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Carney Thinks Sharknado Reference Has to Do With “NATO”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney is apparently unaware of the pop-culture sensation “Sharknado,” thinking a world play by a reporter on the film’s title was in fact a reference to “NATO.”

At Wednesday’s White House briefing, a reporter compared possible government shutdown scenarios to the chaos of Sharknado, which features sharks hurled into Los Angeles by a tornado. Carney didn’t get it.

From the transcript of the briefing:

Carney: Yes.

Reporter: Jay, so are we looking at sort of a “Gridlock-Nado,” where we could have the government shut down at the end of the month and then go into default a couple of weeks later? Is that a possibility?

Carney: (Laughter.) I’m not sure about the NATO part of it, but the —

Reporter: Maybe a better term, then.

Carney: It depends on what Republicans really want to achieve here.

Here’s the video of the exchange:

22 Responses to Carney Thinks Sharknado Reference Has to Do With “NATO”

  1. Ok, here are some pop culture inspired descriptions of the Obama administration…



  2. I can’t believe I’m coming down on Carney’s side. If I heard someone say “gridlock-nado” in the course of a serious question, I wouldn’t immediately think “Oh yeah, nado= sharks.” The suffix hasn’t taken on a substantive meaning in general parlance.

    Considering how excessively pop-culture-oriented this president is, I think it’s a plus that someone in the White House is too busy with serious matters to know every current pop-culture reference. It’s true that Carney spends most of this time figuring out how to lie about serious matters, but that’s another issue.

  3. “Carney Thinks…” – Keith Koffer

    Gots to stop you right there, Mr. Koffler. You know VERY WELL that those two words don’t go together…

  4. At first I thought this piece was satire.

    Then I realized that this is true.

    And then I cried. Because we don’t own a television that connects to any broadcast channel. And we know about “Sharknado.”

    How the hell did this White House not know about a television show that watched, tweeted, facebooked and talked about by millions of Americans?

    Oh! I remember! They don’t care about what we think.

    Idiots. Every single one of them.

    PS: I’m not faulting any reader who doesn’t know about Sharknado. It just seems weird that this White House — this White House that seems to care ssssoooooooo much about the middle class — wouldn’t have a clue about popular culture. Out of touch.