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Colorado Draws Biden

Vice President Biden and his wife will travel to Colorado Monday to view the devastation  and provide comfort in the wake of massive floods that raged through the state during the past week.

Apparently, thought, the waters did not rise to the level that would merit a visit from President Obama, who appears to have dispatched Biden instead.

Estimates are that at least eight people have died, about 200 are still missing, and more than 19,000 homes were damaged or destroyed.

24 Responses to Colorado Draws Biden

  1. I live in Arizona and was disgusted that the President couldn’t show up when the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots (wild land firefighters) died in the line of duty in June of this year. Obama sucks up to the fire unions for their support during elections; but where was he when they needed his support.

  2. Insult to injury you’ve lost lives homes family and friends still missing.
    But your misery just doesn’t rise to be ‘consoled’ by Obama. Does he have a list of what or who are worthy enough to be comforted by the
    narcissist in chief? HRH just quit last couple years it’s shameful to have
    someone in office who cares so little for Americans unless they are his
    kind of people. We’ve truly hit rock bottom with Obama. But there are
    Americans who truly care and our thoughts and prayers aren’t ever
    decided by a golf game or who those suffering are we all care always.

  3. The only way POTUS and FLOTUSis going to Colorado is if Beyonce and Jay-Z do a video or concert.

    The sad thing is the Citizens of Colorado are learning the truth that while they voted for him ……….He doesn’t need them.

  4. Personally, I think it’s best for all of the high ranking politicians to stay away. The security headaches it creates in the midst of the aftermath and clean ups, etc. is not worth the photo op. There should be a statement from the president from the Oval Office offering condolences and empathy to the victims.

    And the reason Biden is going is because he needs the photo op in order to run in 2016.

  5. hey Keith! you forgot to say “Dr. Jill” Biden. I’m afraid I’m going to have to report you to Lois Lerner.

    of course Obama can’t be bothered to go to Colorado. there weren’t very many black people who were affected, so why would he care?