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Sunday Open Thread – September 22, 2013

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  1. Topics I have purused in alternative media sources:
    -Democrats walk before the Behghazi victims families talk;
    -Representative Pelosi attends Soros wedding;
    -“messing with” is added to the President’s vast vocabularly which includes a whole lot of a “bunch of (other) stuff”;
    -a millionaire government employee dies and his wife receives cash in the equivalent of a years salary = $174K
    I honestly do not know what to say….well, I know what to say, but I won’t.
    Although I find myself thinking of John Wayne’s famous line more and more frequently.

    1. May I add to your list?
      Obama spoke to the Congressional Black Caucus last night in what can only be considered a pandering and racist speech, working in gun control with reference to Chicago shooting where the gun laws are strict. During our college football game yesterday a commercial ran for a Black Dating Service. Is that not racial?

      Also on my mind today is sequestration. The Park Service has closed our White House to school children but has found the money to make videos promoting Islam????

      And my blood boils over when I think about those awful Democrats who walked out on the parents of those murdered in Benghazi during the House hearing.

      1. I hope everyone adds to the list, anneinarkansas!
        Do you know that Arkansas is God’s favorite state? Do you know why?
        Noah stepped off the ark and saw!
        (I am a product of SEMO and spent much time with relatives in Arkansas….go Hogs!)
        God bless you!

        1. Ladies, you have it well covered. Let me add the immigration issue. Nearly 2,900 illegals who were held on charges of sexually related crimes released into the general public. Not sure which crimes those are but I am assuming they include rape and pedophilia. California allowing illegals to get driver’s licenses and thereby having a photo id handy for the voting both. More Democratic states to follow.

          1. That is fantastic to Call Hogs at a wedding! We have done it everywhere!
            We listen for it on TV ballgames. We have been Razorback fans since childhood.

          2. Went to a Greek/Italian/French restaurant in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Best thing I can say about it; the portions were small!! The waitress didn’t come around very often – and that was a GOOD thing. I DID leave a decent tip so she wouldn’t follow us into the parking lot. All that being said, Eureka Springs is a GREAT place!!!

        2. Thanks…we were born and raised here and then transported many places in the world and USA…came back to God’s Country for Ozark Mountain retirement.
          Sooie Pig!

          1. I have family in that part of the world, both in the Dandridge area and the NC side of the mountain. It is a lovely area, but the Pigeon Forge/Kodak/Sevierville/Gatlinburg strip is pretty mobbed all the time now, and will only get worse with the leafers starting very soon.

            I’m kinda surprised that no one’s tried to get Dandrige re-named.

            (Sarc on)
            After all, it was the maiden name (sexist) of a woman married (oppressive) to a White, Slave-Owning General (too bigoted and war mongering to get into here, plus he was the first President under the Constitution of 1789, which is the document being used to oppress Obama). And that “Battle of Dandrige” sign downtown gots to go, it doesn’t villify the South enough!

            (Sarc off)

            No, I love the place, but it’s a different world where folks do things in their own way and on their own time schedules, with little need for help from the Government and not a lot of respect for Government interference.

            Obama would hate it…

      1. I saw that Sadie and it still makes my head spin. Burkas, no education and marrying 8 year old girls are soooooo wonderful for women. Especially the stonings for being a rape victim.

    2. One more comment from me…
      As I walked the dogs this morning and pondered the comments on this thread, it occurred to me that the reason the future of our republic seems so uncertain may be because we now have an agenda driven government. The concept of “by the people and for the people” is smothered in all these diverse agendas. Many, many diverse agendas – and in my opinion – the focus of many of these agendas is “I want MINE now!!!” rather than a desire to strengthen and support our love for God and our country.
      I love the United States of America. I love the safe and innocent childhood I enjoyed there. I love the opportunities I had to better my life and the lives of others through my work, my family and my church. I love the idea that someday I can retire in a home I own because I worked hard to earn the money to buy it. I love working hard for an employer and experiencing the sense of accomplishment for a job well done – for myself and my co-workers. I love going home at night to a well lit, warm (or cool) house, and smelling dinner and listening to the news on TV.
      I love being free and able….able to cook and clean and shop and drive and work and support myself and pay my bills and donate to my church and help support community endeavors.
      I love this country and I don’t want the land of the free and the home of the brave to end.
      I pray that there is an Isaiah in our midst.
      “…I heard the voice of the Lord, saying: ‘Whom shall I send and who will go for us?
      Then I said, ‘Here am I. Send me.'”

