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Video || Jon Stewart Roasts CNN’s Navy Yard Coverage

I don’t know, mainly I’m putting this up because it was amusing and I thought you’d enjoy it. But there is a larger point.

The news business has sunk to an abysmal depth. Nobody has any money, competition is fierce, and corners are cut everywhere you can find them. “Reputable” news organizations take one source and run a major story on the information as if they were sure it was fact. The old news saying – If your mother says she loves you, check it out, is a quaint anachronism.

Washington journalism has become sports coverage, with the focus mainly on politics. Speculation and opinion color every news article. I mean, I do opinion within my pieces, but I don’t claim to be objective.

There are consequence to this, and you see it in the White House coverage. Why do you think so little news gets broken out of the White House? It’s partly because reporters still get weepy when they hear the words of the Messiah, of course.

But it’s also because reporters are spending all their time figuring out who’s winning and who’s losing, and don’t really care about their essential function of holding government accountable. They lack any urge to get away from the speculation and the day’s fleeting events to dig up real news that’s not being fed them.

And so we have CNN desperately trying to create news when it doesn’t have any news. They’re doing show biz, not news. And I’m glad Stewart called them on it.

Ironically, of course, the state of journalism has declined to such an extent that lots of people now get their news from . . . Jon Stewart.

Anyway, have a look.

27 Responses to Video || Jon Stewart Roasts CNN’s Navy Yard Coverage

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  1. So, essentially, journalists are reporting news like a long rain delay during a baseball game who have; a) never seen a baseball game and b) making up the score for the portion of the game that has yet to be played.

    No wonder they’ve failed. Someone should have told them, three strikes and you’re out!

  2. During this event I switched FOX/CNN/FOX/CNN. They had a major attack on a military installation right in their back yard and no one would tell them anything. There were deaths, people wounded, but no one would step up to say anything to the public. For all we knew, a major terrorist attack was ongoing in Washington DC.

    I know the comedian thinks it’s funny that the people who give us our news didn’t know what was going on. His audience laughed every time he used the ‘f’ word, or commented on how stupid the newspeople sounded as they tried to make sense of what they were seeing, but, trust me, it wasn’t funny out here in flyover country.

    It’s not my nature to defend the carefully coifed talking heads on cable news programs, but in this case they tried to do their jobs without any cooperation from the police who through their silence kept all of us on edge. As a hundred vehicles passed them with flashing lights, helios circled the building, uniformed officers strolled by with AK47s at the ready, they newspeople had every excuse to try to imagine what was going on in the building.

          • Also–this story is already being shoved below the fold–the guy was funny, no troubled, no armed and hated car tires, tried to get a shrink–oh, well, another nut, let’s move on. Big story in the WSJ this AM on the people left limbless by those charming Boston brothers–they are in agony of PT, can’t wear their new limbs except a few hours a day–not over for them. And it’s not over and never will be for all these victims. They have a before-and-after event–nothing is the same after. Will they overhaul all the security clearance rules? Look at people with one who also have iffy notations in their file? Nah.

          • It didn’t say–you mean the hurt victims of this stuff? Oops–can’t say stuff, too presidential. Honestly since Boston was terror, I think Medicaid should pay or the govt–they had chances to stop these vermin. Same for letting that guy into the Navy Yard. But I don’t know the answer.

          • I went back to the story–these Boston amputees may need more accessible homes, expensive protheses. They have raised money themselves and have gotten some from the One Fund, estab by the mayor. They got $1.2 million or $2.2 million each depending on whether they lost one leg or two. One rehab hosp said insurers covered really expensive protheses. But the injured will face those expenses when these have to be replaced in 3-5 yrs. So acc to this it does not look like the govt is picking up the tab. If you do have insurance, can you imagine the wrangling? And these people are in miserable pain, need two people to hold them walking down a hall, can’t get to the john at night, etc. Day in day out, year in year out. Our bud Puty tried to tell someone these kids were bad news–but noooo…..

    • Yep. By its very nature, reporting is competitive. Forrest’s adage about being there first with the most is the goal. They have a news-hole to fill, and it’s often filled with speculation until the officials can find time to deal with the MFM. Even then, sometimes the official line can be wrong, as it was in this case about the existence of another black guy and a white guy.

