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Lois Lerner: You Can’t Fire Me, I’m Quitting!

Lois Lerner, the IRS official who helped run the targeting of conservative groups, is trying to get out of town ahead of the posse and retiring, according to reports.

Lerner took the Fifth before a congressional committee in May, claiming she had done nothing wrong. Which doesn’t exactly explain why she took the Fifth.

Recently unearthed emails by Lerner raise doubts about claims that the IRS targeting was a rogue operation run out of Cincinnati, as claimed by IRS officials.

According to Politico, Lerner was about to be fired.

A Democratic congressional aide said the IRS was moving toward terminating Lerner after completing an investigation into her role in the targeting controversy.

The IRS found that Lerner mismanaged her department and was “neglectful of duty” but found no evidence of political bias, the aide said.

Lerner’s attorney has expressed interest in immunity in exchange for testimony before Congress, according to Politico.

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  1. The Drudge headline suggests that she is “taking the fall.” What does that mean and fall for whom?
    She needs to be forced to testify and sent to jail if she is guilty.

    • Keith,
      Is Lois Lerner ‘quitting’ or ‘retiring’ or is she being fired? What is the correct term? Someone needs to determine exactly how her departure is being described.

      With her ‘paid leave’ and with a ‘severance or retirement’ package, she will be well compensated!

      The tax-payers monies for members of the Fed Gov’t NOW cover free healthcare for selves and families, 18+ paid holidays, paid office personnel/expenses, travel expenses, 3 weeks paid vacation, unlimited sick days, etc. The retirement packages are outrageous, too. Is she retiring?

      Lois Lerner and the bho adm for whom she works have cost Americans their TRUST in gov’t and squashed our ‘free speech’ rights. The IRS has become another ‘DC Bully” just like the ‘prez – Bully-in-Chief!’ jb

    • “Well, I guess ABC, CBS and NBC will have to peep out from under their media blackout of the criminal IRS to 5 second this resignation” – gracepmc

      They will, pointing out all the while how cruel Republicans forced this paragon of virtue out in an unwarranted, highly partisan attack that’s just part of their overall “War on Women” strategy…

      Look for a nice bioptic closer to the election; “Standing Strong Against The Elephant; The Louis Lerner Story”. Will make a nice lead-in to a Hillary miniseries…

      • I know, “Lois”, not “Louis”. Sorry, but she’s SO much MORE of a man than her erstwhile boss ever was, that it may have just been a Freudian slip…

  2. This woman is one of the most corrupt government heads in quite some time. She should be arrested, tried and sent to jail for at least 10 years for her crime! She’s committed a crime by targeting conservatives, using the (unauthorized) authority of the IRS! Allowing her to retire is to allow her to plead the fifth and then get away unscathed! Martha Stewart went to jail for two years for not reporting her income, but this biotch gets a free out-of-jail pass–when she’s overwhelmingly guilty!

  3. “I’d like to exercise my right not to speak but before I do, I’d like to speak.”

    -Lois Lerner

    fyi: Whitey Bulger recently had a guy killed who was about to testify against him. Hillary fell and bumped her head before she was about to testify. This is de regeur.

  4. Don’t start throwing things at me, but she is taking the fall for the very people who encouraged her to go after the conservative groups. Several important Dems actually wrote letters advising the IRS to look closely at these groups, and of course, the constant drumbeat from the Dems and the MSM that tea party activists was equal to terrorist/anti-government radicals could have led her to believe she would be protected from any accusation of wrong-doing..

    The powers that be knew what she was doing, maybe even encouraged her to do more, butt until she realizes that she is taking the brunt of the damage for people who don’t give a fig about her, her reputation, or her future, we’ll not know all the answers.

    We know very little about her or her past, butt we can assume that she was a dedicated government worker who took pride in her position. Now, she’s a disgraced government tool on the same level as the once heralded Susan Rice.
    Used by those who care nothing for others, and left to swing alone is not good for morale anywhere.

    • “We can assume that she was a dedicated worker who took pride in her position” I hope you are kidding…… If not, what government? The Democrat Party Government or The United States of America?? She is not a whistleblower. She did nothing but subvert the laws of the U.S. She used the IRS as a weapon to deny free speech.

      She needs to be arrested and she needs to use all here retirement money to pay attorneys to try and keep her from wearing an Orange Jumpsuit. It is the only way for her and those who thinks they can use the IRS as their personal political weapon. She needs to do a perp walk with handcuffs and a trench coat over her head. Maybe, Government employees will think twice prior to abusing their limited power.