  2. The horrible events in Kenya are very much in the media over here right now. Terrorists from the Somalian Islamist Al-Shabaab attacked a shopping mall in Nairobi, popular with foreigners and tourists. 39 people dead ( will probably be more ), many wounded, some taken hostages. There were horrible scenes inside the mall, the terrorists singled out people who were not Muslims and allowed the Muslims to leave.
    When I heard about this I thought that now Assad must definitely be left alone to deal with the Islamists in his way. Why in heavens name are some of the Western leaders helping the Syrian “rebels” ? They all hate non-Muslims. We, the people, do not support intermeddling in Syria, I think it is true for the majority of us. An attack like this must be quite easy to carry out in our benevolent, unprotected Western countries. When will it happen in our malls? At Christmas time ? I feel strongly that Al Qaida is on the rise.

    1. I’m very afraid of what is going on in the US government. NJ Governor Chris Christie–the one you read us referring to as ‘Fat Boy”–received an award from CAIR for doing so much to fight Islamophobia. I’m not sure how deep the influence of the Muslim Brotherhood is in the American government and in Democratic politics and politicians. Hillary Clinton’s top gopher, Huma Abedin aka Mrs. Anthony Weiner, has relations in the Brotherhood, and this is the tip of the iceberg. Politicians will take money from anybody.

      1. The concept “islamophobia” is so frustrating. It´s used as a weapon whenever people try to speak out about the dark sides of this religion. And when will Western leaders raise their voices about the intolerance ( and worse ) towards Christians and other minorities in the Muslim world ? Is tolerance only a oneway road ?

        1. While we are at it why not get “Skinny Naked Potty-Mouthed Ballet Dancer” Rahm to get his city under control. It may be a gang war–but elected officials are supposed to stop wars within the US.

    2. The news has covered the story here, but not at length. I am forced to watch France 24 for in depth coverage. The body count has been reported to be over 59 with 175 wounded in Kenya. No one should be surprised considering the US embassy was bombed there in 1998.

      The Syrian “rebels” or Free Syrian Army initially wanted help from the West and when they didn’t get it, they accepted help from Islamic jihadi types for support. Now, as a result of non-intervention by the west, there are numbers of the Free Syrian Army, who have gone the jihadi route.

      BHO: AQ is “decimated” and “on the run.”

      1. Sadie and Julie, a new suicide attack in a historic Christian church in Pakistan today, at least 75 dead. Damian Thompson in Daily Telegraph is right when he writes ” Suicide attack kills dozens of Christians in Pakistan. Now, will the world wake up to the Islamic war against Christianity ? “. I would like Mr Obamas ( and Camerons and Hollandes ) comment on this.

        1. Don’t hold your breath waiting. The Islamic war against the Jews wasn’t televised and the war on Christians won’t either.

          First they came for the Saturday people and now they’re coming for the Sunday people.

        2. By the way, did you know that Al-Shabaab, mocking the US, last year put a bounty on Obamas head ? Bridget Johnson wrote about this in Pajamas Media. The bounty ? Ten camels.

    3. I’ll tell you what hacks me off: people spouting the lie that Islam is one of the Abrahamic religions. Sure, it’s a monotheism, but it has absolutely no connection to Judaism and Christianity because it was started by a delusional, war-mongering pedophile. Islam is closer to Satan than God.

      1. Islam is also more than a religion, it is a system of government that is totally incompatible with our Constitutional Republic. It is my belief that the world is waking up to the threat of the Islamic invasion. It is evident in the elections of Australia and Norway, where the citizens are seeing the effects of Islamic immigrants who attempt to impose their totalitarian religious beliefs on the general population. Unfortunately for America, our senior executive is either a member or fervent supporter of this evil cult, and he has given them full access to the levers of control in our government.

        1. You’re right: Islam is an ideology which is completely incompatible with our way of life. On one level, its disdain for the individual is Communism on LSD.