  3. A little OT but still re. videos. There are two darkly comedic videos out on Obamacare that are going viral and grabbing attention. Also if people – especially young people – go to the website they can get good info. There is an article on this at The Daily Caller. Check it out. It is new and effective messaging from conservatives.

  4. Wonder if this is where that reporter got his “Sharknado” reference from? It is depressing to realize how many people get their news from the Comedy Channel.

    This is off topic, but has to do with the progressive police state. In the peoples republic of Maryland, this father had the audacity to interfere during a Common Core propaganda session for parents and he was arrested for assaulting an officer. Didn’t look he was the one doing the assaulting in the video.

    As he was being taken out, Small said, “Don’t stand for this. You are sitting here like cattle.” Then he said, “Is this America?”

    • I am hearing more and more about this latest educational guideline thingie. One bit for fourth graders was in the rapper Twista, acc to Fox. They mentioned a song title that had the word pimp in it and a parent went nuts complaining–but Fox was slanted–they said kids would be saying Mommy, what’s a pimp? To my knowledge they added this…A fourth grader may know–parents, catch up. Still maybe they could do Scott Joplin, Stevie Wonder or someone.

  5. The Naval Yard murders: is it only the Daily Mail that’s reporting the SWAT team was told to “stand down” and dismissed?
    I wonder if we could get the Daily Mail a Pulitzer? You know, for news reporting.

  6. They’re dangerous inventing the news. It was CNN and NBC, I believe, who posted the wrong name beside the picture of Aaron Alexis. They posted the name of a black Navy honorably discharged veteran with long service, first name Rollie and I forget the last. Saw that on Greta Van Susteran who encouraged Rollie to sue the network and cable and also to get on Google’s back to correct the story. Otherwise, the poor man’s name will be attached to the murderer’s photo forever, Rollie seemed overwhelmed and near tears. as most of us would be in his shoes.

    • Sad that it is the victim who has to try to clear his good name after these feckless, reckless fools wrongly identify him as the mass murderer. No wonder people are deserting Preezy’s Pravda and turning to new media. These fools are in such a rush to be first, they have total disregard for the facts of the story.

  7. Jon Stewart used to be incredibly funny and FAIR. But he became so political himself, and as biased, hateful, and one-sided as Nancy and Carney are. He was start struck by Obama and lobbed softballs to any Democrat he invited. He has no room to talk about biased, weak coverage; and he’s stating the obvious (and must think we’re stupid) if we don’t already know that ever since Gulf War I the 24-hr media cycle has become a wasteland of opinionated speculation on everything–this included. Anyone know if Jon took ABC/NBC/CBS to task for the editing Zimmerman 911 call to make him sound racist? No, Jon only goes for the lowest hanging fruit. And when he’s criticized says, “Hey, I’m a comedian, I get a free pass on everything.” We stopped watching him a long time ago.

  8. Having had clearances and badged access to high security military installations in and around DC, the first thing I thought of when I saw this was that somebody who should not have been given access/clearances was doing this. After retiring in 2005, one of my colleagues went to work for a company that investigated contractor employees for security clearances. He quit after about 6 months because he said that most of the individuals he was assigned to investigate were so sketchy that he wouldn’t have let them clean his house! BUT the investigative companies were playing quotas and didn’t care – pass em to get those clearances! That information, this incident, and others should tell you something about many of the contractors with security clearances and access – no matter where they come from or their background, to incl former military service.

    And don’t forget that CNN, et al., don’t want to piss off their big Pharma advertisers/drug pushers making $Billions off all the psych drug cocktails that it’s been shown that 90% of the shooters are taking. Also note that “the script” always calls for saying the shooters are using assault rifles, which was not the case here, nor in Sandy Hook. Like others I’m getting the real news from the UK Daily Mail and RT news instead of the CNN 24 hr hysteria/propanda machine.

  9. Wolf Blitzer is really awful and depressing to watch. A senior, grey, ex -journalist, now turned into some kind of small-town travelling circus ringmaster, directing all of the amateur “political” acrobats, clowns, and trained animals the White House send them….very, very sad.