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Obama to Americans: You Need to Care More

President Obama Sunday suggested Americans may not care enough about gun violence, indicating that insufficient outrage about killings with firearms is behind the failure to pass his gun control agenda.

Second Amendment advocates believe they care as much about Obama about the killing of innocents but that other measures, including arming for self defense – particularly in “gun-free” zones – keeping guns away from dangerous people, treatment of mentally ill individuals such as the Navy Yard shooter, and other changes are in order instead of new government restrictions on a Constitutional right.

Speaking at a memorial in Washington Sunday for the victims of the Navy Yard shootings, Obama said Americans may need to simply care more to do things that are “politically uncomfortable” and make the country safer.

Do we care enough to keep standing up for the country that we know is possible, even if it’s hard, and even if it’s politically uncomfortable? Do we care enough to sustain the passion and the pressure to make our communities safer and our country safer? Do we care enough to do everything we can to spare other families the pain that is felt here today?

Our tears are not enough. Our words and our prayers are not enough. If we really want to honor these 12 men and women, if we really want to be a country where we can go to work, and go to school, and walk our streets free from senseless violence, without so many lives being stolen by a bullet from a gun, then we’re going to have to change. We’re going to have to change.

In addition to lacking the proper compassion, Americans need to accrue more wisdom, Obama said:

Wisdom comes through the recognition that tragedies such as this are not inevitable, and that we possess the ability to act and to change, and to spare others the pain that drops upon our hearts. So in our grief, let us seek that grace. Let us find that wisdom.

Obama said the country was beginning to accept mass shootings as “the new normal.” And yet the president himself barely interrupted his public day even as the massacres unfolded, mentioning them only briefly before unfurling a previously planned partisan attack on Republicans.

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  1. Obama again showing his lack of good taste and good manners.
    If I were a family member of any of those being memorialized, I would be highly offended at his using the occasion to make a political speech.
    They are all probably wishing the active duty Navy personnel working that day had been armed and that Political Correctness, combined with lax security background checks, had not come into play.
    Remember the day of the shooting Obama was giving another harsh political speech slamming Republicans for everything.

  2. In his speech on Sunday, Obama lays open his thought process (again) and his political approach to issues. Here we go: Obama creates a phony problem, where there is no problem. He then completely misdiagnoses the “problem”. He then proceeds to apply the worst possible solution to the “problem”. And then he gloats over his “solution”. Oh, he’s transparent all right. But not in the way he thinks he is.

      1. For sure they are. But they don’t happen because “Americans don’t care”. The Mexican citizens, including mayors as well as an American Border Patrol agent who were murdered in Obama’s Fast and Furious caper were not gunned down because “Americans don’t care”. The four Americans killed in Benghazi were not killed because “Americans don’t care”. That premise isn’t the root cause of any of these mass killing episodes. One area we could look at is the conflict between background checks and the HIPPA laws. That would identify (maybe) the people who have severe psychiatric issues who shouldn’t be buying guns and killing others. That’s where I would start “fixing” the problem.

        1. “The Mexican citizens, including mayors as well as an American Border Patrol agent who were murdered in Obama’s Fast and Furious caper were not gunned down because “Americans don’t care”.’

          This is a repost from yesterday. The Mexicans in Michoacan have had enough.

          In the roiling Mexican state of Michoacan, where much of the nation’s illicit and million-dollar meth trade is based, all-out war is raging in broad daylight.

          Outlaws from the exceptionally nasty and cult-like cartel Knights Templar launch blazing gunfights in city streets against thousands of federal troops dispatched by President Enrique Pena Nieto, making the humble state one of the most dangerous in Mexico.

          No one knows how many villagers and soldiers have been killed, but on any given weekend of late, local media have reported numbers as high as 50 in a single town.


          Now armed civilian militias have stepped into the fray, saying they’ll protect themselves, thank you very much, from organized crime thugs who’ve robbed, raped and terrorized villagers who had the temerity to try to go about daily life in a rural state that appears to have disintegrated into wanton anarchy.


