding back in Obamacare with a simple majority of 51 votes. Even if a senator votes against funding Obamacare after they vote for cloture, they are voting to fund the monstrosity and their constituents should hold them accountable. I plan on doing just that with the despicable fraud Cornyn.

      1. He looks like a turtle, but he’s really a weasel. I too will now give to McConnell’s primary opponent as well as Graham’s. It’s even more important because, should the Republicans retake the Senate in 2014, we don’t want to reward McConnell with a Senate Majority Leader role. I just e-mailed the RNC–and I’m fully aware that it’s not worth much–that McConnell and Cornyn are the Aikin and Mourdock of Obamacare and I will not be amused by their support of McConnell just because he is an incumbent.

        Obviously, McConnell is hugely jealous of Rand Paul and Cornyn of Ted Cruz.

        1. I can’t vote for him, but I can listen to McConnell’s ads because they play North of the river too, and I noticed a couple of things;

          1) He largely switched from his all-out attack ads on Bevin to ads about his run against the Democrat challenger, (who I won’t even dignify with a name, sorry, no free ad here!) like he’s no longer concerned about the primary;

          2) His ads are WAY harsher against his primary opponent than I EVER heard him be against – any – Democrat.

          Do you suppose it’s because he dislikes having to talk conservative after acting anything but, or because he’s spiritually closer to the Democrats? Either way, I’m pretty sure he’s not actually our freind…

          1. “I can’t vote for him…” – cincycinco

            Not that I would vote FOR him, but – as with Boehner – I wish I could vote AGAINST. Poor choice of word THERE…

            It’s no fun being poised between McConnell to the South and Boehner to the North. I get ALL the ads and NONE of the enfranchisement…

          1. Yes, Cornyn is up for reelection in 2014. He has a couple of primary opponents so far, but don’t know enough about where they stand on issues yet. Whoever wins the Republican primary will win the election in Texas, and it’s awful hard to unseat a sitting senator, but I’m sure gonna give it my best effort.

    2. Mitch McConnell is whipping republicans to vote against defunding Obamacare.
      Kentucky,…..are you listening ?
      What will it take to get this guy out of office ?

    3. He said he would, but maybe he’s being a hypocrite in the same vein as McConnell and Cornyn. Even if he does the right thing, it is too little too late, and although I cannot vote in SC, I will be contributing to Nancy or whoever has a change of defeating him in the primary.

      1. Apparently Nancy has ties to the despicable moron who was trying to take down Nikki Haley. There are a couple of other candidates who might be better.

  3. Of course Billary doesn’t take Q&A or someone might ask why he’s now boosting Insurance Company Written Sick Care & Big Pharma Obamacare instead of the polar opposite Single Payer Hillarycare.

    The District of Criminals is full of a bunch of hypocrites and liars who want to pass laws to control the population and get political donation and revolving door payola from rich individuals and corporations.

    1. Didn’t you read where Hilly just said that she and Billy were having a grand time at home watching movies and stuff? He’s chomping at the bit to get the hell out of there and hit the road- he knows he has a lot better chance of picking up some strange if the old battleaxe is at home enjoying her retirement.

  4. Fraudulent Birth certificate, selective service card and a phony SSN#…the American people and the local police know the truth about the Fraud in Cheif and we will expose to the entire world the truth. Don’t believe me, am I a conspiracy theorist? Hell probably a terrorist for thinking these things right? See for yourself the 2yr long criminal investigation by our law enforcement at And thank you attorney Orly Taitz for exposing Obama’s fraudulent use of a stolen SSN #. We will not be persuaded any longer by your propaganda and we will see you on Nov19…mark your calendar

  5. Explain the Unexplainable, Make since of that which is not, Spin it as cost effective, Gov’t can take care of you as well as the Indian tribes. Easy to understand the 20,000 pages of regulation, the additional 5,000 IRS are there to help you.

    An Oder of failure even for Billy The Stainer.

  6. Yay congratulations Keith, picked up by Drudge again! Obama don’t know how to talk to people other than talking “down”. That’s why he goes to Bill…

  7. Bill Clinton cannot find words to explain how a healthcare bill can go from $333 a month for a family of 4 – to just under $1,000 a month! This is a fact revealed in today’s news. I don’t think there are words to comfort a modest family that is hit with this. And for this family’s letter from Humana – there will be thousands opening the same letter. The increase is explained in part because the company has to comply with ACA (Obamacare). The $600+ increase is used by the ACA to pay for birthcontrol (Sandra Fluke’s needs), abortion and other “freebies”. It will also pay for the subsidies needed by those who cannot. NO, Bill Clinton is not up to this job. I am amazed that Bill wants to “taint” himself with the stench from Obama’s legacy bill – It only chips away at the prestige Bill has attempted to accumulate as Former President.

