As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Obama Schedule || Monday, September 23, 2013

11:25 am || Departs White House
12:35 pm || Arrives New York City
1:45 pm || Bilateral meeting with Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan; Waldorf Astoria
3:00 pm || Holds a Civil Society Roundtable; New York Hilton Midtown
5:20 pm|| Meets with USUN Mission employees and their families; Waldorf Astoria
8:50 pm || Attends reception for visiting heads of state; Waldorf Astoria

All times Eastern

24 Responses to Obama Schedule || Monday, September 23, 2013

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  2. I wonder if FCMABBHO’s meeting with Jonathan will include talk about the spread of Boko Haram, Ansaru and other AQIM groups. Boko Haram (which means Western education is a sin) has killed more than 4,000 since 2009, and controls a huge swath of land in the the north. They would love to get their hands on Nigeria’s rich oil fields and minerals.

    • Now, the Partier-In-Chief couldn’t do THAT, my heavens. He has to GO somewhere so he can spend more money on AF1 or Helicopter1 (or whatever it’s name is) or cause needless security issues & tie up traffic as much as possible, so he can strut & have photo ops & bring all of his staff & say “look at me, look at me, bow & genuflect, all”.

  3. More on his NYC schedule, looks like he’s giving a speech at the UN tomorrow …..

    The city is going to be in lockdown ! Last time I was in town the same time the UN was in session, many blocks just around the UN building were blocked off by cement trucks. I’m sure many crosstown streets and aves will be too since it looks like Obama may be staying several blocks away. Strange because there are some fancy hotels just across the street from the UN.

  4. Maybe he could squeeze in a meeting with Kenya to discuss their recent Muslim terrorism problem that appears to involve “U.S. Persons” as ATTACKERS?

    “New York Rep. Peter King, a member of the House Intelligence Committee, said on ABC’s “This Week” that al-Shabab is “one of the only Al Qaeda affiliates which actually has actively recruited here in the United States.””

    Read more:

    Nah, much easier to attack Republicans, although I’m sure he could find an opportunity to blame Bush in there somewhere…

    No worries, folks. Obama’s totally “decimated” worldwide Islamic terrorism, just ask him. I’m sure this is just some House plot to make Obama look bad. Although an explanation of Benghazi that doesn’t require a total suspension of disbelief would still be kinda nice, if someone could keep the Democrats in their seats long enough to, you know, actually get some facts and stuff…