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The Victims of the Navy Yard Murders

It’s off topic, but I just thought you might want to see this.

There were twelve of them. Just Americans doing their jobs, in this case helping behind the scenes to defend our country. Here are some brief profiles of each of them.


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  1. This Obama, who does not deserve to be called a man, has no interest other than Obama. America will renew its ascendancy as quickly as it can dispense with this miscreant and his aberrant ideas.

  2. Thanks. I did catch some video of some of the victim’s families speaking about their loved ones on TV. The shock and disbelief that showed on their faces and their understandable babbling about their loss was heartbreaking to watch.

    • There were many red flags on this guy Susan.
      Here again, the military discharged him for his mental condition but allowed him to keep his security clearance.
      Makes no sense at all.

  3. This was an act of terrorism in the sense of the word. Doesn’t matter who is involved. Terror is putting fear into the population in general.

  4. Good people. RIP.

    This is a tragedy brought about by a mentally ill man.

    But thanks to Bill Clinton all the commissioned career officers were unarmed and forced to seek shelter in place.

  5. Our sincere condolences are sent to their families and their friends.
    May God grant eternal rest to their souls.
    And may God see fit to give our nation the leadership it so desperately needs. I have heard it said that without leadership, the people fail.*
    As a nation, we seem to be failing our people.
    *Possibly a not-verbatim quote from the Bible, but I cannot locate chapter and verse.

  6. Bless these people and pray for strength for their loved ones. We will not
    forget them or the Benghazi victims we are compassionate and caring.
    We will always fill the void of Obama who thinks only of himself.

  7. Thanks so much for posting this, Keith.
    Credit where it’s due: every now and then, the NYT does something outstanding like this. It’s very good writing: illuminates these disparate people.
    Innocent working Americans, all. God rest their souls.

  8. These people are an example of what American exceptionalism is all about. People that give not only to their country, but also to their community and families with the belief that they, as an individual, can and do make a difference in the lives they touch both directly and indirectly.

    G-d rest their souls, and may the peace of G-d be felt by their families and friends.

  9. Not off topic at all. The President wouldn’t even pause from politics while some were still dying. That alone should be enough to impeach but now I’m off topic.

    God rest their souls, and God be with the family and friends. They were but everyday Americans doing their own part to keep this nation safe. That they lost their lives as much because of a system that leaves bases unarmed as they did the shooter himself should bring strong and vigorous debate.

  10. I heard a report this morning that there were Marines close to the building with firearms and no bullets.
    They said that they could have reduced the casualties.
    Anybody else hear that ?

    • I have heard these poor people described as heroes–I think it’s more like martyrs–martyrs to people’s timidity, stupid info-sharing practices, shortsightedness on guns on base, and just plain horrible luck. Wrong place, wrong time. But this could have been prevented–let’s ask ourselves–exactly what are we preventing today in the way of allowing disturbed people to roam and kill?

      • All they did was go to work.
        That does not make them a hero, it makes them a victim of a mentally disturbed individual that should have been stopped from having access to that base.