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Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 24, 2013

10:10 am || Addresses United Nations General Assembly; The United Nations Complex
10:50 am || Meets with John Ashe, President of the United Nations General Assembly
11:35 pm || Meets with Lebanese President Michel Sleiman
12:50 pm || Meets with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon
1:15 pm|| Attends luncheon hosted by Ban Ki-Moon
3:00 pm || Meets with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas
4:55 pm || Participates in a conversation with Bill Clinton about health care reform; Sheraton New York Hotel
7:35 pm || Speaks at DNC fundraiser
9:40 pm || Departs New York
10:50 pm || Arrives White House

All times Eastern
Live stream of Obama speech at 10:10 am

21 Responses to Obama Schedule || Tuesday, September 24, 2013

  1. Well, the speech will probably attest to how comfortable Obama’s Amerika is with its new third world status and how pleased we are with our new ally Russia. He will also apologize for Amerikans who still have vestiges of attachment to private enterprise and individual rights for its citizens. He will work hard to increase the role of government in his country and to open the borders to all peoples of the world who support progressive ideology and recognize the correct path of the true party, the Demokrats.

    Once again we will be lucky to escape this adventure of the boy king with our security and sovereignty intact.

    And looky, healthcare, the Clintons and a demokrat fundraiser for Hillary no doubt and some Republican bashing to top it all off. Some of that Republican bashing will also be honed during the UN speech.

  2. Every country in the world present, and he meets with Lebanon and the PA? Really? Not any allies to maybe work out plans to keep the rest of the world from being blown up?

  3. Wonder if he’ll actually make it back to the White House by 11 or if he’ll be partying all night. Or both! I guess the two aren’t mutually exclusive.