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George W. Bush: Obama Should Play Golf!

President George W. Bush, who stopped playing golf during his presidency because he thought it would seem frivolous during wartime and an insult to the parents of our soldiers, said Obama should nevertheless continue with the sport.

In an appearance taped for the Golf Channel, Bush said:

I see our president criticized for playing golf. I don’t. I think he ought to play golf. I know what it’s like to be in the bubble. I know the pressures of the job, and to be able to get outside and play golf with some of your pals is important for the president. It does give you an outlet.

Well, I think Bush is being his usual magnanimous self, and he is, after all, speaking to the golf-obsessed. But, whatever. We’re still going to be counting Obama’s outings around here, because:

1. I’m not convinced Obama’s working very hard. Bush got to the office about three hours before Obama does. And Obama already works out an hour a day, I suppose as a “release” from the stress of the job.

2. Obama somehow survived all the pressure in 2012 when he drastically scaled back his golf because, of course, there was an election to be won.

3. Millions of unemployed and underemployed citizens in the Obama economy are experiencing terrible stress and are unfortunately unable to afford green fees. Also, the Taliban is not making the fairways of Afghanistan available for our troops.

The fighter for the middle class and the leader of our nation during hard times and war might think of a hobby less redolent of privilege.

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    • Barbara and Jenna were adults when he moved into the White House. Barbara was at Yale, and Jenna was at UTA. As for FCMABBHO’s daughters, they are now at the age–especially Malia–when hanging out with the parents on the weekends is not a barrel of monkeys.

      (I can’t believe I’m defending this shit. I loathe jerks who spend their weekends on the greens. At least, unlike my ex-husband, he’s not dropping up to $300.00 a day. Oh, wait. He’s spending OPM.)

  1. I owe George W. Bush a big fat apology.

    I was not a Bush fan. in fact, I disliked him strongly. (I hadn’t seen the light yet and was still a Democrat at that time. hey. don’t blame me, it’s how I was raised! I didn’t know any better!)

    but he has shown nothing but classiness since he’s been out of office. what a magnanimous and understanding thing to say! Bush wasn’t reacting to Obama as if he were “the enemy,” he was empathizing with him as a fellow human being with the pressures of the presidency on his shoulders.

    I wonder if Obama is classy enough to understand and remember that–he may want to try it someday.

    • So has Laura. (although she is probably laughing at Mooch).
      I really can’t remember her doing push-ups on TV.
      I would give real money to watch Obama take a chain saw and clear brush.
      Whoa,… maybe that’s what Michelle is going to do next !

      • “I really can’t remember her doing push-ups on TV.” – AFVet

        I WISH I couldn’t remember Moochie disgracing 200+ years of American history by racing in a sack with a talk show host in the People’s house…

    • “(And I don’t think he’s “the smartest person in the room” either.)” – CAR

      Sure he is, when the room is filled with Biden, Kerry, McCain, Carney, et. al. …

      This is why he has such wonderful folks around him in the FIRST place, and why his departments are all a fabulous mixture of arrogance and incompetence. It’s not allowed to outshine the Boss, and that sets the bar SOOOOOOO low that Hermes would have difficulty clearing it…

  2. I agree, #1, 2, and 3 are spot on. Although George Bush’s opinion on Preezy’s golf doesn’t mean much to me. Golf is not the only thing these two agree on. They both tried to pass amnesty for illegal aliens through Congress too.

  3. Yikes! Hope Dubya’s kind words do not result in a golfing invite from his successor: “Hey, George – this is Barack. Just heard what you said about me playin’ golf and all that stuff. How about lettin’ me bury the hatchet with a few rounds of golf this week-end? Now that I got myself re-elected, I can be more flexible. And besides, I need all the ‘buds’ I can get right now. George? Are you there? Hello?”
    (To be continued)

  4. Mr. Bush showed class with his statement, as opposed to Harry Reid who today called conservatives ” anarchist and fanatics “.
    Sterling example of Democrat leadership.

  5. GW is smart man. Take the high road, and encourage Obama to golf, and the Dems to keep doing what they are doing. Then the rest of the country will see just how out of touch the Dems are with the rest of the country, and watch the GOP get swept into office in a landslide.

  6. I was not a fan of many GW policies, but had to give him credit as a genuine human being that truly cared and had both class and integrity. He is showing much of it now with his commnents and actions out of office. Obummer is a big mouthed rabble rouser that has never, nor ever, will do the heavy lifting required of the office as he has shown again and again. If he plays more golf, maybe he will do less harm in DC. Here’s hoping to another mild winter so he can swing away!

  7. GW is a nice guy I’ll give you that, but never agreed with his politics.
    But anything said to feed the ego of Obama (‘Obama should play golf’) is not good.
    Does GW really know how pathetic, lazy, clueless & arrogant Obama really is when it comes to “working as President”. Someone should show GW “Obama’s daily schedule” and ask him what he thinks… (then again ‘nice guy’ GW will just laugh it off)
    Im sorry, but to defeat Obama & his nasty Democrat-Socialist sycophants we cant be nice guys like GW…

  8. But – but – but – George W. Bush is the root of all evil! Everything he says is wrong and stinks of brimstone! If George W. Bush says it, then it MUST be wrong? Right? Right?

  9. I missed it. What is the work that he does that is so hard? Pressure from getting his foursome together in time for tee time on the links? George, for any faults he may have had, is such a more superior being than the one in the chair now.
    Don’t entertain for a moment the thought that BO would EVER think of anyone but hizzelf. Dreadful person!