    • I doubt that things will be that bad for her. To some she undoubtedly is of heroic stature, taking one for the team. Her husband is with an influential law firm that regularly hosts Dem. fundraisers — one of their partners is a newish Obama ambassador.

      Disgrace, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder and fades over time.

    • actually, we know quite a lot about her past. among other things, she’s been a Democratic operative in one manner or another for most of her professional life.

      and it goes without saying that she’s taking the fall for the bigger fish. but she still gets a large share of responsibility for what happened–and is in fact still happening–at the IRS.

    • “…we can assume that she was a dedicated government worker who took pride in her position. ” – srdem65

      Maybe, if she was dedicated to ignoring the “rule of law” and took pride in partisan use of government office…

      Sorry, she’s a political hack, always has been and will be. She was doing this stuff in her LAST job, too.

      “WASHINGTON — As soon as the Constitution permitted him to run for Congress, Al Salvi did. In 1986, just 26 and fresh from the University of Illinois law school, he sank $1,000 of his own money, which was most of his money, into a campaign to unseat an incumbent Democratic congressman. Salvi studied for the bar exam during meals at campaign dinners.

      He lost. Today, however, he should be invited to Congress to testify about what happened 10 years later when as a prosperous lawyer he won the Republican Senate nomination to run against a Democratic congressman named Dick Durbin.

      In the fall of 1996, at the campaign’s climax, Democrats filed with the Federal Elections Commission charges alleging campaign finance violations by Salvi’s campaign. These charges dominated the campaign’s closing days. Salvi spoke by phone with the head of the FEC’s Enforcement Division, who he remembers saying: “Promise me you will never run for office again, and we’ll drop this case.” He was speaking to Lois Lerner.

      After losing to Durbin, Salvi spent four years and $100,000 fighting the FEC, on whose behalf FBI agents visited his elderly mother demanding to know, concerning her $2,000 contribution to her son’s campaign, where she got “that kind of money.” When the second of two federal courts held that the charges against Salvi were spurious, the lawyer arguing for the FEC was Lois Lerner” – George F. Will

      Actually, her star rose and fell with Obama in more ways than one. Here’s a little about her husband’s work on The One’s behalf;

      “IRS Exempt Organizations Division director Lois G. Lerner, who has been described as “apolitical” in mainstream press coverage of the IRS scandal, is married to tax attorney Michael R. Miles, a partner at the law firm Sutherland Asbill & Brennan. The firm is based in Atlanta but has a number of offices including in Washington, D.C., where Miles works.

      The 400-attorney firm hosted an organizing meeting at its Atlanta office for people interested in helping with voter registration for the Obama re-election campaign.”

      And, one of hubby’s law partners got an Ambassadorship (no, not Libya),
      “Longtime Sutherland partner David Adelman, the former Democratic minority whip of the Georgia state senate, serves as ambassador to the Republic of Singapore in the Obama administration.”

      And wasn’t it easy for Obama’s half-bro, Abon’go, to get HIS tax exemption PERSONALLY signed by Lois herself!

      “This is not the first of Lerner’s connections to the president to surface. Earlier this week The Daily Caller reported that Lerner personally signed the tax-exemption approval for a shady charity run by Obama’s half-brother, after an inexplicably brief one-month application process. (Related: Lois Lerner approved exemption for Obama brother’s ‘charity’)”

      The “investigation” may have been a little cursory, seeing as how there’s some question as to whether this “charity” even exists;

      Yep, she’s proud. Proud of her corruption in her partisan cause, that is…

  5. I don’t think Lois ever faced firing. It is near impossible to fire a government bureaucrat, especially one who has been a good and loyal fixer for the ruling class her entire career. Even if she was fired, she wouldn’t be fired for long. The government union would see to that. Like a boomerang these worthless bureaucrats always come right back to suck the lifeblood of the American people. Time for a special investigator into the IRS, Congressman Issa. You let her slip away when she gave a speech before taking the the 5th, now you’ll never get her in front of your committee. Or is your investigation just bread and circuses to satiate the masses?

    • Susan, I agree with everything you wrote, except for the union comment. Someone at her paygrade is not part of the union. I’m a fed and at least one grade below her and I’m not a union member.

      • I stand corrected. One question. Do you have a choice to join the union, or are you not allowed because at certain grade levels you’re considered management?

  6. No evidence of political bias, my sweet patootie. She did not operate in a vacuum, and I believe the WH Chief Counsel has already been implicated. The Republicans had better not play nice and drop the ball.