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Obama: GOP Wants to Goose Income Inequality

No longer needing Republican votes for his aborted attack on Syria, President Obama returned directly to bashing the GOP, suggesting in an interview that aired Sunday that Republicans were intentionally seeking to widen the divide between rich and poor.

“The problem that we’ve got right now is you’ve got a portion of Congress who — whose policies don’t just want to, you know, leave things alone, they actually want to accelerate these trends,” Obama said during an appearance on This Week with George Stephanopoulos. “There’s no serious economist out there that would suggest that, if you took the Republican agenda of slashing education further, slashing Medicare further, slashing research and development further, slashing investments in infrastructure further, that that would reverse some of these trends of inequality.”

Obama seemed to reveal his impatience with the fact that there is any debate at all about his solutions for rising income inequality.

“I think the president can stop it. I – the problem is that there continues to be a major debate here in Washington,” he said.

Obama’s frequent Republican-bashing has helped make it all but impossible for him to build bipartisan coalitions on Capitol Hill.

Obama was headed to defeat in the House on the Syria bombing resolution in part because he faced the hopeless task of corralling Republican support to overcome opposition within his own Party. The president was spared potential humiliation when he reached a deal with the Russians on the removal of Syria’s chemical weapons.

21 Responses to Obama: GOP Wants to Goose Income Inequality

  1. Best Buy almost got a sale out of me yesterday as I was THIS close to throwing my coffee cup at my present tv set.

    Besides the flat out lies of all Obama’s “slashing” comments that Georgie never pushed back on, he actually helped Obama fill in the blanks he wanted when talking about the income “inequality” gap.

    The fact that such a complete political hack is able to present himself as a “journalist” says all you need to know about why this country is in the shape she’s in.

    • George’s career path looks to be trending…

      1) Clinton war room

      2) “This Week”

      3) “Good Morning America”

      4) (?) “The Jerry Springer Show”

      “The Arc of the Morally Obtuse Is Long, but It Bends Toward Cosmic Justice”

  2. Again, there’s his ignorance of how our economy works or it could be just his pandering to the public unions again.
    Of course, the interviewer could have brought up the negative impact Obamacare is having on the economy and the work force, but that might not be allowed in any interview on the MSM. He could also have been asked to give an explaination of how the Feds pumping money into the economy isn’t helping the middle class.

    The thing is he can say anything he wishes and no one in the national press will confront him on it, no one holds him to explain his fantasy economy solutions, so he just rambles on and on. At press briefings, Carney the Magician intones the latest spin on important issues and never gets pinned to the facts.
    Everything isn’t rosy, every policy isn’t brilliant, and mistakes or miscalculations are made at the highest levels, butt as long as the mighty American press won’t do their job properly, the President and his minions will try to blame the Repubs for their own failures.

  3. Obama’s message to Republicans: “I don’t need you, but if I need you I’ll come crawling on my hands and knees to you”.

    Most 8-year olds know that’s not likely to work very well.

    • “He will not dwell in blame” — Tom Hanks, narrating Obama’s campaign film.

      “You lie!” Rep. Joe Wilson, appraising Obama’s credibility.

  4. In retrospect, I am sorry that Putin threw this punk a lifeline! He was twisting in the wind and surely would have suffered a huge defeat in Congress. His ego is shrink-proof now. The guy is a rotten human being with no redeeming qualities. Hopefully his biographers will not overlook his flawed character – it’s key!

  5. As I said, we need to quit building Putin up on this–he acted in his own self-interest…We asked China to rein in their client, N Korea, and they would not…but this time the big country did slap the smaller one and this is in our self-interest, too….let’s see how it plays.

  6. The absolute arrogance of the man raises its head every time he speaks.

    From the transcript on ABC: ” I think the president can stop it. I– the problem is that– there– continues to be a major debate here in Washington.” As soon as I read that I was reminded of comments he made back in 2011 on how it would be easier to be the “President of China” (

    Yes Mr. President, a dictatorship usually is easier. You have a rubber stamp Politburo, oh wait you almost have that now with this worthless Congress. As a dictator you can tell the people what to eat, what to think, what kind of medical care they will get. Hmmm, we are heading that way very quickly. In a dictatorship you don’t want the people to be armed, otherwise they might revolt and fight against you, just ask your former friend Assad. In a dictatorship, the ruling class has parties, and concerts while the masses struggle to put food on the table and clothes on their backs. Wait again, aren’t you having another concert at the White House today?

    Easier to be President of China? Hell Mr. President, you damned near have the same thing here.

  7. This All Barry Channel interview was just another shiny squirrel to distract us from the primary issue at hand. Obamacare will take effect two weeks from tomorrow. Obama and his French Republican allies in the Washington ruling class are positing a full throttle attack on the few brave conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, who are leading an effort to defund Obamacare in the continuing resolution. Of course, our supposed betters have theirs – Washington, D.C. is a government boomtown with 3% unemployment and a never-ending supply of our taxpayer dollars to spend on their favorite leftist causes. The ruling class has no problem letting the rest of the country dissolve into turmoil and chaos, while they look down on us and mock us from their ivory tower perches.

  8. Just walked by the trading room and caught the headline on CNN about Obama saying “When I took over, the economy was shrinking by 8%” (or something close to that).

    Therefore: IT’S BUSH’S FAULT

    5 years later, this clown continues to blame everyone but the man in the mirror. Because, it’s likely when King O looks in the mirror, he sees not the image we all see, but rather a radiant image with a crown encrusted in gold, befitting his own self-image as King, Dictator for Life, etc.

    I can’t stand the man