As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

The Obama Morning News || September 19, 2013

Boehner links budget to Obamacare . . . Washington Times
Crucial battle may be over debt ceiling . . . Politico
Cruz and Boehner war over responsibility . . . The Hill
GOP pitches Obamacare replacement . . . Fox News
Obama’s behavior unsettles military
. . . Washington Post
Study: man-made warming exagerrated . . . Fox News
Obama and Iran leader are pen pals . . . New York Times
Issa to resume Benghazi hearings . . . Politico
IRS spied on Tea Party after approvals . . . Washington Times
People out, but lobbyists in at White House . . . Fox News

6 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 19, 2013

  1. Two things:
    1. ” Obama’s behavior unsettles military” – indeed, for very good reasons. Neither he nor valjar have served in the military, and beyond that, you can see the (usual) duplicitous behavior of the FLINO and the Doctorate-in-Cheerleading Jill Biden, as they were trotting around the country, supposedly “supporting” military families, while the military was undercut and undervalued time and again (didn’t those two stage a baby shower once?) and once reduced to holding umbrellas for the First Despot and his First Despot guest.
    That degree of hypocrisy goes hand in hand with
    2.: “People out, but lobbyists in at White House”: ah yes, again the staggering facade of “sequester”, while the usual sneaking behaviors go on. Only invited guests can get into our White House: B-list entertainers and A-list lobbyists.
    I’d call it an administration of “whited sepulchres” but that’s probably racist. Biblical is out, diversity is in.

    • I agree with that hypocrisy. Believe me, if the military were permitted to speak out publically about the Obamas, it wouldn’t be very nice. They only “use” the military for their faux “I care” photo ops since those audiences are required to be nice and respectful to them.

      I found this clip of Michael (before he was “Kramer”) Richards as “Battle Boy” from the old Fridays comedy show. I always think of this when I hear Obama’s “My Military” gaffes ….

      There’s better quality clips, but this was short :)

    • This Imperialist in the WH is threatening everyone over OBAMACARE. He is wittingly and knowingly a liar.
      Keep the pressure on the RINOs to defund this monstrosity!
      Or else we are stuck with it till the end of days.

      • What about the 20M plus ‘elephants’ in the room – illegal aliens? Do we even know definitively where they figure into this Obamacare mess? Marco Rubio claims they won’t be entitled to ANY benefits for 10 years after amnesty if his version of immigration passes. Are they going to remain wards of the States? Who Is going do feed, clothe, educate, and medicate all their family members who will be arriving from all over the world

        We have no immigration policy, other than Obama’s illegal open borders, come one, come all policy. Why are we even considering implementing Obamacare when we are being flooded with untold millions of poor, unskilled, immigrants of unknown origins.

        Obama has just approved PERMANENT asylum for 2000 Syrian refugees (mostly women and children). Heretofore, it was always TEMPORARY asylum – and there have only been 90 Syrians in the last two years.

        Sorry for going so far afield, but we are in a state of chaos! Healthcare reform and immigration ‘reform’ should be put on hold until we have elected a new President. We have a madman at the helm!