          I’m not the biggest fan of BNP but I support their efforts to fight Islamification.

        2. Susan and Mandy, agree with you . Islam is a grave threat to our open Western societies. We are too benevolent, too meek and unaccustomed to real violence. First they move their positions a little further in society and politics. You have to allow this and that , otherwise, islamophobia. Many immigrants, very large families. And then, a threat here, a threat there, an attack here, an attack there and our open societies could easily break. We have to stand our ground.

      2. actually Mandy, while I’m no fan of Islam, I have to correct you: Isam is indeed an Abrahamic religion.

        you and I may not care for it, but that doesn’t change the fact that the Torah story of Abraham and Isaac and Ishmael is also part of the Muslim tradition (with a few alterations).

        Abraham’s son Ishmael became the head of the Islamic “nation,” but his son Isaac got the birthright, and of course became the founder of the “chosen” people. there’s been trouble ever since!

        now, having said that: I believe that Islam is the reason for 99% of the wars, violence, and terrorism in the world today. but you need to know your enemy to defeat him, and pretending that Islam has “absolutely no connection to Judaism and Christianity” just confuses the issue.

        1. Islam was made up by a war-mongering pedophile! No one can prove that Mohammed (Piss Be Upon Him) was a descendant of Ishmael, and even if he were, ISLAM IS NOT A RACE!

        2. Islam has nothing in common with either Judaism or Christianity! Mohammad the Mad stole bits of Judaism and created a filthy death cult out of his own warped psyche. Islam never has and never will deserve the title “religion”.

        3. Well, the story of Ishmael is certainly in the Hebrew Bible. I’m just not so sure the Arabs are or can be proven the direct descendents of an Ishmael.

  3. The BEAT goes on…………………VA benefit backlogs for our Vet’s.executives have nothing to say.except……..’direct deposit’!
    At this point..What does it Matter?..
    Vegas,not Bengazhi,is what mattered to O’bummers and the Hollywood Brown Sniffers…all should be awarded the Ambassor Stevens Peace Prize.
    O’Care matters to Peloski…..”We have to pass the bill to know what is in the bill’! Of course none of the AffordableHealth Care Bill applies to ‘Fancy Nancy’…but she does ‘love it’.
    Chicago?.Chicago?..Golf T-times available ..Please check your weapons.
    Souls for Sale….Cheap!

  4. I’m sad that Charles Krauthammer acted like an ass on Brett Baier’s show on Fri night by criticizing the massive efforts of the House and the American people in demanding that ObamaCrap be defunded.
    What if The Patriots who started the Revolutionary War thought it would “make them look bad,” or make them “lose votes,” to stand up for what was right? Tea would be our national drink right now and Rugby would be our sport.

    1. Well said. I am weary of the talking heads using the excuse that the Republicans will be blamed. So be it. The effort is worthy. It is time we either win or fail relying on principle. I am also not so sure that in this that case the people don’t get it. Finally!

      1. We have accepted the “blame game” far too thoroughly.
        Let the fingers point – let the names be called!
        The hard working, country loving, tax paying citizens can withstand some finger pointing and name calling – especially if it originates from cowards who left rather than being brave enough to listen to the Benghazi victims’ families.
        We say…BRING IT!

        1. Agree. Krauthammer, Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, John McCain–they are the weak sisters in the Republican Party. They were far behind the American people on Syria. They should not be considered leaders or opinion makers. Obamacare is Syria on the domestic front.

          1. There is an interesting article on Real Clear Politics by Rich Galen entitled Why Obama may lose the shutdown battle. It adds perspective and should be read by those losing heart. If I was Cruz I would read it – a little respite from the beatdown he’s getting from both sides.

          2. I’ll go there and read it. Did you know that Miss Lindsey has come out for defunding Obamacare? He’s going to face a primary and sees the handwriting on the wall. Cruz knows this as well. He’s received well over a million signatures on his petition. He shouldn’t be discouraged. The Nervous Nellies in the GOP are the ones feeling the support he has.

          3. @Julie, I agree. The sky-is-falling crowd is only talking to each other on this issue. Immigration reform, too.
            Many political columnists and pundits have pointed out that the political ‘divide’ isn’t between Dems and Repubs, butt, rather between the citizens and our government.

