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Chuck Todd: White House Screwed Up Summers Nomination

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd this morning laid blame directly at the North Portico doorstep for President Obama’s failure to install his favored candidate, Larry Summers, as Fed Chairman, saying the effort was aborted after a “somewhat inept” performance by the White House.

The withdrawal by Summers from contention from the post – done after it became clear he could not rally Senate support for his nomination – is the second major legislative defeat for the president just this month. Obama, by most accounts, was headed for failure on a resolution supporting the bombing of Syria before he abandoned that effort and struck a deal with Russia to supposedly have Syria willingly hand its chemical weapons over.

Appearing on the Morning Joe program, Todd said the White House Summers into the arena without proper political backup, resulting in him becoming a “piñata” for his opponents on the Left.

Todd said:

There is a little bit of internal finger-pointing on how they handled the Summers issue. You know, why did they let it get so public? He was put out there, arguably by his advocates in the White House, sort of put in the public purview, but didn’t have a support network of folks – a sort of a War Room, if you will – to defend him from shots. They had to know this was coming, this was not a surprise.

When you look in hindsight, if they really wanted Larry, then how they went about it was wrong and it was a bit inept. There should have been a more concerted effort. They knew who some of the potential roadblocks could be in the Democratic side. They should have been working that a little bit harder behind the scenes before they went so public and allowed him to become a piñata on the Left.

Obama’s influence  on Capitol Hill has declined to the point that he has so little “political capital” he can’t punish Democrats for opposing Summers, Todd said.

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  1. I completely disagree with Chuck Todd. This entire process, including the Senators who said “no way”, was all staged by the political operatives within the White House to make it appear Janet Yellen was not the President’s first (and only) choice. Her policies will, I believe, be very liberal, anti-wealth and immediately visible. Obama does not want to be directly associated with her views. But he will welcome her actions.

    Reasons why Summers was not real:
    There was never a narrative associated with Summers. Obama always has a story.

    Summers is temperamentally unsuited for the job.

    Summers never expressed any interest in the job, or gave a reason why he wanted it.

  2. Whatever his academic and management skills, Summers is disliked by a large number of Progs. Did FCMABBHO really think his own desires could force them to approve his nomination?

  3. The Blind Leading The Blind………….President Obama has never run anyhting with a staff over 5. Look at the 3 Chiefs of Staff he has had running the White House. Rohm Emanuel, William Daley, Jack Lew and Denis McDonough. All three have had no real management experience in their careers. Emanuel was nothing but a bully who threatened everyone. William Daley worked for JP Morgan and was Commerce Secretary. Daily was a political name who found out he was not capable. Of the four, Lew was the most capable with real Government experience. Now, we have whose background is in foreign affairs as former NSA member and Daschle’s foreign policy advisor. One would think Syria would have gone better with McDonough around……..NOT.

    How much more ineffective leadership can this country handle ?

  4. Very interesting how Dear Leader is suddenly becoming known for what he really is. We can only hope it’s not too late to render him completely powerless in trying to advance his radical agenda.

  5. How ironic that Obama chose to give a ‘speech’ commemorating the 5th anniversary of the great financial collapse of 2008 without mentioning that it was his personal Fed Chair pick, Larry Summers, who was the primary architect of the U.S. Financial system – and subsequently, its collapse!

    Summers was the worst possible choice. Then again, it may have had something to do with the elusive Harvard scholastic records of Barack Obama. Is it possible that Summers got a peek at then Senator Obama’s records before he was forced to resign as President of Harvard in 2006? Just a wild guess.

    ***Everything you need to know about Larry Summers:

  6. Larry Summers to Peter Orszag: “You know, Peter we’re really home alone. There’s no adult in charge. Clinton would never have made these mistakes.”

    There was no way the thin-skinned petulant potentate would allow Larry Summers to head the Federal Reserve. Besides, Summers wanted to stop the printing of $85 billion per month to prop up the phony stock market gains and Preezy’s political donors in the top 2%.