          He spoke with The News via a mobile phone from the town of La Ruana. He asked that his name not be used for fear of reprisal from the Knights Templar, whose founding members announced their 2006 arrival into cartel life by rolling five severed heads into a Michoacan disco.

          “We had to do something. We were dying,” said the member of Por Un Michoacan Con Libertad (For a Free Michoacan), a self-defense group that started standing up to the Knights Templar and its extortion racket that charged “fees” to poor farmers for everything from picking limes to having children.

          Their numbers have dwindled from 300 to 200, he said, because militia members fearing for their lives fled with their families to Tijuana, where they are seeking asylum in the U.S. Twenty-five civilian soldiers have been killed, he said.


        2. “One area we could look at is the conflict between background checks and the HIPPA laws. That would identify (maybe) the people who have severe psychiatric issues who shouldn’t be buying guns and killing others. That’s where I would start “fixing” the problem.”

          I wonder about his visits to the VA. And, I wonder why the information from the local cops never made its way up the chain of command. And, what about his being kicked out of the BEQ because of his claims that there were noises coming from his closet? There were plenty of red flags but seemingly no one paid attention.

          1. Good points. When you look at the background of these lone killers, all of them seem to have had severe psychological disorders which were not passed along to proper authorities–Newtown, the Colorado theater, the Naval Yard, etc.–all done by individuals who should never have had access to a gun because of their disorders.

      2. But not for the reasons he is laying out. We have a mental health issue in this country, not a mass shooting crisis. He fails to get the correct cause and effect. But, as he fails at everything else, there is no suprise there.

        1. The closing of mental health institutions across America, is right up there with some of the worst decisions ever made. The closures along with the near impossibility of getting the mentally and dangerously ill evaluated and confined needs to be addressed yesterday.

          1. I had the extreme joy of transporting the violently mentally ill to the hospital at Police request in my medic days, and this was back when deinstututionalization had just become the word of the day, so sociopaths of all stripes were being served up into unsuspecting communities without warning, with the primary reason for this change of heart being, apparently, Jack Nicholson made a scary movie once that made folks worry about meaness in mental hospitals.

            Many of these folks were then shifted to “community based” mental health settings. This meant the County gave someone 10 hours of “training” and a small stipend to house the mentally ill in their very unsecure homes. Most had as many as they could fit, because it meant more money. Weren’t they surprised, though, to find out these folks were, well, crazy?

            The police KNEW the politicians would NOT support them in most cases, so they generally only “red tagged” someone once blood was drawn. If the Police made the request, you could be sure it was BAD.

            It’s well known to anyone with even passing familiarity with “mental health” issues that anyone who can answer 3 simple questions would be released from the hosptial forthwith, and believe me, psychopaths are not stupid. They learned quickly. Typically, they were back out before I got my paperwork done. I’m surprised they never asked for a ride home.

            At most, they would get a 72 hour hold, followed by an unconditional release if they could avoid killing someone for 3 days. They would then return to the scene of the crime and, frequently, repeat it. And the cycle would start again…

            Because they were mentally ill, they could not be otherwise held responsible for their crimes. Kinda like Democrats, I suppose…

            BTW, don’t tell me they need guns. The folks I saw were pretty handy with; teeth, baseball bats, tennis rackets, rocks, knives of all descriptions, and – in one case of a guy who told me the fact he was G_d excused his attack on the minister that was trying to help him – an acoustic guitar worked pretty well. Sure, the body of the guitar collapses after a couple of meaty blows that just stun the guy, but it leaves a nice jagged edge on parts that remain attached to the fretboard that is PERFECT for stabbing and slicing!

            I once saw a guy beat another guy into the hostpital with his own fake leg. Not for the first time, either, I’m sorry to say…

            But the champions have to be the arsonist. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the carniage THESE guys can cause when the voices in their head do a little planning and tell them to douse all the exits of a sleeping family’s house BEFORE they flick the Bic to get all the pretty lights going…

            Don’t tell me they need a gun. I know better.

    1. It’s the Alinsky way, Marcus. “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” Seems the American people who aren’t going along with Preezy’s agenda are his primary target.