            Any Congress/Senate member would have to be a real dunce to not realize that every one of those thousands who have lost their jobs, or have been downgraded to part-time work because of Obamacare are not happy and will remember who votes yay or nay.

          4. I saw that about Miss Lindsey — too little too late. But at least it takes his voice out of the stone Cruz crowd.
            Looks like his primary challengers are gaining steam. Works for me.

          1. Obamacare will be funded–but it will crumble as people learn they don’t “get” insurance but must buy it. And it will be a bad deal for the money. And to get help buying it, you get your own IRS agent to go over your books. Americans are stubborn–they will rear up.

          2. Medicare was supposed to crash and burn on LBJ too, but we see what happened there. They just keep throwing more and more of our wealth into that behemoth. Just like Reagan said, “The nearest thing to eternal life we will ever see on this earth is a government program.” Once implemented, Obamacare will never go away. That is exactly what the ruling class and the beltway pundits are salivating for and it is exactly why the sunshine patriots in Congress need to come clean and tell us where they stand. At least they should have the courage of their convictions and take an honest vote without any parliamentary tricks cooked up by the crypt keeper.

          3. It maybe end up being defunded by being postponed. I don’t agree with you on this one. Maybe an outright defunding will not pass the Senate and be vetoed by Nummy, but the Republicans have alternatives, e.g., postponing it until after the 2014 election. I would think many Democrats would go with that idea. The Republicans, the conservative ones, will reap a reward in 2014 if nothing else. You don’t do that by being lily-livered.

  5. The boy “president” knows that if ObamaCare is repealed and or defunded his “presidency” is politically dead. Obviously this is completely unacceptable to a “president” who aspires to not only keep his signature “accomplishment” rolling, but to take over the House as well. Barack Obama is fighting for his political life, the only life he has left since his actual stewardship as “president” has been an abysmal failure. Hell hath no fury like a Marxist scorned.

    1. The boy President also knows that if Obamacare is killed, then America might actually survive. And this is completely unacceptable to someone who grew up outside the US looking in with envy and spite, relishing the day that he would be able to level the playing field.

      1. I never looked at it from that angle, Owen, but I cannot disagree. My reasoning is that ObamaCare, like the Nobel Peace Prize, no matter how disastrous (ObamaCare) or how phony (the Nobel Peace Prize) having these “accomplishments” next to his name in the history books, considering Barack’s prodigious ego, is what really floats his boat. I mean the Me “president” cares more about himself than the leveling of the country, first and foremost.

    2. The boy president is now saying that passing ‘comprehensive immigration reform’ is his legislative goal now and his ‘legacy’, but it’s going nowhere in the Congress. They’ve heard from the American people on that issue too. I’ve read that the next chance for it to come up is 2017. BTW, I give the Republicans credit for having staved this disaster off.

  6. I just watched the clip of his speech last night at the CBC event. Has there ever been a president that has beaten up the opposition party as bad as MrO? It seems every time he says anything, it has to include how horrible the Republicans are. There is no debating with him. It’s his way or the highway.

    1. CBC — his peeps — Republican bashing — preaching to the choir.
      In the meantime on Chicago shooting Propaganda Issue 101 — oh the guns – oh the children.
      Going through the motions.

      1. I see that Chicago is considering calling in the National Guard to fix the murder problem.

        I hope they do it as soon as possible. When warfare breaks out between the armed thugs and the Guard, and the entire city goes into lockdown, maybe then the citizens of Chicago will wake up to realize that Government is not the solution.

          1. Wouldn’t it be up to Governor Quinn? Not that I trust him either. If anyone has to toe the line to Obama, it’s Chicago and Illinois Democratic politicians. Purse strings, you know.

          2. You are right. It would be Quinn I think. I don’t know the procedure. But the NG is not the solution. If we have an economic meltdown suspect Chicago on its way to becoming Detroit — but with better suburbs.

        1. How long would I live in an area where gunfire was a common sound, and every weekend was another version of the killing fields of Cambodia? Answer; long enough to pack my suitcase and beat feet.

