As of now, I am in control here, in the White House

Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 17, 2013

The briefing has concluded.

36 Responses to Live Stream || White House Briefing – September 17, 2013

  1. Why is this damn kid allowed to dictate to reporters that which they know is not the truth ?
    The reporter pool that attends these sessions should be ashamed for not demanding better articulate answers to their questions, and not allow this dick to filibuster the questions to the point of running out of time.
    He continually says that he is not going to get into,…..and then pukes out the propaganda that the president has said as though the president is a god.
    This insolent puss is disgusting, and so is his boss.

    • Agreed. This presser is so far over the top. Carney is being downright smarmy and condescending here while spitting out statements that are the exact opposite of truth.

    • We followers of WhiteHouseDossier can ask 100+ better questions everyday! at the daily “White House Briefing” than any of these so-called ‘professional journalists’ that make up the “WH press corps”

        • As Vets we have “security clearances/background checks”.

          I am still confused how someone like ‘Barack Hussein Obama’ with his “background” was ever allowed a US Govt. security clearance…

          • Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.
            David Axelrod, Raum Emanuel, Valery Jarrett, and all of the cadre of lawyers that hid his records.
            The incestuous conflagration of the Chicago thugs that pushed an incompetent Marxist into the White House in order to manipulate this country into a pseudo/European utopia in their minds.
            So far, they have made many inroads into softening our Military, and the morality of the Country.
            The men and women that serve in defense of this Country deserve better.
            Better than the current CIC.
            The attacks on the economy started under GWB, and has been exacerbated by Obama’s Keyensian policies.

            Yes, we had a clearance, in my case, a TS.
            Obama is what you get when you deny any investigations and dismiss any affiliations.

          • Well said AF, well said.

            (I had a “Secret” clearance on my ship. It was an LSD so we didnt have anything special onboard, but it allowed me as a Yeoman to go into ‘CIC’ and ‘Radio’)

  2. Keith, no offense…

    Everyday you show the “Live Stream || White House Briefing”

    And everyday it is a sick, pathetic joke how Propaganda Sec. Carney & the Obama regime spew lies/crap/propaganda and WILL NOT answer a straight question… and the dopes/sycophants in the “WH press corps” just sit there and let Carney spew his crap about the Obama regime.

  3. One day I wish when Sparky is lying and spinning and being so rude and condescending the whole room would walk out. Imagine the hissy fit
    Dear Leader would have fetal position,

    • Although, that would take a major re-construction of the press room.
      Consider the aspect of a small room, with one row of seats and a large podium displaying the Presidential Seal, and a complete moron standing behind it answering inane questions posited by reporters that know more than the fool behind the podium.

      Oh Wait,…..isn’t that what we have now ?
      Go figure.

  4. Jay Carney is the spokesperson of FCMABBHO. He conducts the White House’s daily pressers. Reporters who cover the White House attend these events because that is part of their jobs.

    What the fuck else should they do? Boycott the only official presser?