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Tonight’s East Room Show Cancelled

Now we’re making sense.

The Obamas cancelled “Musica Latina,” the latest White House command performance, which was scheduled to run tonight. From the White House:

In light of today’s tragic events at the Washington Navy Yard and out of respect for the victims and their families, Musica Latina will be postponed to a new date.

I’m not sure how they could possibly have gone ahead with this, but anyway, kudos to the Obamas for scrapping it.

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    • If not for the firecracker attack AT THE WHITE HOUSE, they never would have canceled this party. The Secret Service probably demanded it.

      The party cancellation was not announced until two hours before the start of the event. Contrast that with the Washington Nationals who had announced cancellation of their game with Braves hours before the White House announcement. Apparently, everything at the White House was a ‘go’ up until the late afternoon ‘shooting’ incident inside the North fence.

      • Cancelled just two hours before the event? I imagine the female party goers must have been pissed off, sitting there with their hair and makeup, all dressed up and nowhere to go!

        The cancellation of the baseball game is likely what prompted the rescheduling of Barry’s bash. I’d say he was shamed into it, except we all know Barry feels no shame, ever.

  1. Keith: Maybe you can shed some light … are the streets/Metro still in lockdown. Body count didn’t slow him down to fund raise 9/11/12,

    There’s more to the cancellation than optics, decency and good taste.

      • Agree, no kudos here. It simply would have looked too bad, even for these people, to go on wining-dining-partying after these tragic murders. Bad image, their only concern.

  2. You are so charitable, Keith. You attribute to them noble motives.
    I suppose the best thing is to act as it someone either beat him brutally or gave them a lotta $$$$.
    I think one year I was charitable myself.

  3. Doing what ANY DECENT person would do and say it’s worthy of ” kudos ” ?
    If it was a fund raiser he had to attend, I don’t think there would have been a cancellation.

  4. For whatever reason it is not being held which is the right thing to do.

    Since I noticed the flag had been lowered to half mast I suspect someone took B. by the hand, took him outside, pointed at the flag, and said “Now how would this look — all those fancy schmancy people walking up to your rental and the flag at half mast? Kind of hard to deny something tragic.”

    Or Putin called.

  5. What time did they cancel it ? Before or after the Nationals/Braves game was cancelled? Was it for WH security concerns (as far as I know there’s a possibility of a second gun man still on the loose?) Most of DC’s on shutdown while the investigation continues, so just wondering if it were his security concerns or his respect for the victims?

    I.Just.Don’t.Trust. Him. Sad, isn’t it :(

    • …..before or after the fireworks were thrown over the fence. I would hate to be BO or MO having to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life. My guess is that MO and the girls will bail and they will be alright. BO will increase the golf to 27 holes a day every day and the security detail may be good enough.

    • What time did they cancel it ? Before or after the Nationals/Braves game was cancelled?

      After, by a couple of hours. The White House cancellation did not occur until AFTER the White House ‘shooting’ incident. I suspect the Secret Service considered it a security risk to have party guests arriving so soon after the incident that they probably ordered the cancellation themselves.

      Without this White House ‘shooting’ incident, the party would be going on at this very minute.

    • It’s not sad, its the smart thing to not trust this man. He has proven over and over and over again that he is a pathalogical liar not deserving of trust or respect.

  6. There is no more miserable human being than one in whom nothing is habitual but indecision.” William James, Philosopher,1842-1910

    It appears he was slightly less miserable than usual and made a decision on this matter.

    • All that talk about the Navy Yard shooting and Obama’s remarks and NO ONE else mentioned all day, even on FNC, that Obama was going to have a million$ private party that night…
      I would have drawn the comparison in minute; Benghazi attack = Obama MIA for a fundraiser/DC Navy Yard shooting = Obama million$ WH private party.

  7. I saw snippets of the speech he made after the shooting where he mentioned the victims, and then immediately went into bashing the republicans again for attempting to shut down the government.
    Unbelievable !

    • just wait .. the next windup is gun control.. it’s going to come hard and strong again from our favorite lefty Feinstein.. she is already planning to introduce another bill tomorrow. So much other stuff up in the air and now back to this again.

      So now the WH has another crisis. But for now the WH should say no more and let the investigators do their job. Am waiting to see if this will be defined as Workplace Violence.

      I have a few friends at NSSC in the building hit. So far I have been able to get ahold of a couple, missing 2 still. Makes you a bit numb not knowing.

      What a mess of a month so far. Syria, Immigration, IRS, ACA, BO blaming the world, the GOP, the.. well, everyone. Am sure I missed a few but we all know it’s a very long list.

      • Don’t have to wait. They’ve all ready started. Eleanor Norton chimed in during the last press conf. tonight. It’s her first order of business tomorrow.

        • Why was she even there? The Mayor, Police Chief, FBI — all were pertinent. Norton showed up to mention the Senate was locked down but the House (not in session) wasn’t, and that she’d be offering a prayer tomorrow. She then talked about how “we” brought the Navy to town and helped to grow the corridor (before the CNN feed cut out). Did she just show up to campaign for votes? And at a later Presser, she was back again (in a different outfit). Is she grandstanding on a tragedy?

  8. You are being too generous, Keith. I give the Obamas credit for nothing. When the Rose Garden take-down of Republicans was moved inside for security reasons in the midst of a mass killing, Obama’s ‘rant’ should have been cancelled.

    The Musica Latina is nothing but a salute to illegal immigration…and should be tabled permanently. Somewhere in the deep recesses of the Obama Islamist regime, sanity prevailed, at least for the moment. Lots of arm twisting, to be sure.

  9. No kudos for him here. The event should have been cancelled first thing this morning…same for his “economic” speech where he tore into the Republicans yet again. What a jerk – he couldn’t take one day off from being his annoying partisan self out of respect for the victims and their families? Of course not.

  10. Just a political decision, but considering the state of the world and the economy, why was a party even scheduled at the WH, despite the naval yard tragedy? If the nation cannot afford WH tours how can we afford WH command performances?

    • No public (cheap $) WH tours vs. several (lavish $) WH command performances for the Obama regime…

      I wish someone on FNC would bring this up.
      Or someone ask this at the daily WH press brief -LMAO

  11. Kudos for cancelling it? It shouldn’t have been scheduled in the first place! Let’s be honest they didn’t cancel until 5:30 Pm because they were waiting on the poll results.

    Bet Queen Moochelle threw a monumental temper tantrum when she was forced to let it be cancelled. No doubt the White House kitchen was forced into overtime crisis production mode as the Mooch consoled herself with a hurricane-like food binge.