As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 18, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

9 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 18, 2013

  1. Guess we can’t ask about the workplace murders at the Navy Yard…the shooter is an inconvenient color for full exploration. So now we blame it on the vetters for security clearances–big mouthy push to change that system. But that will trail off into nothing and life continues. Does anyone ask after Ft Hood or this–how many people’s records were reviewed and their clearances revoked based on crimes they committed or wacky things they did or said? If not, why not?

    • I misread your comment as “the shooter is an inconvenient color for full exploitation”. That too. That’s why there won’t be much of a push for gun control. That’s why Obama will not meet with the victims’ families. That’s why you hear nothing from Sharpton or Jackson. At first, when we didn’t know much about the shooter’s identity, the first thing I heard was that he was from Fort Worth, TX. Maybe they were hoping for a right wing suspect, not an Obama supporter.

      What a change from the scene after the Gabby Giffords shooting.

  2. There is no truth in anything Carney is saying. And now he is shouting down the press corpse [sic] with lies.

    Carney failed to mention that Obama’s budget did not receive a single vote in Congress, Republicans and Democrats alike.

  3. The Carnival Barker is such a smug SOB. Like his boss, always right, never our fault.

    His argument on the debt ceiling is so disingenuous and not the least bit original. He just trotted out the talking points from the lsat time the debt ceiling was debated: raising the debt ceiling does not add an additional penny of spending, it just lets Congress pay the bills that CONGRESS has run up. It’s as if Obama has just been a bystander to all the spending…nothing to do with it. Like when he talks about “Washington” as an outsider.

    And he’s so pleased with himself when he answers like that.