      1. I heard an interesting comment on the Chris Plante Show this morning: “Obama sees his enemies as Americans who oppose his policies, more so than he sees international thugs as his enemies.” He certainly has targeted, frozen and polarized Republicans, the Tea Party, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, etc. When he “taught” at the U Chicago as an adjunct instructor, he taught Rules for Radicals, and had a course which emphasized how Black were mistreated by the US Constitution. He was no more of a “law professor” than my dog Buddy.

  3. Every time MrObama lets us know he wants to de-arm America, the more suspicious we become. Aside from the fact that we like to own firearms, they are part of the reason we don’t have tea time here.
    He conviently never mentions that the largest mass murder of Americans was committed by box-cutters and airplanes. Not one shot was fired, but 3,000 people died in that event.

    DanielGreenfield’s (sultan knish) essay “The Central Planning Solution to Evil” is one of the best explanations of why we resist government gun control, and why we should. The novel accumulation and use of firepower by previously unarmed government agencies such as the Social Security administration are worrisome and frightening.

    MrObama should direct his anti-gun rants to the Mayors of Chicago or Detroit where mass shootings happen every day.

  4. People have killed each other since the dawn of time. It will continue to be so until the end of time. Whether guns are available or not, the killings won’t stop.

    The only thing that prevents one human from murdering another is conscience. Individual accountability/responsibility, moral compass, accepted norms, etc.

    When you live in a country that devalues life to the extent that we kill the most innocent among us, and fight for the right to do so, are we surprised when the value for other human life has eroded?

    Guns aren’t the problem. Lack of value on human life is the real problem. The unwillingness to address the mentally ill is another facet.

  5. Has anybody else heard the report that there were Marines in the area of the shooting with weapons and no bullets ?
    You can thank Bill Clinton for signing an EO in 1993 disarming the troops on our bases.
    ALL of those troops have to qualify on firearms, even the women.
    It is ridiculous to establish a gun free zone on a military base.

    1. Yes, I read a report that someone on base had a weapon but no ammo. That EO needs to be over turned. Our military bases are sitting ducks with no way to defend themselves yet I would think they’d be major targets in an attack.

  6. Maybe BO’s message would resonate if he took his Mr. TelePrompter sermon to Chicago. I’m sure his good buddy mayor Rahm could use his words of wisdom and inspiration to resolve his string of mass shootings and killings in the streets happening on a daily basis. Of course, both of these individuals are smarter than the average voter and realize that their words secure votes not save lives.

  7. He also said the fight for gun control ‘ought to obsess us’.

    I can’t imagine what the familes must have been thinking as they listened to this political diatribe. He ran the gamut of emotions from “A” to “B” as he read the self-serving words of his speechwriters – barely looking up at the grieving faces of the families. He can’t speak from the heart…because he has no heart.

    On the other side of the spectrum, Obama might be ‘wise’ to re-think the gun-free zones on military bases. How many lives could have been spared at Ft. Hood or the Navy Yard if just one armed person had been the area?

    1. Obama brought up Fort Hood in the speech and its victims.
      And yet this Imperialist disregards the victims and their families by maintaining and insisting this was a “work place” horror instead of it being a Terrorist attack.

      This man is a liar, a thief, a vicious hater of this nation’s values. Only his opinion and his rationale matter.

  8. Obama’s propensity to always blame everyone but himself for our problems is incredible.

    Keith, perhaps you can identify the last time that he took accountability or responsibility for anything. I honestly can’t recall.

    And your last sentence highlights a very disturbing trend:

    Benghazi – off to a Vegas Findraiser
    Syria – off to play a round of golf
    And now this.

    Quite simply, he is unfit to hold the high office that he was twice elected to.

    1. he is unfit to work in any capacity in which accountability, civility and leadership is involved.

      Any condition in which results are needed and graded, he is unfit for.