          So, why does the law-abiding Black population stay in those Chicago neighborhoods where violence and murder are the two constants. Is the excitement of mayhem and violence that becomes addictive or is it a helplessness that keeps them hostage?

          1. The latter, I would say…They don’t want to be driven out of their homes. In DC, we could hear gunfire or at least a shot or two almost every nite–and this was in Cleveland Park. Part of city life–but not big firefights!

          2. As Rush would say, it’s the soft bigotry of low expectations, srdem. Many of the residents of these urban war zones have been beaten down by liberals who have no confidence in their ability to do for themselves. As a result, the residents of these hell holes lose that natural human yearning for independence and freedom, and scratch and claw for survival on the government dole. We can all thank LBJ and his Great Society for the disintegration of the black family. His policies are responsible for entrapping them on these liberal plantations for the last 50 years.

  7. Beautiful Sunday here in DC. Too bad bho and mooch have to attend the Navy Yard remembrance. We all know they’d rather be somewhere else. This administration cannot end quick enough.

      1. I read somewhere just recently that they haven’t been to church for a long time now. Maybe they’re waiting for J Wright to move his hateful sermons to the district.

        Semper Fi

  8. I can’t cite specifics right now but one of the things that drives me nuts is the Republican non response to alternatives to Ocare. There are alternatives proposed but Republicans either go mute or fold on this.
    You would think these people never had any communications training or debate prep.
    That said all of us should be in the fight – calling, emailing., writing etc. senators to vote against funding Ocare. This is one of those rare opportunities where public input can be persuasive.

    1. You are right Grace.
      Target the senators and warn them that if they do not defund this monstrosity, they will be toast the next time they are up for re-election.
      We have excellent memories.

      1. We should let all our legislators know, even the ones who are doing the right thing. They need to hear our support in the face of all the criticism from the MSM, the Democrats, and the Republican quislings. I just gave my congressman an atta boy.

  9. Sarah Palin’s article in Breitbart is the headliner on the Drudge Report this morning. Any conservative feeling down in the dumps over the treachery of the ruling class can take heart from her words. Her inspirational piece is like a call to arms for conservatives. She also lays waste to the gutless, backstabbing political pundits. Sarah doesn’t name names, but can’t help but see the image of Rove in her description. So buck up conservatives – “Let’s Roll”.

    1. And it’s Rove’s that suspected of sending Chris Wallace the oppo on Ted Cruz for his interview today. Cruz and Palin are a bigger thorn in the corporate GOP sides than the Dems are.

      1. Sunlight is the best disinfectant for the corrupt scourge that inhabits D.C. The RINOs have gotten away with telling us one thing and doing something quite different for way too long. No doubt in my mind it was the architect of disaster, Karl Marx Rove, who instigated the cowardly attack on Cruz. He even explains why they are attacking him as he continues to pummel Cruz during the panel discussion. According to Rove, Cruz and Lee dissed the party hierarchy by circumventing them and taking the issue straight to the people. Kinda like Reagan used to do now that I think of it.

  10. Last night was watching The Manchurian Candidate. It took me back to once having read a long article suggesting close analogies between Obama being the candidate ie. Spotty background, won an election promoting certain ideas,ruling exactly in opposite way, just a puppet,waiting to take down the people and government. I can see valerie Jarrett as his mother. WOW. Scary!

  11. “I want to know how many parents here are aware that the goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college…..Parents, take control. We’re sick of this. This is not a CNN political game. This is a public town hall… Listen, don’t stand for this. You’re sitting here like cattle. You have questions. Confront them. They don’t want to do it in public…. Parents, you need to question these people….Do the research, it’s online.”

    1. For many community college may be best–cheaper, shorter and prepares for available jobs…Some companies even offer specific training/work programs thru community colleges. I agree this lefty teaching tool has many flaws, but preparing kids for all levels of “higher ed” is a plus. Why is your comment in quotes–was it pasted from someplace?

      1. The point is not about which higher education a student gets but about the fact that parent who spoke out was arrested. The quoted bit was from the father.

