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Obama: We Dont Have . . . Bank Tellers?

In a sign he possibly needs to get out more, President Obama asserted in an interview broadcast Sunday that bank tellers had vanished from the face of the earth, saying their absence is an example of how the new economy has eliminated low-end jobs and heightened inequality.

These people do not exist.
These people do not exist

Obama made the odd remark during an interview with ABC This Week host George Stephanopoulos.

“If you look at the data, a couple of things are creating these trends,” Obama said of the growing gap between the rich and the poor. “Technology: if you go to a lot of companies now, they’ve eliminated entire occupations because they’re now robotized,” he said. “We don’t have travel agents. We don’t have bank tellers.”

But as anyone who has been to a bank recently has surely noticed, we do in fact have bank tellers. Plenty of them. But it’s probably a safe bet that in at least the four and a half years since he’s been president, Obama hasn’t been to a bank.

It’s not the first time the the self-proclaimed “warrior for the middle class” has revealed he might be out of touch with the daily lives people he purports to empathize with so closely. During a September 2010 stop in Philadelphia, the president tried to pay for four apples with a dollar.

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142 thoughts on “Obama: We Dont Have . . . Bank Tellers?”

    1. Plenty of horses here–come to the Great Hated State of Arizona. There are also still bayonets.

      I think the pendulum is also not obsolete. People are trying to find ways to get off their devices–for 24 hours, for one meeting, etc. Bosses are insisting people talk on the landline office phone–schmooze, sell, no more emails for that.People may want a travel agent they can scream at if the hotel has bedbugs.People don’t like talking to Swapna in Mumbai who claims her name is Peggy and she’s in Boulder.

  1. Just another indication that Obama probably isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer, or that his elevator doesn’t go all the way to the top floor, or that his lights are on but nobodys home, or he’s two rocks short or a truckload, or worst of all, he is suddenly listening to Joe Biden.

  2. You actually don’t realize that there are far fewer bank tellers?

    There’s also no one answering the phone. You aren’t aware that?

    What are you, blind and stupid?

  3. Obama’s ineptness and sheer stupidity is out there for all the world to see ! Not to mention the never ending lies that come out of his mouth..What an absolute disgrace this lying fraud is. How all of his traitorous endeavors have gone unchallenged is beyond comprehension. From building a civilian army, to arming just about every federal agency including the EPA, Social Security admin. etc. etc. to the flagrant lies & cover up of Benghazi..Executive order to obstruct the Fast & Furious. Investigation…not to mention the targeting of tea party & conservatives which in all likelihood was very detrimental to the election and there ability to raise money & basically the left successfully cheated and altered the election in their favor. Have we become so complacent to the left that we just let them run rampant over the constitution and our very lives.. This behavior is seeping into our communities & cities…untold numbers of blacks are targeting whites, businesses and even law enforcement with impunity…and of course the state run propaganda is not reporting the mayhem. We as a nation cannot survive the lies, cover ups & divisiveness..It will be our downfall & sadly we are well on our way..Putin see’s it and is pouncing whenever he can. What more will it take to awaken the sleeping giant..better known as main stream America..will the rebel in us ever fight back? And I don’t mean with words…we are a suppressed group….if it wasn’t for alternative media..we would have no voice at all…I long to hear the call to arms to take back this country from those who are fundamentally changing it….

  4. OK, lets us (erroneously) assume for one minute that obama is right.. and we have eliminated low end jobs.

    Why is he then pushing to fill the country with 30 million more illiterate illegals?

  5. Of course he goes to the bank! How else did he get that big fat wad of cash? He gets 300 singles and wraps a hundred dollar bill around it and flaunts it to everyone.

  6. If we didn’t have him as President

    trying to fundamentally transform the Country,
    we would better off right now.

    It’s more broken than before
    This guy is totally- totally out of touch

  7. Well, way to take that literally. He has a point, though. A lot of jobs have been eliminated through automated processes everywhere. I shop and bank online and visit a bank twice a year or so. Secretaries have been laid off because execs do their own email. There are quite a few jobs out there that just don’t exist in the same numbers anymore because tech makes it easier to eliminate them, and of course quite a bit of manufactured items are now imported.

    I don’t have the answer to this or the ability to invent jobs, I’m just saying.

  8. Sounds like Obama out of touch with present day technology. There are
    Real people tellers and ATM’s giving 24 he service
    To get dash, make deposits and pmts. automation has enhanced
    Service to most people except idiots like him.
    Affirmative action took him a long way with any need
    To learn anything!

  9. Obama, who’s family took about $100 MILLION in VACATIONS on taxpayer money THIS YEAR ALONE claims that banks don’t have tellers?

    I guess if you are as RICH as the OBAMA’s you HIRE SOMEONE TO GOT TO THE BANK FOR YOU.


  10. Also have you noticed the so-called automation is sort of deteriorating? You go on a website, it screws up, you call and you get a message saying please use our website. Or it’s so complicated with the passwords of letters upper and lower, numbers, no symbols, 12-digit acct numbers, etc. that stuff that you scream–Go Daddy is bad for that. The tech websites are the worst–they have techies creating them, not people who want a website or need to book a flight. The people who create them probably don’t use them. I could go on. I think it’s possible this stuff will outsmart itself. Or some will.

  11. He keeps talking and making no sense. I heard part of his comments from his interview in the Michael Medved Show earlier today and left me wondering how much more damage can he cause in what’s left of his presidency.

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  15. I can assure you that there are still travel agents as I have been one for over 20 years. Not everyone feels comfortable using the internet and they prefer some one with experience to help them with their travel plans.

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