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The Obama Morning News || September 18, 2013

Distress Call: Obama seeks help from ex-aides . . . The Hill
Democrats increasingly defy Obama . . . New York Times
Here’s what’s wrong with Obama . . . Politico
And here’s what’s right with Obama . . . Politico
Aides who wrote Obamacare cash in
. . . New York Times
Sex, drugs and Obamacare: It gets personal . . . Fox News
IRS thought Obama wanted targeting . . . Washington Times
IRS flagged “anti-Obama” language . . . Daily Caller
Dems split on new gun control push . . . The Hill
Obama smacks Boehner on immigration . . . The Hill
McCain blasts U.S.-Russia Syria agreement . . . Fox News
Obama seeks biz support in budget clash . . . Wall Street Journal
Unlike Obama, Bill Clinton phones up Congress . . . Politico

9 Responses to The Obama Morning News || September 18, 2013

    • If they do come through, I hope they surround the WH, Capital, and Supreme Court buildings, park their rigs nose to trailer, and leave for a three day lunch. Shut the government down via 18 wheelers.

  1. Has anyone tracked the number of press conferences he’s given opposed to the number of staged interviews the past five years?

    I read an insightful observation about the ‘staging’ of his speeches. Unlike other presidents, he isn’t seated at his desk waiting for the camera light to go on to speak to you, he takes the grand red carpet walk to the lectern and the viewer is left waiting for him.

    • Sadie, I bet he has a Hollywood production crew on the payroll. That spectacle on the night of his acceptance speech in Grant Park definitely had HARPO’s paw prints all over it. He learned everything he wanted to know about being President from Oprah. It’s all stagecraft!

      As we speak, he is giving an interview to Telemundo! He must have a new make-up person – his lips have turned from purple to flesh tones. UGH!

  2. IRS “thought” Obama wanted targeting.
    Obama State Senate Campaign “thought” he wanted Opponents Candidacy Petitions Appealed.
    Obama US Senate Campaign “thought” he Wanted Opponents Divorce Records Revealed.
    Obama Presidential Campaign “thought” he Wanted All Out Blitz on Wasilla Alaska Residents.

    • Preezy must have some Vulcan blood in him with those mind meld capabilities. Although, their telepathy is most likely due to the fact that he surrounds himself with true believers who follow the Alinsky principle – “In war, the end justifies almost any means”. And these people are at war with America.

  3. Is the media downplaying this story?
    Brazil’s leader,, Dilma Rousseff, cancels State visit to US due to NSA spying. (Thank you, Ed Snowden!)

    Obama spent 30 minutes in a private mtg with Rousseff at the G20 – and was 30 minutes late for Putin’s fancy dinner.
    Last night, he spent 20 minutes on the phone with Rousseff trying to convince her to set aside her problem with the spying for the sake of their bi-lateral relationship.
    No dice. Rousseff’s not coming!

    This could also affect Brazil’s order for 36 F-16’s – a $4B contract for Boeing. Rousseff states she is not sure she wants to buy anything from someone she can’t trust, lol.
    Brazilian officials will also be traveling to Russia to interview Snowden.

    The chickens are coming home to roost!