  8. Not one Democratic leader has has the decency to even make one single comment acknowledging how this bill is hurting Americans.

    People are losing jobs and full-time hours the promised benefits are not there.

    It’s clear that Democrats are all about their ideology and they don’t care about people.

    Democrats deserve to be voted out of office in 2014.

    1. What do you expect from people who did not return to the Senate floor to give their time and respect to listen to the parents of those in Benghazi who died alone undefended in service to their country.

  9. Mr. Obama could really have used Mr. Bill this morning at the U.N. No fainting fans, no shout-outs, no “we love you”, no Presidential Podium, no “Hail to the Chief”, no human props — just a bunch of sleepy bored people waiting for him to finish likely the most dull speech he’s ever done. As usual, his hands got more active toward the end (a subtle cue to the audience?). He tried to walk out with a wave afterward, but was pointed to a seat where he awaited a “greeting” from the two leaders who sat above him and his TelePrompter as he tried to tread water through a chat in which he did stress American exceptionalism, while launching his own forty minute (or so) DRONE.

  10. Twenty years ago, almost to the day, the Gingrich-led Republican revolution resulted in Clinton’s massive mid-term losses in both chambers of Congress. Why? Hillarycare! Two years ago, almost to the day, Obama suffered the greatest mid-term losses in 70 years. Why? Obamacare!
    So here they are, two losers, still trying to shove big govt. down our throats.

    Toss the shrewish, unstable Hillary into the mix, and we have the worst of all possible worlds. In her 1999 book “HELL TO PAY”, Barbara Olson, who tragically was killed on 9/11 when her AAL flight crashed into the Pentagon, describes the horrors of Hillary’s aborted attempt to single-handedly take over the nation’s H/C system. Unfortunately we have an entire generation of Gen-Y’s who are clueless.

    – Snip –
    Hillary handled the growing public reaction against her plan by trying to create a new set of villains. She branded the insurance industry as liars: “It is time for. every American to stand up and say to the insurance industry, `Enough is enough. We want our health care system back.’ She lashed out at Representative Cooper. She flew around the country and was astonished to find hecklers in the audience. At a rally in Seattle, demonstrators carried “Heil Hillary” signs. She had to turn up the microphone and shout to be heard over the protestors.

    Hillary saw enemies everywhere, and saw any dissent as a Republican put-up job. “She’s a glib speaker,” noted a retired family practitioner who had seen her up close. “She can really rattle off the answers. But she doesn’t like you to argue with her. When a health insurance agent asked the perfectly reasonable question of what would happen to his job under her plan, Hillary answered, “I’m assuming anyone as obviously brilliant as you could find something else to market.” Then she added, just for fun, “I can’t go out and save every undercapitalized entrepreneur in America.”

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  12. So the United States “First Black President” is going to help the “Halfrican-American” president dupe the taxpayers?

    Only an incompetent, like Obama, would enlist an impeached and disgraced ex-president like Clinton to help “make an offer you can’t refuse.”

    Well maybe the Mafia….

  13. Bill certainly is good at “explainin’ stuff” to jus’ regular folkses. For example, explainin’ how a chonk of ice can keep a freshly bitten lip from swellin’ up, or how there’s more’n’ one definition of what “is” is…

  14. I remember when Clinton was pushing Congress to pass the Health Security Act of 1994 (Hillarycare). He said, “You don’t even need to read it, just vote for you’ll love it.”

  15. It’s unbelieveable. After all of the lies, failed programs, scandals, corruption, waste, incompetence and fraud, I still see people driving cars with obama/biden bumper stickers on them.

  16. Clinton is a good choice to talk about health. He never seems to have gotten an STD because he never seems to have done IT, except maybe one time. He preferred to use a claro or naturale rather than the usual appendage, an appaloosa I think his is.

  17. Why would bringing out a guy who lied to the whole country and was impeached to sell Obamacare, work any better than the liars in office today? Am I supposed to forget he is a liar and a pervert? All of these globalists have lost all credibility yet they keep calling on each other for support!
    Dumb ass Osama, I mean Obama, we reject your socialism and your so-called leadership. You are not my president and I do not recognize your authority anymore!
    Take your Obamacare and shove it up slick Willies @$$!

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  19. BJ Clinton is confused about what the meaning of the word is is, but he is the mastermind who is going to explain Obama’s health control bill to us. Kind of like when he says: “OK hon, this is going to happen one way or the other, so you might as well relax and enjoy it, heh heh.”

  20. Well, since we are talking a bit about Billy Jeff here is an interesting long peek into Clinton, his body man Doug Band, Davos and the world of the Clinton Foundation. Nothing scandalous or new but the swirl of connections, money, sucking up and intertwining points highlights once again the rewards of American political life. Not quite what the FF had in mind. And oh btw, Clinton has made upwards of 106M in speaking fees.

    Can’t imagine what a cesspool the Obama version will be.

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