  9. The irony is that President Obama seems to agree with the implicit presumptions of former SCOTUS Judge Tanney when he wrote the infamous Dredd Scott opinion. Judge Tanney reasoned that “Negros” could not be recognized as citizens because doing so would bestow upon them the right to own property, vote, seek political office, and horror of horrors, bear arms. Judge Tanney felt no need to elaborate about why these points were valid objections because in his society it was presumed that Blacks were irresponsible.

    In modern America, Blacks account for only 1/8 of the population yet FBI-SHR data shows that just as the Navy Yard gunman was Black, Blacks commit over 1/2 of all homicides and 2/3s of gun homicides. Why are modern African-Americans so eager to embrace and confirm that Judge Tanney’s argument that they should not have rights because they are inherently irresponsible?

        1. That could’ve been part and parcel of his mental illness. Of course, that doesn’t mean everyone who sees himself as a victim of racism is insane, but to me, the main factor in what he did was mental illness.

  10. Of course Barry boy knows that a complete Marxist/ Communist takeover of America isn’t possible if ‘We the people’ are armed, at least not without a helluva lot of bloodshed to both sides, and possibly Barry boy himself suffocating in his own blood, that’s how much we care.

  11. I don’t know whether to put this here or on the thread below. Obama’s ultra liberal friends at the Guardian have an op-ed called “World Must Intervene on American Gun Use”.

    1. A few years ago, I would have laughed that off. Now… nope. At the rate we are going and the way the US is being made to look by our own leader, maybe it won’t be long before the UN will see fit to intervene and take care of our “gun problem”. That is so frightening.

  12. It’s too bad they didn’t care when the Navy Yard shooter called 911 with complaints about his microwave talking to him… Of course, it is more important for mentally ill people to have the RIGHT to be unstable and not take meds to help them than it is for people to have the RIGHT to defend themselves against those same mentally ill persons. I mean, after all there is no way one of those mentally ill persons would come after people with a knife or any other type of weapon, if they couldn’t get a gun. Of course, they wouldn’t be able to kill as many people with a knife so it wouldn’t such a tragedy. Except of course the tragedy that mentally ill people, ones that are not sane enough to distinguish that a microwave can’t talk to them, are left on their own to muddle through and very often commit suicide, well that isn’t the tragedy we care about.

    1. “Except of course the tragedy that mentally ill people, ones that are not sane enough to distinguish that a microwave can’t talk to them, are left on their own to muddle through and very often commit suicide, well that isn’t the tragedy we care about.”

      We can thank the Progs, including the ACLU, for forcing the release of the mentally ill.

  13. So what is the Obama Admin’s definition of “normal” and what is the real purpose of “government” and its operations today? Watching the documentary about Operation Azorian last night made me wonder if such a feat could be achieved today by today’s out of control, disjointed/disfunctional, pay to play bureaucracy we call the US government esp with this lying airhead president who has sealed all records of his, and his family’s past in charge. That last point is worth noting because everyone who applies for a security clearance MUST disclose ALL past addresses, records, associations, incl family members records to be investigated and verified – the very things Obama has sealed from the American public.

  14. You are so right, Mr. President: You and your ilk need to change, that is the only “We” that needs to change and do some things that are “politically” uncomfortable for liberals: obey your oath of office and defend our Constitutional rights.

  15. I don’t suppose he’d like to start by controlling gun (and tank, and warplane) shipments to Islamic terror groups like the Muslim Brotherhood?

    I care very deeply about THAT! Control away, Prezzy…

  16. The last thing that “dropped upon my heart” (odd phraseology) was back in the eighties when as a newlywed sunbather on a hot Florida beach I was the recipient of a flying seagull award.
    That early lesson in humility helped me see that nothing worse would likely happen that day.

  17. Your last statement says it all: ” And yet the president himself barely interrupted his public day even as the massacres unfolded, mentioning them only briefly before unfurling a previously planned partisan attack on Republicans.”
    How callous and hypocritical of him.

  18. He never learns, always criticizing the U.S., any chance he gets, loves it. He definitely has a screw loose to talk like that at such a tragic event. I saw him hugging a woman and i couldn’t believe any person would go near him. He never wants to give anyone any hope, just turn the screws in more.

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