        1. This sentence was in there…it wasn’t the point besides active parents speaking up?

          goal of the Common Core standards isn’t to prepare kids for full-fledged universities, it’s to prepare them for community college

          1. Yes, it is. Texas didn’t take the bribe from the Department of Education to set up Common Core, but the CSCOPE agenda is just as bad if not worse in its pro-Islam agenda. The conservatives in the Texas legislature were able to get rid of CSCOPE from the Texas curriculum requirements, but the radicals found a way around that by putting CSCOPE in the public domain and encouraging school districts to use the curriculum for “free”. Of course nothing in life is free, so it will be up to the parents of school children to know what is being taught to their children.

      1. The parents who allowed this nonsense to go unopposed are sheeple. He faces 10.5 years in prison for stepping out of line. I’m suprised the videos weren’t confiscated.

        1. I think, if you check, that many School Boards will not take new questions at a puiblic meeting. These days they require questions to be submitted in writing, in advance.

          1. Oh oh. My last comment got the old : “You are commenting too fast”. trick. That has to be one of the silliest cyber messages out there. In other words, “Dear post-er: you are much too quick for us. Our technology is out of date. Can we offer you a job in lieu of our being unable to keep up?”
            …wonder if I’m heading for SPAM again…

          2. It did.
            I hadn’t seen the clip, but did read about it. Sounded to me that Wallace was looking to stir the pot and give Rove his one minute of instant b.s. to bash Cruz.

          3. Karl Rove needs to slither off into the dark night, never to be seen again. And he needs to take McCain, Graham, Boehner, McConnell and a bunch of others with him. I’m tired of those old stuffed shirts doing what they want and not caring at all what their constituents want.

  12. ooh, I was about to write: “dozens of people have been murdered by Islamic terrorists at a mall in Nairobi, and nobody’s talking about it on the news”…

    but now I see that they are.

    and is reporting that Israeli forces are on the ground. if that’s true, this thing should be over soon.

    1. Israeli forces have joined Kenyan efforts to end a deadly siege by Somali militants at a Nairobi shopping mall, a security source told AFP Sunday.

      “The Israelis have just entered and they are rescuing the hostages and the injured,” the source told AFP on condition that he is not named.

      At least 59 people have been confirmed killed in the attack by Somali militants on an upmarket shopping mall in Nairobi, a government minister said on Sunday, as Kenyan troops battled gunmen still holding an unknown number of hostages.


      Somalia’s al-Qaida-inspired al-Shabaab rebels said the carnage at the part Israeli-owned complex was in retaliation for Kenya’s military intervention in Somalia, where African Union troops are battling the Islamists.


  13. Looks like Europes Ironlady Angela Merkel wins a landslide victory in the German election today. Her third period as Kanzler. Great that the most important country in Europe is having such a widely respected and admired leader. She is intelligent, no-nonsense, frugal, solid, with a strong sense of duty and a firm character , well, she is the opposite of everything Obama. Congratulations, Germany, and good for the rest of us as well.

    1. Ditto. She is the Margaret Thatcher of today.

      And congratulations to Sweden for Henrik Stenson winning the Fed Ex Cup in golf. You may not be interested in golf, but Stenson is the first European to win. I like him enormously because he has come from two very long periods of being down. I love an underdog who doesn’t give up.

      1. Oh great, Julie, I didn´t know that. Well, I am not very interested in golf although I live in a region with many golfcourses. I believe Henrik Stenson started his career playing at one quite close, Barsebäcks golfklubb. He has a great, strong psyche.

  14. Guess this isn’t really OT but I am reluctant to mention other blogs and drive traffic elsewhere but this is specific so it should be non competitive. Hope this is ok.
    Sundays are reading days for me and over at AOSHQ on Sundays they have a book thread. Ace of Spades may be an acquired taste but I like this thread a lot. It is very eclectic – novels, scifi, history etc. I have found some good stuff there. Some of you might like it. The comments _ like anywhere – might seem a little odd until you get the scent of the place.

    1. Read one comment asking the Germans if they want to trade a “Merkel for an Urkel”. Too bad Germany would reject that deal. What country wants an immature spoiled brat like we’ve got for a leader?

      1. Speaking of immature, spoiled brats, I’m the worst mother in the world because I refused to buy my 13-year-old son GTA V today after the salesman at the video store told me it has sex in it. I’m not talking about bare-chested, big-boobed women, but several instances of the actual deed itself. My son told me that he is the only one of his friends to not have it yet these kids all go to an extremely conservative Christian school. I’m flummoxed. I’m not really fine with bare-chested, big-boobed women in video games but I’m not gonna’ censor everything because that’s this generation’s version of sneaking a peek at the old man’s Playboy, but GTA V sounds like this generation’s version of Hustler.

  15. In the roiling Mexican state of Michoacan, where much of the nation’s illicit and million-dollar meth trade is based, all-out war is raging in broad daylight.

    Outlaws from the exceptionally nasty and cult-like cartel Knights Templar launch blazing gunfights in city streets against thousands of federal troops dispatched by President Enrique Pena Nieto, making the humble state one of the most dangerous in Mexico.

    No one knows how many villagers and soldiers have been killed, but on any given weekend of late, local media have reported numbers as high as 50 in a single town.


    Now armed civilian militias have stepped into the fray, saying they’ll protect themselves, thank you very much, from organized crime thugs who’ve robbed, raped and terrorized villagers who had the temerity to try to go about daily life in a rural state that appears to have disintegrated into wanton anarchy.


    He spoke with The News via a mobile phone from the town of La Ruana. He asked that his name not be used for fear of reprisal from the Knights Templar, whose founding members announced their 2006 arrival into cartel life by rolling five severed heads into a Michoacan disco.

    “We had to do something. We were dying,” said the member of Por Un Michoacan Con Libertad (For a Free Michoacan), a self-defense group that started standing up to the Knights Templar and its extortion racket that charged “fees” to poor farmers for everything from picking limes to having children.

    Their numbers have dwindled from 300 to 200, he said, because militia members fearing for their lives fled with their families to Tijuana, where they are seeking asylum in the U.S. Twenty-five civilian soldiers have been killed, he said.


  16. If you think about it, the reason “islamophobia” works so well and is used so often is that these people took their cue from the “Call ’em a racist” people. Worked for them, why not for Islam?

    1. Sec. Of the Navy delivered the most meaningful remarks – these patriots should not be defined by the tragedy, but by their good deeds (paraphrase). bho leads remarks with reference to previous gun violence. Fortunately, he is making specific reference to them as real people – that is good.

      1. Uh oh….he is denigrating America. UK, Australia so much better at managing gun crime…he is using the Navy Yard tragedy as his platform. He is the evil among us.

  17. I’ve lost about 10 comments (over hours,derrrr) to the “posting too fast” today. Even using the suggestions, couldn’t recover those comments.

    Congrats to the 131 that got through today !

  18. MOTUS comment of the previous week – before the cancellation of the WH concert due to the Navy Yard attack:

    “Whenever we have musicians or artists or movie stars come here to perform – which these folks will be doing this evening for a bunch of rich people and fancy people and all of that, right – the most fun is when we invite young people like all of you here during the day so that you get a chance to talk to these folks and learn from them.”

    Nothing but class..

    1. That Mooch sure has great command of the English language. In other words she’s telling her audience tough luck for them, right? They get to meet the “folks” who are performing for the royal gala, right? But they gotta hit the road before the rich and fancy people arrive, right?

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    1. Keith can not post everything out there.. so this is a nice way for other to contribute on what we see.. and feel. TY Keith for letting us express our hearts and minds.

  20. Is it just me, or doe’s anyone else find it refreshing to read that the massacre in Kenya is being called what it truly is, an act of Islamic terrorism, not ” work place ” violence.?
    The Israeli special forces involved in the counterattack didn’t get a ” stand down ” order.
    Amazing what true leadership can accomplish.
    Hope Barry enjoyed his day golfing.

    1. I turned on NPR in the car while going to Starbucks to pick up my copy of the NYT for the crossword and acrostic. The story about the attack made absolutely no mention of the religion of the attackers, nor did the story in the NYT. Fancy that. Coulda’ been a bunch of pissed off Methodists for all those stories reported.

        1. @Sadie
          I don’t think it will matter now. The Mrs will never shake the humiliation of what her husband did.

          Thinking… That last sentence could apply to both MrsClinton and MrsWeiner, couldn’t it.

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